(Main character pov)

My friend Marshall is an orphan. Every day in class he comes in with a mischevious expression on his face accentuated by his keen olive eyes. He laughts at other classmates when they act like doofuses and never fails to impart on them his dazzling wit with a healthy dose of sarcasm. But when no one sees him he retreats into a world of sorrows, becoming a well of unshed tears. It hits me harder than a cataclysm, knowing that beneath those glimmering jewels my friend often hides behind stoic, black sunglasses resides the soul of a little boy crying for love, wishing to be cherished like i am.

Which is why i likely should not have complained about my father's penchant for flatulence or my mother's embarassing surprise hugs in front of all of my friends.

"Poor you, it's so hard being you" Marshall told me in a mocking tone.

I hung my head in shame and...i probably should introduce myself.

My name is Robert, Robert Summers. I breath and live video games. My favourite school subject is biology and... i have a little sister, Gracie. Sometimes she is an evil mastermind, being able to lie so smoothly our parents believe she is the incarnation of virgin Mary and that she can do no wrong. Sometimes she is twarted by her overexcited puppy nature which makes her sloppy, her mask slipping. Just yesterday she was caught red handed painting on my school homework to 'make it prettier'. My helicopter parents forbid her to step foot into my room after that. She took it literally, laying down on the floor, her feet outside my room while her hands and torso were inside. She gave me a milion dollar smile and asked if i liked her improvements. Sometimes it's hard not to yell at her.

Today my family and i are sitting at the table eating breakfast...erm soggy cereal that can surely cause diabeties. It's Gracie's favourite. It's silent...too silent.

Suddenly the eerie quietude from before is interrupted by my dad's forced cough.

"Robbie my boy, have you decided to study harder in order to make up for that last math test?

Why can they never ask how biology class is going on, art or P.E.?

"Archimedes knew more math than Robbie dad...when he was in diapers" Gracie put her very 'kind' imput, just to be the center of attention again.

"As a matter of fact dad, i do plan on studying for math today" i said smugly while looking at Gracie who was chewing happily then adding slyly"I heard they put lots of food colouring in these cereals and that it can have negative effects on children's health, such as learning impairment. Dad, mom, don't let such things happen to poor Gracie! Don't let her follow in my math-hating footssteps because of garbage food! She should have healthy oat meal instead"

My sister was throwing me a hateful glance while my parents looked thoughtful.

"We'll see, Robbie" mom said trying to dissolve the tension before asking with worry in her sugary voice "Are my little angels going to be alright on their own while mommy and daddy visit grandma?"

"No sweat mom. I'm fifteen remember?" i say jokingly.

They hugged us goodbye on this wretched day. The hours accumulated but they did not come. I sat on the wine-coloured sofa trying to comfort Gracie who was crying and making wild suppositions such as 'our parents have been abducted by carniverous aliens who are going to make horrible experiments on them'. I shuddered trying to ignore her morbid imagination...

Late at night a police officer came bearing gut-wrenching news. Our parents died in a car accident.

(End of character pov)