To the moon-A retelling of The little red riding hood.

"Selene, can you help your sister? She called you." Selene's mother called. "Coming, mother. Just a moment, please." Selene ran to her sister, Luna's room. "Luna, what do you need?" She asked. "Oh, sister. I just needed a extra hand for cleaning my room." Luna smiled, like a loving big sister. Selene grinned back.

Luna, who just turned 18 this year, was always so kind and beautiful. Though Selene and Luna were two years apart sisters, their appearence was very different from each other. Luna had long moon blond hair and large light blue eyes, with flawless white skin, Selene had chocolate brown hair with caramel colored eyes, with marble white skin, the only common thing with her sister.

"Sure." The sisters began to clean Luna's room. "Selene? Do you want to read Nightfall?" Jericho called, from his room. Jericho was Selene's older brother shouted. "Oh, you finally finished reading? It had been forever." Selene leaped from her sister's bed. "Yes, Selene. But you better return it right after you finish. Okay?" Jericho ruffled her dark brown curls.

"'kay." Selene mumbled her reply to Jericho as she dipped her head in to a curt nod. Jericho laughed. Selene ignored him as she ran towads her room, totally forgetting to help Luna. The Nightfall was a book- Jericho's favorite- that Selene desperatedly wanted to read, but Jericho took his time, a long time infact, to read it. And finally, it was in her hands. Selene plopped down to her reading chair to read comfortably. Selene loved reading, and so did Jericho, except for Luna who liked dresses and jewerlies instead. 'Too bad.' Selene thought every time when Luna turned down her suggestion to read several books.

The book was too wonderful Selene gaped at the book for a long time after she was done reading the book. "Jericho! Come!" Selene shouted. "Finished already?" He asked, eyes round. "Yup! It's wonderful. Here." Selene returned Jericho his book and felt a tinge of desire to keep it. "You can keep it, Sel." "Really?" Selene felt like flying in the sky, and she didn't even care that Jericho called her Sel. "Thanks Jericho! You're the best big brother ever!" The 19 years old smiled at Selene's delightment. Selene returned to her room soon after to read it, later. She would read it bit by bit, like a delicious treat, only for her. "Luna! Jericho! Selene! Dinner's ready!" Their mother, Astra called.

"Coming!" Selene yelled. Luna and Jericho also ran to the dining room. "Selene, Luna. Father got us a invitation for the royal festival." Astra told the two girls. Luna was already glinting her eyes heppily whereas Selene remained unintrested at the topic. Their father, general Claudius was the head general at the king's army. He was one of the king's favorite, for his loyalty.

That was the main reason the girls received the invitation each year. "Mother, do I have to go?" Selene grimaced. Literally grimaced. She hated balls, frilly dresses and mostly, watching a hoard of girls flirting with Alex. "Come on, Selene. It would be wonderful! And I know the prince is announcing his bride this year." Luna teased her. Selene immediately turned red. "That is correct, dearest Luna. I hope Miss Selene will join the ball" A new voice said, right behind her.

Selene immediately knew who that was. Alex, also known as crown prince Alexander, Selene's best friend from when she was a toddler, and... Her fiance. "Um...Hi, Alex?" Selene turned around to see him, along with her father and the king. As far as she knew, Alex's mother died in childbirth. "Ah, Selene. What a pleasure." The king smiled, hugging her lightly.

"The pleasure is all mine, your majesty." Selene replied. "Don't be so formal, dear. You are my soon to be daugher-in-law." Alex laughed as Selene blushed furiously. "Sure, father. Should we take a stroll, at the garden" Selene stood up. "Sure, Alex."

~ Ten years earlier~

"My father is already discussing marriage alliance." Alex complained to Selene when he escaped to her house. "What is a marriage alliance?" Selene asked innocently, who was six back then. "Umm... You marry for your father. I guess so?" Alex said uncertaintly, telling her of what he thought of a marriage alliance. "'kay. Let's go read some picture books. I have something I want to show you." Selene said, already excited at the idea of books.

But Alex didn't even try to follow her, or seemed to be listening at her at all. "Selene, you and I can marry!" Alex exclaimed, his expression bright with hope. By the other hand, Selene wrinkled her face. "No." She said, stubbornely. "Why not? We're best friends." Alex said. "That is why I can't. Who marries their best friend?" Selene was totally confused with the idea of that. "It'll be better than marrying the granny queen."

Alex grimaced at the mention of the queen. "Oh..." Selene too, frowned at the mention of the queen. "I'm serious, Selene. I heard my father saying, oh she's a bit old for my son, but it will be a great deal." Alex's shoulder slumped. "Alright, Alex. I'll consider it. One day." Selene felt like she needed to say this, for the sake of her best friend. "Thanks, Selene." Alex beamed at her approval.

~seven years after~

"Selene, do you remember when I talked about the marriage alliance?" Alex asked while they were walking though flowers at the rotal forest. Selene had to search every bit of her memory to remember what Alex just said. Alex had grown tall and handsome, unlike the lanky, childish boy she was used to knowing for her life.

Selene couldn't also help but feel a tinge of envy and anger whenever Alex danced with someone else at the ball or when someone flirted with him. "Yes?" She said this more like a question than a statement, or a reply for him. She was not sure why Alex was asking her about that, now. "I know, Selene, that you are surprised now, but will you be my princess, in the future?" Alex's eyes were mixed with thousands of emotions. Hope. Selene spotted it immediately, more than any other emothions.. "Yes, Alex." She replied, without a moment of hesistation. She was surprised with herself, indeed. Alex grinned at her, slid the ring on her fingers and pulled her into a kiss. Selene's gasp melted as her tears began to flow on her cheeks.

Back to present

"Umm... Selene? Are you there?" Selene woke up from her memory as she heard Alex calling her. "Sorry, Alex. Just thinking of the past." She smiled. "Well, we were talking of the wedding, before you went to the past. What kind of wedding do you want?" He asked her. "I hate some frilly weddings. I want it to be delicate and small." Selene frowned at the thought of a big, frilly wedding.

If she could chose, she would invite only her family and close friends. "I'm afraid that will be quite impossible, since father will make it big and splendid, at least in his thought of splendid. And, invite lots of foreign royalties and aristocrats, one I don't even know." Alex seemed uncomfortable with the idea of that. 'Ohh..." Selene muttered. "But, the good thing is, there will be no frilly dresses, for you." Alex said teasingly. Selene brightened up immediately. "Yes!" She shouted. Alex laughed at her approval, and so did Selene.

The wedding day enivitably came, and lucky Selene, she didn't get a frilly dress. As she was getting ready, she heard several gunshots. Loud gunshots. She hurried outside, hoping it would be no big deal. Her hopes crushed into tiny pieces when she saw the grand ballroom. It was a carastrophe. And she saw Alex. Perfectly fine. Selene let out a relieved breathe. He was fine. "Alex! What happened? I heard gunshots. Thanks god that you're fine." She said.

"No, Selene. I'm not fine. I'm quite sure that I'm poisned" Alex replied. Selene tried to speak, not understanding this whole situation. "Bu-." "Selene, let me finish. Lots of the guards tried to kill everyone. They poured poison into our drinks. I know a doctor, a great friend of me and father, good at healing people who drank poison. Selene, the only person that I trust is you. I cannot last for long. I trust you, to the moon and all the stars. The doctor's name is Argos Neoma. He lives in Talia. His hospital is," Alex's face pinched in concentration, "I think just hospital Talia." Now you have to go."

After giving his hands a reassuring squeeze, Selene begun to run out of the castle and far, far away. Selene wasn't a fool. She knew she couldn't do anything without money. So the first thing she'd done was to stop by her own house. She packed her stuff hastily and packed lots of money, but not the gold coins, which will of course drew suspicion, to the soon-to-be-princess, her. Selene took off her wedding gown and changed into a simple red hoodie that will drag less attention. After that, Selene got out of her house and decided to take a train to Talia.

Selene bought the ticket to Talia, and she saw a man approaching. Selene walked faster, the man walked faster. When Selene walked slower, the man walked slower Finally, the man tapped her shoulders. "Miss? Miss, you have to show me your ticket." Selene felt her face going red with embarassement. She had to remind herself that not everyone was her enemy. "Sorry" She mumbled an appology and gave him her ticket.

After a moment, the man handed her the ticket back. "Safe travel, miss." Selene walked inside the train and took the farest seat to the door. She didn't need everyone to look at her and recognize who she was. As she was trying to get some sleep, as Talia was about seven hours away, she felt someone coming to her seat. "Mind if I sit here? The other seats are all full." He said, giving her a grin. Selene smiled a bit. "Sure." She pointed to the seat across from her.

As the man took the sit and was wrestling to get his big traveling bag to the compartment, Selene closed her eyes, thinking about the possible way to save Alex and bring Dr. Argos Neoma as soon as she could. Suddenly, Selene felt a tinge of suspiscion. That man could be a spy, the ally of the guards who tried to kill Alex. "Luna" Selene blurted out. Their country had a code, used for this kinds of ocassion. The man smirked. A chill ran though Selene. "Selene" The man replied.

"Oh, sorry. I was just curious." Selene apologized, smiling. The man smiled. Eerily. Selene's smile froze. "It's fine, miss And your name will be?" Selene rolled her head for a appropriate answer. She couldn't tell him that she was Selene. "Luna" She said, thinking it of the name as her name's alternative. The man lifted one of his perfect arched eyebrow. "You mean miss Luna, the sister of the prince's fiance, miss Selene?" "No." Selene answered quickly, clinching her fists until the knuckles went white. "Red Luna. Luna is my last name."

The man smirked once more. Selene shivered, wondering if he'd figured out her identity. "Ah, your name fits your choose of fasion, miss Red. What a unique name." Selene felt trapped in here. "Pardon me." She mumbled and went outside, feeling the man's suspicious gaze following her. As she closed the door, she saw him grinning. Selene easily found a empty compartment. That man was lying. 'Never mind.' Selene told herself. She would be arriving at Talia in a while. While means five more hours. Selene groaned and decided to get some sleep.

As soon as the train stopped, Selene hopped off immediately. She had to find that doctor and she felt something, well, strange about that man. Something you can't trust. Something creepy. Selene beamed at the sensation of the sun, the air. The train's atmospheer was heavy, and she did not know why. Thinking that herself was silly, Selene took a metros (Futuristic car) in front of her. Selene typed in a commend and the metros began to go forward.

Selene arrived at the hospital. Being a small city, the hospital was quite small. And was empty, at least with patients. There was one person going inside, who didn't seem like a doctor, with his loose T-shirts and simple jeans. Selene followed him. "Excuse me, sir." She tapped his shoulders. The man spun around. "How may I help you?" He asked. "I'm looking for Dr. Argos Neoma. Is he here?" She asked. "You found the right person, dear." The man-no, doctor said. "Tell me what's going on, please." After Selene hastily told him the whole situation and about Alex, the doctor scanned the drawer, seeming hesitant. Grabbing a bottle, he motioned for her to follow him. Selene was glad that things were going as planned.

"Alex said that you were a great friend of his and his father." Selene said, trying to make a small talk while they were walking towards the train station, because the doctor insisted to walk for a reason that Selene could not guess. "Um...Yes, dear. And your name will be?" Selene was surprised. If the doctor was Alex's close friend, then how could he not know her? "Oh, Selene. I'm Selene, Alex's fiance." The doctor harrumphed. "Yes, sure." "Can you tell me about how you happened to know Alex?" She asked, suddenly curious. "Well, as you can see, he was very sick when he was nine. I cured him." The doctor said, perhaps a little uncertaintly.

Selene began to nod when a thought crossed her mind. "Wait, I knew Alex since we were toddlers. And he wasn't very sick when he was nine." She said, grabbing the man by his arm, causing hiim to halt. "Who are you?" She asked, fear creeping inch by inch. "Nice guess, dear Selene," the old man called her name mockingly, while dragging her to a old building. Selene paled. "What?' She shouted. "I do not want to explain. What a waste of time." The man ripped off his-face? Selene moved closer. The fake doctor's identity was revealed. He was the man in the train. 'Oh, what have I gotten myself into?' Selene just repeated the words hollowely inside her mind.

"Dear doctor Ar, you have a friend here." The man said, tossing Selene into the locked room, while Selene let out a small yelp. "It's not Ar. Argos." The old man grumbled. After the man went outside, the doctor- the real one- turned to Selene. "Child, what is going on?" He whispered frantically. "They're the rebels. They poisoned Alex. We have to escape." Selene whipered equally. "Oh, that was your problem all along. Well, good that I heard you, before it was accomplished, hmm?" Selene gritted her teath. One more failure. "Nah, that won't happen. Because, I brought a guard. Say hi to him, his name is Tylon." The doctor grunted in respond.

The guard did not leave, nor went to sleep. He was there, guarding them, like a statue. Suddenly, a idea hit Selene. "Doctor" She called, to the half-asleep doctor. "Mm hm?" The doctor replied dazily. "Do you have some well, medicine for that guard to fall asleep?" She asked. "Umm...I'll look for it." After a few moments of rustling, the doctor proudly held up a purple, mysterious bottle. "Is that-?" Selene didn't dare to continue. "The potion for making the guard asleep." Selene gave him a look. Not saying a single word, the doctor began to pour the medicine into the guard's water. Luckily, the liquid was clear.

About half an hour later, the guard dozed into sleep. Selene reached for the key and struggled to open the door. After wrestling for a while, the door opened. Wiping her sweaty hands onto her red hoodie, Selene whispered to the doctor, "come!" The doctor gathered his stuff and followed obediently. "Where do we go?" The doctor asked. "Well, here!" Selene pointed to the emergency get-out. They got out, as quitely as they could. Until, the doctor creeped open the door too loud.

The eery sound rang the hallway. The doctor sent her a look as if to say, 'What now?' Selene returned the message, "run!" The two began to run down the hallway. Bumping into something, or someone, Selene collasped right down to the floor. "Aren't you a smart girl? Getting yourselves out of the cell, quite impressive." It was the same one that Selene saw before, except for the person following the man. Jericho? Her brother? Why was he here? Trying to get rid of the millions of notions swirling around her mind, Selene turned to him.

'Run, I''ll be the bait.' Jericho mouthed. 'What? No way.' Selene mouthed back. "Now, what are you two doing? Happens like you are allys, aren't you? Men!" At his words, several men came out. No weapons. At least, that was a tinsy bit of relief to Selene. Jericho had a sword and a gun. Perfect. But Jericho was bonded. As Selene was thinking about the alternatives, Jericho handed her his gun with his mouth.

Selene caught them. They felt like a natural thing, a key to their rescue. Without a moment's hesistant, she fired the gun at the three men surrounding Jericho and the doctor. Thank god, it was a good aim. The men collasped onto their knees, spurting oozy blood everywhere. Selene grimaced at the sight of it. Right before Selene could shot her gun at the leader, the man grasped the doctor. Being a old man, the doctor couldn't resist that much. "Release your weapons, or else-" The man smiled. "It is this man's last day of his life."

Ignoring the threat, Selene grabbed Jericho's knife and plunged at the man, who was too busy of holding the doctor. The man looked very surprised indeed, as he gaped at his blood coming out from his body, second by second. "This cannot be. This is not fate. I should be the winner!" The man's desperate voice boombed, sending Selene chills all the way to her spine. "Let's go. What are you two waiting for?" She asked the two men, staring at the dead body. The two nodded. "Let's go.

The wedding went as planned, Selene and Alex the happiest among all. Selene was just grate ful that... For the truth that they were together. Alive. Happily. After Alex was cured, he insisted on having the wedding about a day after. Selene, who had absolubtely no reason to object, she accepted.

"Lady Claudius?" The officiant asked her. Selene woke from her daydream. "Yes." She replied curtly and slipped the ring onto Alex's fingers. "I vow to the moon, from the day starting today, I promish to love and cherish you, till fate split us apart."

About a year later, Selene and Alex had a beautiful baby girl. They decided to name her Larissa, as their little nymph.