Those words-in lurid red letters on newsboards, gossiped by unconcerned teenagers or sympathetic women, whispered in the haunted tones of a shocked father, and harshly yelled by a detective-seemed to spread like frost over the village of Mage's Meadow. Unfortunately, no one knew the answer. No one could fathom why the young governor's daughter would suddenly go missing.

There were theories, of course; dozens of them, each more ridiculous than the last. But they all centered around one reason. She was a Redblood.

Some believed she'd been killed by an enraged Goldblood, or a hungry assassin, or a poor impersonator seeking her title. Others believed she had been swept away by a knight because of her beauty, though that was easily marred by the scars, and he would receive quite a shock once he pricked the finger of his lovely new bride. And others still said she had been spirited away by sympathizers, to join the rebellion. That last one was always punctuated by a "heaven forbid."

There was a search party, of course. The little village knew they couldn't just sit around doing nothing, although that was usually what they did. But everyone knew the inevitable. Naia Nalette was gone. Far gone. She was as good as dead, and some welcomed it. She only dirtied their pure streets of regular, unmarred people.

That is why the young men with flashlights and fancy uniforms didn't search with their full hearts. They already believed the young girl dead.

But you must know, reader, that she is not. After all, who would be our protagonist?

Young Naia Nalette was not abducted. Nor killed. Nor swept off her feet. No. She ran away, out of sheer desperation.

And the search party would never find her. They wouldn't dare search in the place she had gone. And even if they did, they would shrink away from the hunched little figure of fifteen, white blonde strands clinging to her feverish skin, cheeks ruddy and streaked with tears, arms arrayed for scars that hid beneath thick fabric. Nor would they question a pair of green eyes peering out at her through the darkness. Because they would be too frightened to even flee.


So... you know that book that I was writing? That definitely wasn't my best, so I'm going to start a new one haha. This one is a lot better, in my opinion, but what did you all think? Also, yes, it's supposed to be confusing. Hopefully things will start clearing up soon and you can actually know what's going on. Anyway, hope you enjoyed, and I'll update again tomorrow! Bye!