To the moon 2- Larissa, the retelling of Rapunzel.

Larissa was bored today, as usual. Her mother, Selene forbided her to go out of her palace, and she had to roam the palace with dozens of guards following her every inch by inch. She was sick of that.

That quite limited everywhere she went, and it felt like as if she was trapped. Her mother said she was protecting Larissa from possible threats that once almost killed her father. But the important thing was that he didn't died.

He lives right now, fairly well. And why should Selene protect Larissa from some so-called threats? "Your highness." The maid called.

"Yes. Why?" Larissa turned to the girl. "Her majesty called you." Larissa couldn't smother a groan. As Larissa followed the maid, she found herself wondering why her mother called her. And she arrived.

"My queen." The maid bowed as Selene dismissed her. "Why?" Larissa asked. "Sit." Selene commended. Larissa scowled when she saw piles of clothing.

"As you noticed, Larissa, your dresses arrived" Selene said, grimacing herself. That was a common thing in the two. They hated dresses.

"Yeah?" Larissa said, uninterested at the topic. "You may take them" Selene said. Larissa got up. "I'll tell Liz to do it later. I'm busy." Larissa left, not waiting for Selene to tell whatever thing she needed to do.

As soon as Larissa was back in her room, she plopped down to her bed. She thought of different things that she could do. Pottery, checked.

Painting, checked. Reading, checked. She did everything she could think of. Larissa decided to re-read her books, as a knock rang the room.

"Come in." Larissa called, half-expecting what it would be. Her personal maid, Liz came and gave Larissa the pile of dresses. Not bothering to hang it, Larissa just dropped them onto her bed.

After dinner, and a boring talk about some politics and diseases, Larissa was tired. So tired, that she didn't wanted to do anything. Even hanging her own dresses. Groaning, Larissa walked over to her closet. Piles of dresses already occupied her large closet. Trying to think about some ideas, Larissa plopped down. That was the moment a marvelous idea hit her, like a bolt of lightening.

Larissa had spent hours ripping her dress. Everyone else in the palace was sound asleep. She checked on her parents, and they were asleep.

Finally, after all that hour, a knot was made. And Larissa was hopeful that it wouldn't rip at the halfway to the ground. Larissa's private chambers was at the highest floor of the palace. And, because she had so much dress, she could make a knot as long and high as the palace.

Standing by the end of her windows, the whole idea of escape sounded so exotic. She never tried to escape, or rebeled.

But, Larissa dropped the knot and slid down. It was one of her most wonderful moment of her dull life.

She felt the sensation of cool night air, the fragrant flowers and, freedom. She was finally free. But this wasn't the time to enjoy that new feeling. She had to escape from the palace and need to go somewhere.

Anywhere than here.

Before she knew it, Larissa was roaming the crowded city of Arel. Everything was different than the palace. The merchants running their own buisness, bright lights of the shop door, it was so new.

As Larissa walked around the busy city, she saw a little girl, with white-blond hair and big, big brown eyes and pale skin. She was quivering.

Larissa walked over to that girl. "Hello? What's your name?" The little girl lifted her large brown eyes that resembled the dear's, and stood up. Larissa was surprised that the girl was about the same age as her. "Eira. I'm Eira."

"Hi, Eira. I'm Larissa." Larissa said, leaning a hand over to that girl. "Your hi-highness." Eira curtsied. "Just call me Larissa." Larissa said. Eira brightened up. "Okay, Larissa."

The two soon became friends. They roamed around the city, gaping at the bright lights and interesting things, while Eira laughed at Larissa's behavior.

"You've never been out of the palace? Well, it's my first time seeing you, except for pictures and News articles."

"Yup. And I'm so glad that I escaped!" Larissa said, bursting into giggles soon after. "Well, princess, I'm glad that you're glad that you escaped from the palace. You won't be returning."

Larissa and Eira was soon surrounded by men who came from nowhere. Larissa turned to Eira. Panic filled her eyes.

Eira! Eira! What are you doing?" Larissa shook Eira who half-fainted. "No, No. Don't do this now." Larissa shouted desperatedly.

Despite her hope, Eira slumped motionlessly. "Little princess, it's over. Don't tire yourself." The man who looked like the leader of the gang pointed a gun at Larissa. Larissa felt she would faint. Maube Selene was right.

Maybe it would've been better to stay safe at the palace. As the man told her, Lairssa was losing hope. It was probably over. Lucky Eira. She wouldn't have to be afraid of death.

Right that moment, she heard soft pad of footsteps. And gunshots. And soldiers. Lots of them. Larissa let out a relieved sigh.

She tried to wake Eira, but her friend didn't budge. The man who threathened the both of them was bleeding. "Princess Larissa." She heard someone calling her. Larissa turned around. "Yes?" She saw a famlier boy, perhaps a member of the royal court. Thank goodness. She was saved.