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Aroa Zaman sighed as she leaned back in her chair. It was just another day of working at her usual soup kitchen and it was a boring one at that. She straightened herself out in her chair when she heard another customer looking for some food.

"Hey, what can I do for you?" Aroa asked, putting on a new pair of gloves.

"Just a turkey and stuffing sandwich please." The customer replied. Aroa took note of the customer's voice. It was that of a male, and a rather young one at that - well young compared to most other customers. Aroa could place him somewhere in his thirties, most likely his mid-thirties. He was definitely not homeless as Aroa could easily see his freshly ironed grey shirt behind his cloak.

"You know you'll have to donate if you're not homeless. I'll serve you but you have to donate so we can keep giving to homeless people." Aroa said, pulling the sandwich out of the fridge. The customer nodded. Aroa put the sandwich in a paper bag and handed it to the customer, making eye contact as she did so.

Aroa froze instantly, as people with her power do. Aroa was an exceedingly rare type of witch with a power known as future memory. This caused her to see the future of anyone she made eye contact with. The way she views the future is the same way the person views their own memory hence the name of her power. This man's future had seemingly plenty of blood in it which normally meant-

"Thanks" The customer said as he took the bag out of Aroa's bag. He took out his wallet and handed her a rolled-up ten dollar note. Aroa snapped out of her power as the man winked at her before leaving. She cringed at this, as she didn't really feel any romantic or sexual attraction towards others. Still, she continued working as she served up the customer after him.

Cleaning and closing time came up and it was her turn to sweep the sidewalk outside. It was pitch black outside with the only light coming from the building behind her. Aroa daydreamed about what she would do what she got home that night. What would she have for dinner? What book should she read that night? How long would she play with her cats for? All of this daydreaming caused her a massive shock when she heard multiple people running towards her and telling her to 'come with them'. Aroa gave one of the people a hit on the head with her broom but after that she was too surrounded by dark figures to tell her own broom from a person.

Suddenly, a motorcycle went by and the rider threw multiple knives at each one of the dark figures surrounding Aroa. The rider then held up a flashlight and pointed it at Aroa, who stood there in shock. The rider had his helmet visor up slightly so Aroa could see their light grey eyes.

"Hop on. We have to get you to safety. You're in danger." The rider instructed Aroa. She wasn't sure whether if it was seeing their eyes, this person saving her life or if it was that she was tired but she trusted this person enough to get on their motorcycle and let them drive her to wherever. The rider drove off into the city part of the town where the two stopped at a seemingly abandoned building.

"Hey, where are we? Also, who are you? I guess the latter actually should have been the first thing I asked you." Aroa asked, buttoning up her white, denim jacket to keep herself warm.

"Good question. Name's Hector Min. As for where we are, well, you're about to find out." the rider explained, taking his helmet off of his head. Once he took that helmet off, Aroa realized that she had just been saved by the same person she was serving earlier - the cloaked man with the grey ironed shirt.

Hector walked over to the building and poked the wall with his finger a couple of times. All of a sudden, the ground beneath them started moving downwards and the two were taken into a dark, cave-like structure with other people awaiting them.

"Welcome to the B.O.W. That acronym stands for Born Order of Witches. Many call it the bow for short. We have a mission for you but first, I think there's someone that wants to see you." Hector explained before leading Aroa to another room where a pink-haired person was facing a shrine with a large poster on the wall reading "Our brothers and sisters have fallen!". Hector cleared his throat and the person turned around to reveal themselves as Aroa's own childhood friend - Sophia Tomoko. Aroa hadn't seen her friend for about five years after Sophia mysteriously disappeared after graduating high school.

"Aroa! It's so good to see you again! Thanks so much for bringing her, Hector." Sophia said, her voice was as cheerful as Aroa remembered. Hector already seemed bored of the conversation as he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and started smoking it.

"H-hey Soph. Is this where you've been? What is this place? More importantly, what am I of all people doing here?" Aroa asked, clutching the collar of her jacket. Sophia grabbed both of Aroa's hands and pulled them towards her - letting Aroa's white eyes meet her brown ones.

"We need your help. Ever wonder why potions are now the leading cause of powers in people nowadays? Born witches are being killed to make those potions. I called upon you to help Hector and I find out who is behind this because... I fear someone we both know is responsible." Sophia replied. Aroa's eye widened. She had no clue about the truth of those potions. All she knew was that the potions were causing more and more people who would have normally just been born human to become witches.

"I'm not sure about all this. I mean, I practically live to help people but...finding out who is responsible for the deaths of others? I'm not sure if I could ever handle something like that." Aroa sighed, breaking her hands free from Sophia's grip.

"Think about it. Hector will hang around your shop until you give him your answer. Be careful though, if you say no, we may not be able to protect you like Hector did tonight. Really give it some thought now. I'll see you later." Sophia smiled before she ordered Hector to escort Aroa home in case someone else tries to attack her.

Aroa's ride home was unsettling to say the least. She had a fear of being hunted from that moment on. Once she got to her apartment, she got off the motorcycle and thanked Hector. The fear interrupted Aroa's focus for the rest of the night. She didn't read, play with her cats or even cook. She felt as though she wasn't going to keep her clam cakes and bubble tea down as she felt sick to her stomach. Aroa had a rough sleep with nightmare about being hunted. The third nightmare was when she made up her mind. She was going to take Sophia's offer. She was going to save her species - no matter what it cost.

A very tired Aroa walked up to the area where Hector was supposed to be. For someone who seemed to show up and the perfect time to save her life the previous night, Hector was later than expected. Aroa was about to get to work and try again later when she saw him coming out of the store beside the soup kitchen with a packet of cigarettes. He made eye contact with her and sighed.

"So, you got an answer for me?" Hector asked, taking a cigarette and lighting it.

"I'm taking the offer." Aroa replied. A smirk tugged at Hector's cheek as he closed his eyes.

"Well then. I certainly wasn't expecting that. Welcome to B.O.W, Aroa Zaman." He said as he reached out his hand for his new colleague to shake. Aroa firmly grasped his hand and shook it.

And so began the next few challenging weeks.


Before anyone points out that I cut off the sentence about what the blood meant, I meant to do that. Why? Not important yet. Let's just say it's a surprise for later.

This was really fun for world building and I hope you all enjoyed it. So thanks for reading bye.

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