Hey...I haven't uploaded in almost a week. Sorry about that. Normally I have a lot of inspiration but a few things have happened recently and all I had was either just art or for a different story. If you do want to see my art, you can check out my Instagram (purplechanphoenix). I have a lot of Mutism stuff on there at the moment but I did upload a Hane picture today.

Today is centered around Black Lives Matter because that's essentially all I see on Instagram besides gay memes. I normally don't get political but the way police treat minorities is unacceptable. I would get into it but it would fill up this entire thing. Just know that you are welcome here regardless on skin colour (I mean, unless you racist, transphobic (I'm looking at you JK Rowling), homophobic, etc.) and I actually find darker skin colours more attractive than lighter ones. (Okay, maybe that wasn't necessary but it's true)

Also, please don't get too violent in protests. While most are peaceful, violence will only lead to more violence. In fact, a cop who my parents knew and was a really nice guy had his house burned a few weeks ago. This guy has two young kids and his wife is pregnant with another. Just don't try to put out the fire with more fire. (I know there's probably better analogies but I'm down to two brain cells right now.)

- End of notes -

The day was decently normal with the only unusual thing being Maia and Boris going shopping. They had left at 8 o'clock that morning but weren't back until around ten. This was suspicious, especially since they had a list of what they needed. The two eventually returned around half past ten but something seemed... off about Boris.

For starters, he was slumped over Maia's shoulders while she carried most of the shopping. However, he was fully conscious and even replied to Mirror's greeting at the door. Nothing was said about why he was acting strange but it was noticed that a trail of blood was being left on the floor. Maia placed all the shopping bags on the table then revealed why Boris was slumped over her shoulder. She helped her son off her shoulder to reveal Boris had been limping but that didn't explain the blood. She helped him to the couch where it was finally noticed that Boris had been shot in the leg with nothing but a white sock, which had been bleed through, covering the wound.

"Who did this to you? Was it Kage?" Sorano asked, putting her hand on Boris's shoulder in concern when she saw her friend's injury.

"N-no but could...could you heal it? P-please?" Boris replied, his voice sounding as if he was on the verge of tears. Sorano nodded and removed the bullet with tweezers before using her magic to stop the bleeding and seal up the wound. Sorano even went as far as to ask if Boris wanted a band-aid to which he declined, breathing a sigh of relief.

"It certainly wasn't Kage or Hane that did that to him but I know if I met them ever again that did that to my son, they wouldn't live to see another day!" Maia grumbled, cracking her knuckles. Boris covered his ears and started shaking when he heard the knuckle-cracking. Glitch entered the room shortly after with his tablet. He requested that everyone watch and listen to it as he uploaded the video onto the television.

Everyone gathered around the television as they watched the video of Boris having an anxiety attack outside the building while two cops from the government started interrogating him for no reason except the 'suspicious behavior' that was him and Maia walking down the street then Boris having the anxiety attack. There was questions about whether or not he lived in the building, what was in the bag (even though it was clear plastic making it clear that there was only groceries) and other things. Maia tried to answer for Boris but the cops told her to stay quiet and let him answer the questions. Boris was seated against the wall of the building when one of the officers suddenly fired their gun and made a run for it, thinking Boris was dead. The video then ended with Maia picking Boris off the street and carrying him inside the building.

"Holy shit Glitch! How did you get this video?" Sorano asked, staring at the video in shock.

"I got bored and hacked the security cameras at just the right time. Well, we got something to show him." Glitch answered, turning off his tablet. He was referring to the branch government that the group had been working for. They knew Boris was a part of the group so it'd be easy to get the government to trust them on the case.

"Glitch and I will show this to the government. You guys stay here and get some rest. Especially you, Boris." Mirror explained, getting up off the couch. Boris nodded and lifted his injured leg onto the couch to relax it.

As they were leaving, Mirror and Glitch were met with the same two cops that were interrogating Boris. The cops seemed friendlier than they did with Boris which started raising suspicions with Mirror. The cops were asking questions about Boris and Maia when Glitch suddenly had a plan. A test of sorts.

Glitch started acting panicky, slowly turning it into an anxiety attack, similar to how Boris acted when he got an attack. Being a robot, Glitch could perfectly copy most human behaviors, including anxiety attacks. The officers didn't point guns, didn't get aggressive and didn't tell Mirror to stop answering questions. Instead, one of the officers actually believed Glitch's attack and tried to soothe him. Mirror was astonished yet slightly embarrassed at the same time. She always respected the law but she didn't know what to think after seeing what had just happened. She apologized to the police officers and even told them to have a nice day before running away with Glitch.

Mirror and Glitch returned about an hour after that incident. Both of them seemed to be in shock after whatever happened with the government. It raised plenty of questions from the others.

"How did it go?" Sorano asked, putting dinner in the brand new oven.

"Are they gonna do anything about those officers?" Boris inquired, switching the channel of the television to something that he would actually find interesting and not traumatizing.

"Do I get to bomb a police station?" Bast grinned, getting her rocket launcher from under the couch.

"It went pretty good yet pretty bad at the same time. As for what they're gonna do, they're launching an investigation but putting the officers on PAID leave for now until the investigation has been resolved. As for blowing up police stations, no Bast, just no. There is no appropriate time to do that." Mirror answered, watching Glitch sit on the couch with a defeated look on his face. Bast gave an angry sigh as she put her rocket launcher back under the couch.

"So, if we can't blow shit up, what can we do to help Boris?" Bast asked, resting her face on her hand with her elbow on her knee.

"Boris is not the only one we can help. If we go online, there's tons of petitions and fundraisers for people of colour who have been mistreated or killed. It's the most we can do for now." Sorano explained, taking out her laptop and showing the rest of the group a website she was on that was for petitions and fundraisers.

The household then proceeded to spend the majority of the rest of the evening using petitions and fundraisers to collectively help everyone who were in situations like Boris's. It was a relaxing evening where everyone had one thing on their minds - let's hope that no more people have to suffer injustice because of something so small as the colour of their skin.


Continuing on from my earlier notes, petitions and fundraisers are the best ways to get involved with Black Lives Matter as of right now. It reduces the risk of COVID-19 spreading and is accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities who wouldn't be able to go to protests that are in inaccessible areas or people that can't handle crowds (Like me).

So yeah, black lives matter and stay safe. Also next chapter might be about pride month. I don't know because I haven't decided.

- End of notes -