Nat: A few hours later Crystal was still in the hospital, leaning over the crib, singing to her newborn baby.


You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

Rachel: Beautiful!

(Rachel's quiet voice came from behind Crystal and she quickly turned around with a big smile on her face)

Crystal: Rach, it's so good to see you.

(Rachel walked over)

Rachel: I can't say the same to you... You certainly aren't your best.

(Crystal looks down at the hospital grown before looking back at Rachel)

Crystal: You try giving birth and see how hot you look.

(Rachel grins and holds her hands up in surrender)

Rachel: No, I'll leave that to you... For now.

(Crystal continues smiling)

Rachel: Speaking of that... Where is she? Where is your mini-me?

(Crystal steps to the side to allow Rachel to glaze down at the baby who is sleeping)

Crystal: Please, don't wake her... It's taken me ages to get her to sleep.

Rachel: Oh, my... So, beautiful. Are you sure, she is yours?

Crystal: Very funny.

Rachel: They must have gotten the babies mixed up.

(Crystal grins)

Crystal: That would properly explain her blue eyes.

Rachel: I told you all along that Jeff was the father.

Crystal: And, you are never wrong.

(Rachel grins back)

Rachel: So, what have you and Jeff decided to call her?

Crystal: Cassandra Annie White Middleton.

(Rachel looks back down at the baby)

Rachel: Cassandra... I think that's a lovely name.

(Crystal walks back over to the bed and sat down)

Crystal: So, who told you I was here?

Rachel: Let's just say... I received a call in the middle of the night from a very hyper, overexcited, certain person.

(Crystal starts laughing as Rachel turns to face her with an annoyed look)

Rachel: My parents nearly threw a fit. That guy of yours surely as to learn to...

Crystal: What do you expect... He just became a father?

(Crystal quickly interrupted)

Rachel: That is no excuse for...

Crystal: And, maybe because I finally told him I feel the same way as he does for me.

(Crystal continued interrupting with a small smile on her face)

Rachel: He still...

(Rachel suddenly looks shocked)

Rachel: You what?

(Crystal grins)

Crystal: You heard me.

(Rachel's smile gets wider)

Rachel: It certainly took you long enough.

Crystal: I think I made things worse... Once again.

(Rachel looks doubtful)

Crystal: One of these days... I may lose him completely if I continue on like this.

(Rachel sits down at the bottom of the bed)

Rachel: Now, why on earth would you think that?

Crystal: The same thing happened on my 16th.

(Rachel continued staring back with a doubtful look)

Crystal: That was when I first told him, I liked him more than a friend, and you know how that turned out.

(Rachel smiles a little)

Rachel: Yes, you both couldn't keep your hands off each other.

(Crystal looks a little annoyed)

Crystal: I meant the morning after.

(Rachel's smile gets wider)

Rachel: You two haven't been able to keep your hands to yourselves, since then. Or should I say... Your lips.

(Crystal smiles a little herself)

Rachel: Your tongues always seem to be down each other's throats.

(Crystal instantly looks shocked before her cheeks start going red)

Rachel: I think the whole bar saw the two of you kissing like you couldn't get enough of each other.

(Crystal's cheeks glow even redder)

Crystal: You have got to be kidding?

(Rachel shakes her head)

Rachel: What did you expect..? You were right out in the open.

(Crystal looks away deep in thought)

Crystal: They weren't the only ones…

(Crystal looks back at Rachel with a sad look on her face)

Crystal: Jane saw us, as well.

(Rachel starts to look shocked herself before a small grin appears on her face)

Rachel: And, you're still alive and kicking?

(Crystal lips twitch a little)

Crystal: I think she was too upset about that... Jeff had just broken up with her.

(Rachel slowly nods her head)

Rachel: I knew that was going to happen at some point.

(Crystal looks doubtful)

Rachel: Jeff loves you... He's crazy about you.

Crystal: And, if I hadn't continued leading him on all these years.

(Crystal looks away)

Rachel: Leading him on?

(Crystal turns back to Rachel's confused tone)

Rachel: You did no such thing.

(Rachel laughs a little)

Rachel: You didn't once show him you were interested. Not, until your first, real kiss. Which wasn't till you turned 15 if I remember, rightly?

(Crystal nods her head)

Rachel: So, you couldn't have led him on over the past few years.

Crystal: I have done since then, though.

Rachel: You can't do that when you return the same feelings for each other.

Crystal: I lead him on thinking there could be more between us… And, that can never happen.

Rachel: And, why can't it?

Crystal: You know, why.

(Rachel looks thoughtful)

Rachel: Let me see... He is the father of your child. You both are inseparable. Have been since you first lied eyes on each other.

(Crystal looks off to the side of Rachel's head lost in thought)

Rachel: You two have had a deep connection ever since that day. And not, to mention, you are both madly in love with each other.

(Crystal continues to have that thoughtful look on her face)

Rachel: Crystal!

(Rachel starts to wave her hand in front of Crystal's face)

Rachel: Earth to Crystal!

(Crystal looks back at Rachel)

Crystal: You sure know how to bring back memories.

(Rachel smiles)

Crystal: You're right... I am crazy about Jeff. But I have to continue to fight these feelings.

Rachel: Why? I may have understood before when you thought Rich was the father. But now...

Crystal: Yes, Jeff is the father but there is still someone else between us.

(Crystal interrupted)

Rachel: If you continue to let her. Jeff has made his choice... He wants you.

Crystal: That still doesn't change anything.

(Rachel smiles)

Rachel: I think it changes a lot, actually.

(Crystal looks over at the baby)

Rachel: It was always his choice to make. And, Jane as to accept that. Jeff wants to be with you and you want the same. So, why won't you let yourself be with him?

Crystal: You just don't understand.

Rachel: What don't I understand?

(Crystal turns back to look at Rachel's annoyed expression)

Crystal: Jane is my sister... I have to put family, first. If Jeff and I got together, I'd lose whatever chance I had on fixing that.

(Rachel reaches over and takes Crystal's hand into hers)

Rachel: Sounds to me as if you are comparing your relationships... Together.

(Crystal looks confused)

Rachel: With Rich, it's Kelly.

Crystal: It's not just because of Kelly.

Rachel: I know, it's not. What I'm trying to say is... You continue to push yourself away from a proper relationship by blaming someone else, instead of facing the real issue.

(Crystal looks thoughtful)

Rachel: Commitment... You are scared of taking that final step. The final step into the unknown. That's the thing you hate the most; the unknown.

Crystal: Maybe.

Rachel: No, maybe about it. That's why you can't explain the feelings you have for Jeff.

(Crystal looks back over at the crib)

Rachel: Tell me, Crystal. After you told Jeff all this. Did you still kiss him, goodbye?

(Crystal nods her head)

Rachel: I bet it was quite heated, also?

Crystal: Yes.

Rachel: Then, how are you going to handle this in the future?

(Crystal turns back around with a confused look on her face)

Rachel: You do realise that Jeff will always be a part of your life, now... He is Cassandra's father.

Crystal: I wouldn't want it any other way.

Rachel: If you can't control your feelings for him, now. How do you expect to in the future?

Crystal: In time... I'm sure they will go away.

Rachel: Who are you trying to convince here?

Crystal: I'll worry about the future when it gets here.

(Rachel removes her hand from Crystal's)

Rachel: I suppose you are going to continue your relationship with Rich?

(Crystal starts to look sad)

Crystal: I don't know what to do about Rich.

Rachel: You only started that relationship because you thought Cassandra was his, didn't you?

Crystal: No. It might have seemed that way. But I'm quite fond of Rich... I really got to know him.

Rachel: I bet Cassandra was the main impact on your decision, though?

Crystal: There was no real decision. We just started spending more time together and before I knew it we were classed as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Rachel: You both must have had some romantic moments for that to start.

Crystal: The closest Rich and I got was a peck on the lips when in greeting or departing. And mostly, he started that, each time.

Rachel: So, you haven't shoved your tongue down his throat since you bedded him?

(Crystal's cheeks continue to get redder)

Crystal: I did… 'As you so put it'. A couple of weeks ago after he divided his bedroom into a nursery. But it was very brief.

(Rachel grins)

Rachel: He divided his bedroom into a nursery? Oh, how sweet of him.

(Crystal looks thoughtful)

Crystal: I bet it won't stay that way. Not once I tell him the truth.

(Rachel looks thoughtful)

Rachel: You haven't told him, yet?

Crystal: I haven't had the chance. Rich had one, too many last night. I haven't seen him since I gave birth.

Rachel: I bet it must have gotten to him, being driven away in a cop car, like that.

(Crystal looks away from Rachel)

Crystal: That wasn't the main reason he had been drinking.

(Crystal turns back to Rachel to see her waiting patiently for her to continue)

Crystal: He caught Jeff and I making out. Later on, after he got released.

(Rachel's grin gets wider)

Rachel: Why am I not surprised?

Crystal: He didn't take it very well... He punched Jeff.

(Rachel looks shocked)

Crystal: Jeff's nose was bleeding... There was so much. It truly scared me.

Rachel: Is that what brought on the labour?

(Crystal shakes her head)

Crystal: No, Kelly calmed the situation... Rich stormed off.

Rachel: What did bring on your labour?

Crystal: Later on, I was at Jeff's place…

Rachel: So, after your so-called boyfriend catches you making out with another guy, you went back to this other guy's place.

Crystal: It's not how it sounds. After Rich punched Jeff they got into a debate.

(Rachel smiles)

Rachel: And, you were the star of the show?

(Crystal nods her head)

Crystal: Jeff said I had chosen the wrong guy. And, that wound me up... I couldn't believe he was dictating my life, for me.

Rachel: I'm sure that wasn't what he meant.

Crystal: At the time, I lashed out at him. I told Jeff I never wanted to see him again.

(Rachel looks concerned)

Crystal: That's why I went to his place... To apologise. But it didn't go as I planned. Jeff got angry with me as I continued to push him away and I was frightened that I was going to lose him, forever.

Rachel: So, that brought on your labour?

(Crystal nods her head)

Rachel: I'm guessing you two made up after Cassandra was born?

Crystal: I think so. Sometimes, I'm not too sure with Jeff.

Rachel: Well, he seemed overjoyed on the phone. So, you must have parted on a good note.

(Crystal looks away with a distant look on her face before a smile appeared)

Crystal: You could say that.

Rachel: Out with it.

(Crystal turns back to Rachel)

Rachel: What did I just say that brought on that distant smile?

Crystal: Just a fund memory... Which I would rather keep to myself.

Rachel: With Jeff?

(Crystal nods her head and Rachel looks back over at the crib)

Rachel: So, what are you going to do now?

Crystal: What about?

(Rachel turns back to Crystal)

Rachel: About Cassandra?

(Crystal looks confused)

Rachel: Well, put it this way, both of her parents live a country apart.

(Crystal turns to face Cassandra and glazed across at her with a thoughtful look on her face)

Crystal: I don't know what to do about that... I truly thought I had solved that solution. But, now…

(Crystal continues to look thoughtful as she took a pause)

Rachel: I don't think Jeff would like it if you took her to Florida.

(Crystal turns back to Rachel)

Crystal: I don't want to take her away from Jeff. But, what else can I do? My life is in Florida, now.

Rachel: You and Jeff need to talk about this.

(Crystal nods her head)

Crystal: I know, we do.

(Crystal takes a deep breath)

Crystal: So many things to talk about.

Rachel: Well, you do have a habit of delaying things.

Crystal: I just want to keep the peace. Is that such a crime?

Rachel: The more you delay things, the worse they can get.

Crystal: You can say that again.

End of Scene Seventeen