My Song

I have always run away from my troubles
I have always masked myself behind my mom
I have always camouflaged amongst the shadows watching the world

I have been through many storms
I have been through some hard times
I have been through a lot of pain and heartache
I have cried into my pillow many times
I never knew how strong I truly was until I had to be.

Our Heavenly Father called my mom home.
I thought my world would shatter, but instead, I turned all my negatives into a positive.
I started my journey.
And I found how strong I truly am.

My storms shaped me into the person I have become.
My hard times showed me how resilient I am
I don't run from troubles anymore, and I face them like a champion.
My heartache and pain I have been through showed me, no matter what life has thrown at me, I am tough.

I realized later; Our Heavenly Father called my mom home because He knew I could be a warrior all by myself. After all, I already was one.
I no longer hide from the world because I know not everyone matters except for those I hold close to my heart.
I still cry sometimes, but now their happy tears.
And my journey has brought me new lessons and boulders.

My journey has brought happiness and peace, I think, deserve this moment.

It's my song, so what's yours?