Nat: About a month later Crystal made her way downstairs to see her sister by the front door, reading through the morning post. As soon as Jane heard her she looked up and grinned.

Jane: Looks like Kelly has finally written back or could it be a love letter from the boyfriend.

(Jane handed the letter over to Crystal as she reached the bottom of the stairs)

Jane: Go on, open it. I want to know what it says.

Crystal: It's none of your business.

(Crystal puts the letter away in her school bag and walked past her)

Jane: When I said you would still be a virgin...

(Crystal reached the Kitchen door)

Crystal: And, I told you...

(Crystal quickly interrupted)

Jane: I should of said you would be a man-eater by the time your 30.

(Jane interrupted just as quickly making Crystal's hand freeze on the door handle)

Crystal: You're just jealous.

Jane: Why would I be jealous? Jeff will never want you now.

(Crystal turned her head to face Jane with an annoying look on her face)

Crystal: You didn't tell him, did you?

(Jane started laughing)

Jane: Of course, I did.

Crystal: Mum warned you not to tell anyone.

Jane: You told Rachel. So, I told Jeff.

(Crystal looks at the wall beside her)

Crystal: No wonder, he has been avoiding me.

(Jane stops laughing but continues to grin back)

Jane: Yep, he has been spending his time with me. And, let me tell you, he hardly mentions you, any more.

(Jane approached Crystal and shoved her out the way)

Jane: Jeff is mine, now!

(Jane opened the door and walked into the kitchen while she stared after her with a sad look About an hour later Crystal was walking with Rachel on their way to school.

Rachel: You seem more down than you have been lately and I thought you were slowing warming up to being a mum.

Crystal: I got a letter from Florida, today.

Rachel: As Kelly finally gotten back to you?

Crystal: I think so.

Rachel: You think so... Haven't you read the letter, yet?

(Crystal shakes her head)

Rachel: Why are you so worried? You told me you didn't tell Kelly about you and Rich.

Crystal: I didn't!

Rachel: Then why are you so worried to open it?

Crystal: Why has it taken this long for her to write back?

Rachel: What exactly did you tell her?

Crystal: That I really was pregnant and I had it confirmed by the doctor.

Rachel: Did you tell her who the father was?

(Crystal stared back with a deep thoughtful look on her face)

Crystal: No.

Rachel: From that look, you must have told her, something.

Crystal: Well, I couldn't just say that, so I told her how my mum took the news.

Rachel: What else?

Crystal: Nothing.

(Rachel starts to stare right back)

Crystal: Nothing about Rich, anyway.

Rachel: Then, why haven't you read it, yet? It doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about. The worst thing is, she may be upset because you didn't tell who the father is.

Crystal: The main reason, I haven't read it yet…

(Crystal starts to look away)

Crystal: Is because Jane hasn't left my side, until now.

Rachel: Jane doesn't know you had sex with Jeff, does she?

(Crystal looks back at Rachel who as a concerned look on her face)

Crystal: If she did, I doubt I'd be talking to you, now.

Rachel: Yeah. She properly would have strangled you, by now.

(Crystal looks sad)

Crystal: Jeff knows I'm pregnant... Jane told him.

Rachel: What a way to find out.

Crystal: I know I should of told him. But he as been avoiding me.

Rachel: You both are as stubborn as… Oh, I don't know. Just Stubborn.

(Crystal looks confused)

Rachel: He must think you don't like him, any more. Especially, after hearing about your holiday romance.

(Crystal smiles slightly)

Crystal: If I remember rightly, you advised me to have a holiday romance, in the first place. 'It just might make Jeff jealous. And, it could make him admit his feelings for you'.

(Crystal spoke Rachel's words from before)

Rachel: I certainly didn't mean for you to jump into bed with this guy... Kissing and sleeping with a guy have two different meanings.

(Crystal looks down at her belly)

Crystal: Yeah, don't I know it.

(Crystal looks back up)

Crystal: And, I can't imagine the things Jane must be telling him.

Rachel: You know Jeff, he won't believe it till he hears it from you.

Crystal: If he wasn't avoiding me. I could have told him everything, by now.

Rachel: I still can't understand how thinking about Jeff made you have sex with another guy? That just doesn't sound right.

Crystal: Saying it out loud, doesn't. It's just very hard to explain.

Rachel: Try me.

(Crystal starts looking thoughtful)

Crystal: When I was around Rich and he was trying to kiss me. It started to remind me of how good it felt being in Jeff's arms.

Rachel: That should have done the opposite and made you push him away.

Crystal: It did to start with. But the more I thought of Jeff... I started imaging him standing in front of me which had me thinking it was him I was kissing, not Rich.

Rachel: O.K, that may explain why you kissed him. But not why you had sex with him.

(Crystal starts to look sad)

Crystal: I know.

(They both continue walking on in silence for a moment)

Crystal: I certainly regret it, now. And, not just because of… Well, anyone that is involved. I don't feel for him, not the way I do for Jeff.

Rachel: You and Jeff, I can totally understand. When your feelings are as strong for one another, these things can happen. Especially, when you continue to ignore these feelings for each other.

Crystal: I don't ignore my feelings for Jeff.

(Rachel glares back)

Crystal: I just can't admit them to that very person.

Rachel: You can't admit them, full stop. You have never once explained how you feel about Jeff, even to me.

(Crystal stops walking and stares back in shock and Rachel stands beside her)

Rachel: Go on, then. Explain in detail what it is you feel about Jeff.

(Crystal thinks for a moment)

Crystal: Jeff is very amusing and he can certainly make me laugh.

(Rachel starts laughing)

Rachel: And make you blush a lot.

(Crystal smiles)

Crystal: Yes. That, too.

(Rachel slowly stops laughing)

Rachel: Those aren't feelings, they just describe what you think of him.

(Crystal looks confused)

Rachel: Feelings are, when you explain how that makes you feel inside. For example... Does he make you feel all hot and bothered?

(Crystal starts to blush a little making Rachel grin back)

Rachel: Do you get butterfly's in your belly? Does he make you go all light-headed when he is around? Those sort of feelings.

(Crystal goes back to looking thoughtful)

Rachel: Could you say, yes, to any of things I just said?

(Crystal goes even more redder)

Crystal: I don't know. It's quite hard to explain the feelings I have for Jeff.

Rachel: If you say so.

(Rachel continues walking and Crystal follows alongside her)

Rachel: Did you tell your mum, about Jeff?

Crystal: No way, one guy was bad enough for her. And, there is no way I could risk Jane finding out.

Rachel: You will have to tell her, sometime. And Jane will properly hear about it sooner or later. Things can spread so easily and it would be best coming from you.

Crystal: Let's just leave it at one guy, for now... My mum can't reach Rich but she could easily get to Jeff. And, you and everyone else will know once Jane does as I won't be here to tell the tale, afterwards.

Rachel: Good point, best you do leave it, for now... With what you were saying about Jeff. In this century, girls have to be the ones to approach the guys, as they could have you waiting forever.

Crystal: So, you keep saying and it mainly depends on what Jane has told him.

Rachel: You know what Jane is like... She wants to come between you and Jeff.

Crystal: At least, she didn't betray him with another guy, behind his back.

Rachel: Neither, did you... You and Jeff aren't together. So, you couldn't have betrayed him. You may have had one night together but that doesn't mean you are committed to him.

Crystal: I still feel bad about it.

(Rachel put her arm around Crystal's shoulder)

Rachel: Of course, you do. Admit it, you still want to be with him?

Crystal: When I think back to that night, I wonder, how things would be now if I had taken that step and admitted how I felt.

Rachel: I still think you are going to need him in the future.

Crystal: Do you think Jeff will ever forgive me?

Rachel: You won't know that until you speak to him.

Crystal: Hopefully, I'll get that chance, soon.

(Rachel stops walking and holds Crystal back before walking towards the main gate)

Rachel: Now, before we go any further. Will you read that letter?

Crystal: The bell will go, soon.

Rachel: You still have time to read the letter. Come on, just get it over with.

Crystal: O.K

(Crystal gets the letter out of her bag and slowly takes her time opening it)

Rachel: You haven't got all day.

(Crystal glares at Rachel who is just grinning at her so she starts reading the letter)

Rachel: So, what does she say?

Crystal: That... I'm in the doghouse.

Rachel: Very funny.

Crystal: It's true, I am.

Rachel: How can you be?

Crystal: Rich, told Kelly... Everything.

Rachel: What?

(Crystal passes the letter to Rachel)

Crystal: Kelly, now knows... Everything.

Rachel: She doesn't know about you and Jeff.

Crystal: That will make no difference to Kelly. She, now knows the main issue... That I betrayed our friendship. Oh, why, did I let it happen?

(Later onCrystal and Rachel had just finished school and now were on their way home)

Rachel: I keep wondering what Kelly could want.

(Crystal looks at Rachel and then back the way they were walking)

Crystal: To yell at me, I suppose.

Rachel: I doubt she would want to see you, just to do that.

Crystal: Why else would she want to talk to me?

(Rachel smiles to herself)

Rachel: Maybe to give you one big hug and say she forgives you.

(Crystal stares at Rachel)

Crystal: This isn't funny.

(Rachel's smile disappears)

Rachel: O.K. Maybe to slap your face and say she doesn't want to see you, ever again.

Crystal: Thanks, for that.

(Crystal looks angry and looks back the way they were going)

Crystal: Just what I wanted to hear.

(Crystal starts walking faster and storms on ahead)

Rachel: Crystal...

(Rachel rushes after Crystal)

Rachel: I was just trying to cheer you up.

(Rachel continues to follow alongside Crystal and now they are both rushing down the road)

Rachel: There is no sense in Kelly calling you over just to yell at you.

Crystal: What other reason is there?

Rachel: If I remember Kelly, she doesn't beat about the bush, she just gets on with things.

Crystal: No-one as ever stolen her boyfriend before to know how she would act.

Rachel: O.K. She is going to yell at you. Now, can we please, slow down.

(Crystal grins)

Crystal: You should be more fitter, than me.

Rachel: Well, I'm not one for sports, unlike the sports nut, here.

Crystal: I doubt, I will be any more. Hey, you could take my place, instead.

(Rachel stops and stands still trying to get her breathe back)

Rachel: No, thanks. I'll enjoy a long, slow walk, anytime.

(Crystal stops and turns around to look at Rachel)


(They both heard someone shouting and turned around to find Jeff running after them)

Rachel: Well, would you look at that.

(Crystal walks forward to stand beside Rachel)

Crystal: I wouldn't have started rushing away if I knew he was behind me.

Rachel: What did I tell you?

(Crystal smiles to herself as she continues to watch Jeff as he starts to slow down and casually make is way closer to them)

Crystal: No, you said... He would take forever to come to me if I didn't go to him, first.

(Rachel nudges her shoulder against Crystal's)

Rachel: You know very well what I meant.

(Crystal turns to smile at Rachel)

Crystal: Never can tell with you, sometimes.

(Rachel turns to look at Crystal)

Rachel: There is that smile... I've been waiting all day for that and as soon as Jeff appears, there it is.

(Jeff catches up to them and they both turn to face him)

Rachel: Hey, Jeff.

(Jeff stares at Crystal for a moment before he turns to face Rachel)

Jeff: Hi, Rachel.

(Jeff quickly looks back at Crystal)

Jeff: Hi, Crystal. How are you?

(Jeff looks very nervous)

Crystal: I'm fine, thanks.

(Jeff looks back at Rachel and then back to Crystal)

Jeff: Can I talk to you?

Crystal: Sure.

(Rachel looks at Crystal)

Rachel: I'll meet you back at your place.

(Crystal turns her head and smiles at Rachel)

Crystal: O.K.

(Rachel looks back at Jeff who still hasn't taken his eyes off Crystal)

Rachel: Bye, Jeff.

Jeff: Yeah, see ya.

(Jeff continues to stare at Crystal as Rachel turns around and walks away)

Jeff: I think with all the things I've heard...

(Crystal turns to look back at Jeff)

Jeff: We need to talk.

Crystal: I agree.

Jeff: Shall we walk at the same time.

(Crystal nods her head and they both start walking side by side)

Jeff: What's going on?

Crystal: What things as Jane told you?

Jeff: I just want to hear it from you.

Crystal: I suppose it's best to start from the beginning...

(Crystal looks over at Jeff but he seemed more interested in the way they were heading so she told him all about what happened while in Florida)

End of Scene One