"He loves me, he loves me not" She said to herself as she picked the petals off the daisy, "He wants me... wants me not"

Amy pulled off the last petal at those words and sighed heavily.

"I guess not..." She sighed under her breath and looked at the sunny blue sky in the distance. She was sitting on the side of the pitch, under a tree as the warm August air swept over her.

The school year had just restarted and she found that she was still ignored by the majority of the male race.

She sighed heavily, looking out to the green pitch and watching her guy friends kick a soccer ball about, trying to get goals.

She wished sometimes, she was the goal.

She looked to the side, seeing her female friends talking to one another in giggles and whispers.

"What are you two talking about?" She asked.

"Oh!" Jessica, the blonde one said, "Just that Tyler looks totally dreamy out there!"

Amy peered her eyes back onto the pitch, seeing Tyler Smith flinching at the goal post as if he was being shot at in war.

"He's cute, I guess..." Amy replied, looking over at him and leaning back on her arms against the grass, "Kinda like an innocent child."

"I know!" Jessica gushed and gazed at her crush with deep affection.

"And that Podge!" Sophie, the other girl friend said, pointing out at the dark skinned boy who passed the ball to Cameron, his friend, "He is like a lion! Roar!"

Amy gave a nervous chuckle at that description.

"I guess... I don't really see him that way, I've known him since infancy."

"You have?!" The two giddy girls responded in glee, "How do we get them to notice us?!" They begged.

Amy felt put on the spot at that response and shrugged her shoulders nervously, answering.

"I guess... be yourself..."

"Well that hasn't happened for you." Sophie said back at once in a mean snap and Amy shuddered back, blinking her eyes stunned.

"I was just giving you some advice."

"Face it, Amy," Sophie continued and crawled over the dry grass to jab her finger into Amy's chest, "You know nothing about guys and what they want. I mean, you haven't even kissed a guy!"

"That's not true..." Amy whispered hurt under her breath, "I've kiss male relatives on the cheek...more like forced too..."

"Yeah, uh huh..." Sophie responded with a roll of her eyes and folding her arms, "You're clueless."

She and Jessica began to giggle at this, Sophie laughing loudly, and Jessica giggling timidly.

"I'm not clueless..." Amy hissed under her voice, "I just haven't found the one..."

"That's what all the spinsters say." Sophie replied with a dark grin.

There was a sudden loud hooting and cheering and the girls looked up at the field, seeing the guys were congratulating each other on a well played match.

Sophie began to get all giddy as she shook Jessica's arm and pointed up at the cute boys coming their way.

"Here comes the candy!" Sophie whispered loudly to Jessica, and her blonde friend went pink in the cheeks.

Amy only rolled her eyes, tired of this carry on.

"Hello ladies," Padraig said, stooping down on his knees and smiling widely at the girls, "Miss me?"

"You know it!" Sophie said, nearly drooling down her chin.

"You okay there, Soph?" Padraig asked, concerned and Sophie just gazed at him parallelized in a goofy grin.

"Uh huh..."

"I think you gave her a stroke." Amy said blankly to the boy, and Padraig laughed heartily at that.

"She's fine, just a little starstruck."

"You're not a star..." Amy replied and Padraig grinned at her, ruffling up his friend's brown locks.

"Not yet, but fame has a way of finding the special ones."

"No." Amy replied, folding her arms tighter, and Padraig responded.

"Er – Yes."


"You're wrong." Padraig defended, still grinning and Amy looked at him blankly, replying.

"I'm never wrong."

"Irony at it's finest," Padraig responded, licking the tip of his finger as if to put out an invisible flame.

"You are so stupid," Amy said with a small laugh and Padraig chuffed.

He sat down properly on the ground, and the two other boys joined them, Tyler sitting next to Jessica and Sophie, and Cameron beside Amy.

"Did you see me take that shot back there, Ames?" Cameron asked the brunette girl, shaking her arm as it to get her attention.

"Oh, sorry, Cameron," Amy said back to him with a nervous smile, "I wasn't really paying much attention to the game."

"I was..." Jessica said meekly and placed her pale hand on Tyler's. The boy froze up, "You were amazing out there, Tyler..."

"Oh, Th-thanks!" The blonde boy uttered back shyly, and tensed a little up, looking at the beautiful girl's hand on his. He let it sit there for a few seconds, before removing his hand from the scene and Jessica sighed heavily in disappointment.

"Well, maybe you girls would like to play with us sometimes?" Cameron suggested and Jessica shook her head instantly, Sophie's eyes widening and her lips smiling, and Amy just looking dumbfounded.

"Er... why?"

"Looking for a little more close contact, are you Cameron?" Padraig said to his fair-haired friend and Cameron went red in the face at the remark.

"What no!"

"He means, yes, Ames..." Padraig said to the girl, winking and she went red in a flurry of emotions.

"I've got to go!" Amy said quickly, getting up to leave, and Padraig blinked puzzled at that response.

"I was only kidding, Amy!" He shouted quickly after her and got back on his own feet, following her as she left to the school's inner grounds.

Padraig caught up to her easily and pulled her back to him by grabbing her upper arm.

"What, Podge?" She asked straight-faced and looking pissed.

"I just..." Padraig said nervously, and rubbed the back of his head afraid, "Just wanted to say sorry, I was only joking, kay?"

Amy stared blankly at him for a few seconds, before giving in to his charm and replied, "Fine... whatever, you thick head."

"Hey, I'm not thick." Padraig said offended, but smiling as he suddenly ran his hand on Amy's skirt covered thigh, "But you sure are! Ha, ha!"

"That is harassment! You buffoon!"

"Is it?" Padraig asked, confused.

Amy slapped his hand away, before grabbing him by his necktie, and glaring at him right in the eyes, unflinching.

"You're lucky we're old friends." She hissed at him before pushing him nearly over as she walked away.

Podge settled back into a standing position, a little taken back by her words, and whispered sadly to himself, "...what if I want to be more... than friends?"