So I've been wanting to do a story with these characters for a while but never really got any ideas for a plotline. When I do get a plotline, I will do a series of stories containing this universe. This is a collection of one shots based off the most random, quarantine things that my family - and probably most other families - have done since quarantine started. Ireland has been on lockdown since May 12th (I know because I had a business thing that day) and I would have been bored to death if it wasn't for school work.

Note that these stories are a little exaggerated for many reasons. First off, I have no siblings that live with me so my household is relatively small. Second, none of these characters are based off anyone that lives in my household. Finally, none of my family members have superpowers and we're not constantly fighting off two evil people plotting to kill everyone and take over the world somehow. Unless those people are ableists and the person with superpowers is my mother with the power of Autism mom. Anyway, enjoy.

- End of notes -

"Hey Glitch, what day is it?" Bast Gris muttered into the table as she lay her head down in boredom. It had been months since the government had told the land of Alturna to go on lockdown due to a mysterious new virus that was causing a worldwide pandemic. Bast was always the type to be outdoors - usually blowing up something or another - so she was definitely bored of just sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing.

"Are you just asking me that because I'm a robot? Are you really bored to the point where abuse me by asking me stupid questions as if I'm some personal assistant bot like the one you have on your phone? Also it's the 9th of May 2313 at 12 hours, 13 minutes and 20 seconds." Glitch groaned, putting his daily mug of oil on the table. Glitch was also suffering because of the lockdown. He may have been a robot but he had no access to his main source of energy - sunlight. Oil was similar to caffeine for Glitch - it gave him an energy boost but only for a limited time. Sunlight for Glitch was like sleep for a human.

"Alright, who's going shopping with me and Boris?" Mirror Elfreda called from the living room of her and Glitch's apartment. Bast and Glitch both made a rush for the door but only Glitch was chosen for two reasons - he couldn't get sick and he was in desperate need of sunlight. Bast grunted as she went back to the dining room table and put her head back down.

At the store, there was a line up outside due to crowd control measures. This gave Glitch an opportunity to charge so he would be ready for anything in the shopping center. Well anything except for who Boris, Mirror and Glitch encountered at the store.

"Hey there." a young girl's voice came from behind Glitch. Glitch stared at the unfamiliar girl for a few moments. She was a short, blonde girl with blue eyes and freckles. She was wearing a massive pink hoodie with the words 'Little Rebel' in white writing. There was no evidence of any other clothes beyond that except for the black and pink shoes she was wearing. It wasn't until a tired-looking, coffee-drinking, older woman appeared behind her that Glitch realized who she was.

"MIRROR! BORIS! KAGE'S HE-" Glitch bellowed before the older woman casually cut him off.

"Relax you old piece of junk. We're all on the same page here. I have no plans to destroy anything at the moment because this lockdown bullshit is doing my head in." the older woman sighed before taking a sip of her coffee. Boris and Mirror had already rushed over in a panic but were actually kind of relieved when they heard what Kage had to say.

"Well it seems the most evil thing you're doing is not wearing a mask but I guess 90% of places that sell them are out of stock so you kinda got an excuse there. So what have you guys been up to?" Mirror started, trying to have a conversation with Kage and Hane as if they weren't mortal enemies. This Glitch was a little mad at his girlfriend for doing this but figured she felt lonely since he wasn't doing the greatest without sunshine.

"Oh you know, eating, procrastinating other work that we should've been doing a while ago...breathing." Kage said. She had to admit that she and her girlfriend hadn't done much since the start of the lockdown but she was too prideful to admit it, especially not to her enemies.

"Well, I think we should get back to our shopping. See you guys later." Hane cheered, dragging Kage away from everyone else. It was definitely a strange encounter that bothered Glitch for the rest of the day until something else distracted him.

"Who wants to cook with me?" Maia Phobos called from the kitchen. She scanned the living room of all the other people in the house. Bast was jumping up and down in excitement, obviously wanting to do something.

"No cooking for you Bast. I don't want a repeat of last time. Glitch, you seem distracted." She pointed out bluntly.

"Oh yeah sorry I-" Glitch was about to tell her about the conversation with Kage and Hane but Maia cut him off.

"I'LL MAKE YOU FOCUS! YOU'RE COOKING WITH ME!" Maia bellowed at Glitch, pulling him by the hood of his beige sleeveless hoodie into the kitchen. She had always been like this - a mother who ran the house as though it was a military base.

Glitch had little cooking experience but Maia didn't take this into account when she constantly yelled at him for the smallest of mistakes - using a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon of salt, beating the chicken breasts with a rolling pin instead of a tenderizer and even for just taking frozen chips out of the freezer when she insisted on fresh chips made with actual potatoes. She kept making comments about how she 'raised him better' and how she 'didn't kill her husband for nothing'. It got to a point where Maia just kicked Glitch out of 'her kitchen' and called Mirror to help instead.

Boris overheard what happened in the kitchen and when Glitch came in moping, he just told him "Ever wonder why I have anxiety? You just experienced the reason why." without looking away from the TV. The next time they heard any chatter from the kitchen was when Mirror was setting the table with Sei Shin.

"Have you seen Bast anywhere? I sure hope she didn't go outside." Mirror mentioned, putting plates down on the table. Sei shook her head from the other side of the table. Just then, Glitch saw Bast by the oven looking a little too casual. He nudged Boris to get his attention to which his friend responded by jumping up off the couch. The two were about to run over to see what was going on when the oven suddenly exploded.

Bast stood there laughing while Boris and Mirror frantically just to put out the fire. Glitch ran to Maia's room to tell her about the fire which Sorano Elfreda overheard causing her to rush to the kitchen, grabbing the fire extinguisher on the way. It took a total of five minutes but the fire was finally out thanks to Sorano.

"GREAT! NOW WE HAVE NO DINNER THANKS TO YOU BAST! YOU WILL BE SEREVELY PUNISHED FOR paying for dinner tonight. Glitch, find the most expensive restaurant you can that's open for delivery right now!" Maia complained.

"I can't actually-" Glitch was about to explain that he couldn't actually run any sort of test to find restaurants but Maia cut him off telling him to just do it. Glitch was not in the mood to argue with this military-like woman so he just took out his phone and looked at restaurants. He found one and put his phone away shortly after.

"Did you order?" Maia asked.

"Yes, I already knew what everyone wanted and Bast's credit card details." Glitch explained, walking back to the couch and turning on the TV. Food arrived an hour later and the night was calm after that. No yelling from anyone, no more explosions, nothing. Just peace and quiet.


Did you make it to the end of this train wreck? Good.

This story happened actually quite the opposite way. My mother was trying to make gratin potatoes for the first time and it took 4 hours for them to fully cook and there was no oven fires involved. We ended up eating our burgers a whole hour before the gratin potatoes so dinner was a bit of disaster but we made it work.

If you have any ideas for relatable stories you might want to see in this series, just put it in a review or a pm and I might be able to put it in. Again, I'm trying to make this as relatable yet exaggerated as possible so go ahead and ask me about any quarantine experiences you've had and I'll see if I relate.