Mistakes that Make no Sense

You know?

There is this person I know of.

She is just waiting to be raped.

She is just waiting to be murdered.

Is she waiting for the last shoe to fall?

Is she waiting for the curtain to finally close?

Why does she desire the show to end so?

Sometimes I think she wants the life strangled out of her.

Sometimes I don't think she cares either way.

Maybe she will end up unlucky pregnant.

What will she tell the child?

"Welcome to the world! Your father raped me!"

I don't think she knows just how crazy she sounds.

This person isn't me.

This is someone else who wants to mirror me.

I have a doppelganger.

There is always someone who looks like me.

She is always wandering around town.

She continues to get lost.

It's like those many times in the past.

People don't care whether or not they have the right person.

All they want to do is accuse.

Maybe I did say something.

Maybe it was this girl who looks like me.

Many people think they've seen me.

We've never met.


Not even once.

I think you've got the wrong person.

I'm tired of people thinking I'm a girl.

I'm not like the little girl who wanders around aimlessly.

I have someone.

I have someone besides myself for once in my life.

My heart is reflected in the mirror that is this life.

Maybe I've been playing around too much.

I sometimes like to toy with my prey.

So does this other person you all claim is me.

Did I go around getting pregnant throughout town?


I don't even air out my dirty drawers for everyone to see.

This other person does.

I don't think people realize what is what with me.

I'm here and maybe I'm not.

Ever considered it?

Consider which one is actually me.

Am I talking to myself?

I may as well be.

No one ever listens to what I've got to say.

When I say it's not me,

I mean it's not me.

No one believes me.

I'm always punished for things I didn't do or say.

It's not right.

It's not fair.

I run around in circles for all of eternity.