It all started with a dream.

"Bruce Godwin, my music arranger, had me come into his office, one day. He told me about a dream he had, the night before. In it, I was performing a song onstage—barefooted! Furthermore, he remembered the song name—'I'm Dancing in a Cloud'—as well as the melody, and even a couple snatches of the lyrics. So, we worked on it together all afternoon, and we composed it. I was due to sing at the New Moon club, that evening, so I decided to premier it then. And in the spirit of the dream, I performed live barefooted."

That was six months ago. And as the saying goes, the rest is history. "I'm Dancing on a Cloud" has rocketed Patricia Morgan to stardom. The single has sold close to a million copies, and her first album PATRICIAL MORGAN DANCES IN A CLOUD is at number 3, on the charts.

And yes, she still performs live barefooted. In fact, this has become her trademark.

"The first time I did it, at the New Moon Club, it felt kinda weird. But now, it's become 'normal' for me, and I'm at the point where I can't imagine wearing shoes!"

In fact, the cover of her album has a photo of her standing barefoot on a cloud.

1956 was big for her, but 1957 will be even bigger. She will be releasing her second longplayer, and she'll also be getting married to Bruce Godwin.

"Pretty good for a gal who likes to go barefooted, isn't it!" she says with a laugh.