Bonbon rose with many thorns,

Born spectacularly, i suppose

Waking up the entire hospital

They've danced to my tune…

Skin red as a lobster and soft

With blue-green veins and tuft

A ridiculous squalling creature

With alas, no redeeming feature

Except for crystal baby blues…

Which turned into a murky colour!

A compassionate child at heart

Spoiled rotten, there's no doubt

In a world of treacle, fairy floss

With brainwashing t.v. and class

Striving for perfection everywhere

But health-wise, sloth would reign.

Oh, be cursed my love for sweets

Be covered in onix tar and combust!

For I desired jellybeans for breakfast,

And gold, shimmery honey as a snack.

The longing got so strong, I ate and ate

Until my self-esteem started to fade…

Surrounded by protective walls aplenty

Such as my army of toys and my books

Creating that enchanting fairytale,

Staying voluntarily ignorant to life…

Than the sudden rapping pain

Could no longer be ignored!

When the jeers did not wane

I decided to stop acting bored.

The feral grey wolf in me was starved

For revenge, to bathe in ruby blood!

But my heart was not in it, I retreated

After making a mockery of myself,

And profoundly scaring the intended

Targets with nary a soul, or so it seemed…

As I grew my mistakes tripled and took form

They put me in a cage, tormented my soul

Scornful voices telling me poisoned bluffs

Which they dipped in honey to tentalize

But I'm a free bird now, out of the gilded cage

My ruthless enemies they rage and rage…