strings of confidence

woven together to make this shirt

wearing it is key

each time i pull a thread

with how long i have to take

the confidence gets on me

never have i noticed

how much has been used and how much is left

because i trust my being

that what goes out is a simple evening stroll

what i go to is fine by me

as to what im seeing

i keep the smile and do what i have done

that has got me to where i am

sure that i am sure

sure that i can be

sure that i am

sure great outcomes are to occur

for now will i pull again

to come back to that state

to what is positive

to what is prime and looking great

to take on whatever wherever

is what i will give

i have my fingers ready for the pulling

extracting my daily yearn for yarn

what is made so smooth

but there i grabbed onto nothing

now feeling the bare of what i have lost

now there is what i will lose

now my sleeves are gone

i now feel a fool of myself

to say embarrassed is to say too little

humility is crystal

humiliation is brittle

my gears are now on a cripple

what down to my own i have

even more that it is what i choose to do

well it used to be

now i look back to what is behind and say i will be away

i have to get a new shirt with the threads again

redemption is my plea