Author's Note: This was written around 2012/13, but FictionPress won't allow me to log into my old account, so I'm reposting it. So, if you've read this elsewhere, I didn't steal it. FictionPress stole it from me. ;)


You're so goddamn beautiful;
Do you even know?
Has anyone taken the time to tell you?
Taken the time to show?

Or have they reinforced the lie?
The one you tell yourself-
The one that says you're far better off,
Alone there on the shelf.

Those fairytales are yours to hold;
Do you even know?
Has anyone taken the time to tell you?
Taken the time to show?

Or have they let you twist,
Further in your chains?
The ones around your heart and soul,
So tight it no longer pains.

Love is for the stupid.
Love is for the blind.
Love is for the ones with nothing else,
To occupy their time.

Love it will destroy you.
In love there is no need.
Love is what will kill your flowers,
And leave you with the weeds.

But what if I was to tell you,
That that is the biggest lie.
That that is what will crush you-
Your fearful, ignorant eye.

Because you're so damn perceptive,
Except when it comes to yourself.
You can dish out philosophy,
But following it is hell.

You say you're disconnected,
And cut off from the world.
That you have no time for romance;
The tangled web it twirls.

But your library is full of them,
Those fairytales, classic and new-
You'll just never admit,
What they mean to you.

See, I think you're afraid,
And probably rightfully so.
You've had them crushed before-
Your puppy love, your heart, your hopes.

In past efforts you've found pain,
And you've never really felt,
Unconditional love-
The demons it can quell.

You're convinced you don't deserve it,
That you'd probably just destroy it too.
That no one could possibly want,
Everything that really makes you, you.

So you locked up long ago,
And threw away the key.
But the one thing you didn't count on-
Well, that one thing was me.

Your Prince Charming does exist,
She's just in disguise.
She's not riding a noble steed,
Or adorning flashing eyes.

She's not as wealthy as a queen,
She's not beautiful like you.
She's the one who isn't like the rest;
A silent warrior just for you.

She's the one you have forgotten,
In your quest for solitude.
In your avoidance of the vulnerability,
You don't let yourself exude.

She's not there to destroy you,
Or leave you with the blow;
The aftermath of stupidity,
Or the crushing side of hope.

She's there to share the weight,
That you drag with you each day,
The demons on your shoulders,
The ones you struggle to keep at bay.

She's not the villain of the story,
Matter of fact- neither are you.
You're actually the princess;
Do you even know that's true?

This is the reality,
The one you thought was fake,
Only true in fiction,
And never yours to take.

See, all you have to do, beautiful,
Is open up your eyes.
I know you question everything,
But this isn't a lie.

This isn't a lie.

You're so goddamn beautiful;
Do you even know?
Perhaps not, but I'll show you.
Take my hand-

Let('s) go.