Though I am but a sinful scoundrel,

Undeserving of Your mandrel…

To comfort me, shape me, help me

Your lovingkindness makes me see

That although our debt was collosal

You payed for us like it was no hassle

God made flesh you have become (made flesh by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin)

Incessantly working till it was done

Performing many miracles back then

I will never forget the moment when

You were unjustly crucified for us all

Light of the world, You saved my soul

And rose to life after Your death…

After enduring for us till your last breath

You freed us from the power of sin,

With You by our side we will always win

By believing Your gospel we will all thrive (we must also repent, but we are saved by God's grace alone, not our deeds)

We will not perish but having eternal life!