Event Two: Divinity (Pending Title)

The date was Sunday, May 29, 2034. It had only been a couple of days since Selim's disappearance and morning worship was opportunity for pleading. Whatever witchcraft or demonic affiliations I suspected that woman to have, I believed it should easily be canceled out with some divine intervention.

Christian footwork was plentiful, but slow as we exited the church. As we exited, Rhymond, who parted ways for the restroom earlier, came jogging up to me and placed his hand on my shoulder with a slight chuckle.

"Today's sermon was a riot;" He said, "especially the one about Adam and the 'what can I get for a rib.' joke. I never laughed that honestly in church before. Um... Jake?"

I heard him speaking to me and I truthfully caught every word, but my mind was elsewhere, head low, deep in though.

"Yeah, it was funny." I said listlessly.

"Oh, man," Rhymond began, "You're still thinking about Selim. I'm sorry. I mean... I'm shaken up about it myself, but you guys were kinda like brothers. So... well... did you pray to him today."

My attention shifted from thought and to Rhymond, undivided as he, Savina, Jace, and I finally reached the car outside.

"Who, God? Yes, I talked to him."

"Then don't worry yourself. A lil divinity is sure to do the trick. Ask and you shall receive...that's part one, but part two is that patience is a virtue. I find that things turn out best when you don't worry about 'em. That is, when they're out of your control, at least."

I sat in the back seat on the left window's side as Rhymond sat on the right. My slackened face turned just a bit more happy after accepting his advice.

"You know what? You're right, Rhy. I prayed about it and that's all I can do. I trust everything'll work out. Thanks, guy. What would I do without you sometimes?"

"You'd be a pulsing pus-filled worry wart is what…literally!"

"Aw, man! C'mon…images!"


The truth is, I lied. I mean, there was nothing that could cause me not to worry, considering what I saw that the woman could do. There was no telling what she could be doing with him.

At least Rhymond gave me a reason to pretend not to worry. Maybe it'd eventually coax me to ease.

After dealing with Sunday's mid-day church traffic, we had finally arrived home. Lunch time was upon us so the three of us, Savina, my father, Jace, and I, began foraging through our respective kitchen spaces.

The fridge, pantry, and cabinets grew just a bit emptier, but we made sure we were fed. Typically, my father would cook most of the dinners, but my mom would make the breakfasts. Lunchtime was the school's job and on the weekends, Selim and I had to cook for ourselves.

I made a couple of Hot Pockets in the micro oven. They were my favorite. I sat to the island that centered the 123 sq. ft. kitchen.

After my snack of a dine, I found myself heading up the stairs of our two story Georgian Colonial home. That is, before My cell phone rang.

"Aero Wireless customer Jacob Martin speaking. To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?" I joked.

On the other end, it was none other than one of my few African American cohorts, Rhymond Turttle.

"You're a spaz." He responded.

"And yet it's you whose calling me. So, what could you, who just this morning went to church with me, possibly want this soon?"

"Well, if you're gonna be a butt about it, but I just got word from my uncle. He wants me to babysit my niece this weekend for it, but he looked at the pill at work."


"You were right. They're placebos, man.

"I Knew it! I just couldn't accept that prognosis. This is not regrettable news. Hey, meet me at S2 in twenty minutes, I'm grabbibg my bike. And grab the rest if you can."

We said our good-byes and I proceeded up the stairs in order to change into street clothes and head out the door.

"Daddy, Ma…I'm heading out!" I shouted, hand on the front door's knob.

"Uhm, a hug and kiss'd be nice, but alright."

I dropped my hand from the knob and a slack-bodied walk followed with a sigh. Kissing and hugging wasn't the issue. I loved giving or receiving those from her, but the fact that I was so close to the front door made it a hassle.

"Love you, ma." I said after the aforementioned affection.

"Love you too, honey."

My eyes scanned the lack-lighted room as I noted the emty spot in the bed next to my mother.

"Where's the bear?" I asked.

"Stinkin' up the restroom."