After saving me from being strangled to death on my first day the Asian guy introduces me to the rest of the cell block. It is really was not much of an introduction. He tells me about ten different people's prisoner IDs which I have already forgotten. Why he thinks I am interested in what numbers these bunch of strangers are addressed by is beyond me. Apparently, we are the newest shipment of mutants Umbra has collected, they get a new batch every few months, but I really could not be less interested in that as of right now.

What comes after 'breakfast' is something I thoroughly despise. Going to the shower block. Privacy was not exactly something that was considered if you get my meaning, but that was not actually what bothers me the most. When things are bad in this place they always get worse. The water is ice cold. It takes every fibre of my being not to yelp when the icy stream of water makes contact with my bare skin. Of course, hot water could not be expected in a place like this it did not have to be thatcold. If I should honestly just expect everything to suck worse than it already does so there is nothing else to disappoint me farther.

Small mirrors are placed above each of the sinks. Seeing what you look like for the first time is such a strange situation to be in. The glum pair of olive green eyes that stare back at me almost gives me the chills, even though they are mine. On the brighter side of things, my jawline seems pretty sharp. At least I have that to be grateful for. It could be a lot worse, but between my cheekbones sticking out noticeably and my pale, almost milky complexion gives me a sickly sort of look. Guess that means no tan for me then. I blame that strange grey sludge they make us eat

"Oi! Quit hogging the sink G7!"

Following the intensely cold shower we are all thrown back into our cells again. The others keep shouting along the block and chatting, but each time the guards never ceases to shut them up. With my back reclined against the stony wall I use my normal way of entertainment, throwing small rigid stones across the floor of the cell in boredom. Time that passes here seems to do so endlessly and it feels completely unendurable. I am surprised I have not gone insane yet.

The strange woman that was there when I got my mind wiped, walks through the hallway of cells. The Sound of her brisk footsteps come to an abrupt stop, halting at what sounds to be around the middle of the corridor.

"Okay listen up everybody I'm only going to say this once! Or possibly more, I haven't decided yet." She states loudly and clearly.

Getting up off the floor I make my way over to the front of my cell, leaning my arms on the bars to hear her better.

"As some of you may already know you are the last mutants for this facility, although most of you are not mutated yet, that will happen in time. Now as an act of...good faith for your good behavior I have decided to tell all of you in this block your names. Before you get excited remember you're never getting out of here so knowing your name is essentially useless in finding out who you were."

Oh, well this will be good, the whole number thing is so...dehumanising, not to mention impossible to remember. Even if it is just a small fragment of who I used to be it is something.

"Prisoner number G1," She speaks up, then looking down at some kind of list she has in her hand for a second before looking up and continuing, "Paige Olsen."

"G2's name is Gemma Sandervaull. G3 is Juniper Starr. G4 is Ellie Dion-"

Well, that's interesting to say the least, that goofy bear-hybrid girl does not really look like an Ellie. G4 is the only name I remember apart from G2, I do not have much interest in the others.

I vaguely remember being told G2, Gemma, was that eagle-girl laughing at Ellie when she tried to do a pull-up.

"Dan Everett is G5. G6 is Levi Carter. G7..." She pauses for a few moments, that feel like enternity.

My eyes focus on her as my heart beat quickens...Finally, she continues, "Axel Hunter."

Blinking a few times before getting lost in my own thoughts. Axel… I cannot say I was expecting that.

"G8 is Zoey Everett, G9 is Park Daesung and G10 is a Naomi Circes, oh, wait, she's not hear yet."

Park Daesung, that sounds Asian, it must be the guy that helped me at breakfast, or whatever you want to call it.

Once she is done she folds away her crumpled paper list"Guards take G5, or should I say Dan Everett, to the mutation room please."

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