After all this time

People can't grasp

The concept of understanding

That were all human beings.

People run all over the place

Saying this is justified

Or this is not justified

And just keeps going on and on…

History repeats itself

No one wants to learn

From past mistakes

As people scream in pain.

Heart breaks down everyday

Wishing everyone gets the respect

They always deserved

Since the heart is the truest thing to measure.

Too much grey area

Too much to determine what's wrong

What's even right

As chaos rampages on.

One thing I can understand

Is people just don't want

to constantly live in fear

As they struggle to fight.

And one thing I know is that

We all are in this together

Since there is no them

There is no us

It should be always we

Since we should have been all on

Same level of respect and fairness…

And I still believe one day

Things will be better

And everyone will be treated with same respect

As we measure eachother hearts

Instead of judging

For pointless outside things

That never tell how good a person really is.

Your voices deserved to be heard

Whenever treated unfairly

Since no one deserves to be disrespect

When you were just trying to live.