Title of the story- Mr Clown wants to play with you

Author's note

I wrote this story to entertain all of you. This is a horror story. I have never written a story before and I am not so good at it but I will try to be. I hope you love all the episodes of this story.


His name is Mr Clown but he is not one of the clowns that you love to play with. Clowns are often entertaining but sometimes it drags you to danger in which case you have to die along with everyone else around you.

Episode 1

Mr Clown loves to make playmates. The rules of the game he will make you to play are find and kill. Believe it or not you have to be careful or Mr Clown will come to play with you.

Once there was a 13 years old teenage girl named Lily. She lived in a family of three, her mother, her father and her. Her mothers' name was Daisy and her fathers' name was Henry.

One day, her parents had to go to an office party and were about to come back home around 3:00 am.

So Lily has to be home alone till her parents came back home.

At the time 8:00 pm she was watching movies on TV in her hall room while leaning on a sofa. An hour passed and she felt dizzy. So she took a short nap.

While napping she saw a strange dream. What she saw was her passed out grandmother saying "Don't play with the clown." After seeing that strange dream she got up with a layer of fear in her heart as she never had any clown or any dolls or teddy bears. She hated playing those kinds of stuffs.

She got up there and decided to go upstairs to her room and play some games. While going upstairs she was still thinking what that dream was meant. When she got there and was opening the door of her room, her eyes fell on the clown lying on her bed. Scared she took the clown and threw it in the hallway.

She got on her bed and play some games. Half an hour passed and something caught her attention. It was the clown, peeking from the door and giving his creepiest smile to the girl. The most horrible part was that the clown was standing on his own leg.

The clown after getting the girl's attention came inside the room and jumped on her bed. She tried to scream but nothing came out.

Finally they were eye to eye. After two minutes of staring at each other, she realized something. That the clown was hypnotizing her.

Lily- "get off my bed or I will call my parents."

Mr clown- "why? Don't you wanna play with me? [Giggles] I will give you all the happiness in the world and also get rid of your hated ones. Just let me possess you then we will play together."

Finally Mr Clown hypnotized her completely.

Lily- "what game do you wanna play?"

At the time 3:30 am her parents came back.

Daisy- "lily, where are you? Are you sleeping in your bedroom?"

Daisy gets inside her room and asked.

Daisy- "lily, dear what are you doing there?"

Lily-"I am playing with my clown."

Daisy-"clown? What are you playing? And I didn't buy you any clown so what are you playing with?"

Lily-"see for yourself instead of asking a lot of questions"

Daisy- "oh! Shit, you kill this poor stray cat."

Lily- "I just don't want to see this cat's face ever again so I killed her."

Mr Clown wants to play with you, episode 1, the end.

Episode 2 (coming soon)

There are many ways to hypnotize. Most common is eye to eye but it can be by giving gifts also. So watch out maybe you got some of them.