This is the first chapter of a sample work I decided to write in my free time. It will not be expanded on, or, at least, I am not planning it until some of my other works are complete. For now, please enjoy The Danseur as a short and one-shot written by yours truly, TheKarakuriGirl.

Devin stared at the piece of paper, cold fury building beneath him. This was the fifth one. The fifth high school to reject him. The fifth high school to blatantly state that they didn't want him.

Dear Mr. Devin Braxter,

Unfortunately, due to your criminal record, we cannot accept you onto our campus. Your temperament violates one or more of our core values, and we cannot accept someone like that in our school. Our sincerest apologies.

Devin gritted his teeth and smashed the refusal letter to a paper ball before letting out a slew of curse words and dunking it into the trash. Huffing, he sat onto his bed and ran a hand through his black hair.

It wasn't his fault Indigo decided to take a swan dive off the roof; that was his decision! Devin didn't tell him to go kill himself; he never would. They had known each other since they were in diapers for heaven's sake! Sure, he might have beat the guy up a couple of times and thrown his school stuff into the pool once or twice, but none of that should have amounted to Indigo committing suicide. Everyone was acting like Devin was the one who killed Indigo and it pissed him off. He didn't kill Indigo; it was Indigo's decision and Devin played no part in it. None at all.

Now the stupid incident was on his record. All because when Indigo survived the fall, he blamed Devin for everything. For making his life miserable enough to want to kill himself. Lier; if he was that depressed he should have just told someone about it. Devin wouldn't have stopped him. Now no high school wanted to accept Devin; not even Supiere, which he had gotten a scholarship to. This was all Indigo's fault; if he had just kept his mouth shut then he wouldn't have completely ruined Devin's future.

But if he was being honest… He did feel a little bad, seeing Indigo lying helplessly on his hospital bed. But why would he try to kill himself? Devin didn't understand it. But he supposed… He might have been the tiniest bit responsible for this. Seeing Indigo always crying and weak in front of him had pissed him off ever since they were children. Abandoning him always made him cry harder, so Devin had just let Indigo tag along to whatever he was doing. Somehow, that led to Indigo becoming his punching bag.

Sighing, Devin shoved a bunch of junk mail of his desk, letting the papers float to the floor. He reached another letter from a high school and ripped it open. He didn't have his hopes up; it was probably the sixth refusal.

Mr. Braxter, you're invited to Sappir!

Devin raised an eyebrow. This was new.

At Sappir School of Dance, you'll get a premium high school education while also receiving top-notch instruction on everything related to the performing arts; including acting, singing, dancing, backstage production, songwriting, and more! Our dance department covers more than ten different kinds of dance, including ballet, tap dance, traditional Asian dance, freestyle! Come join us at Sappir School of Dance!

A school of dance. This was great; just what Devin needed. He sorted through the pile once more, only to turn up empty-handed. There were no more letters from high schools in the mail. It was already mid-August, and so far, this was the only high school willing to accept Devin into their ranks. He had no choice but to go here, this Sappir School of Dance.

Devin groaned, feeling frustrated and annoyed. But dancing couldn't be too hard; after all, he was a star athlete. He was on his middle school's football, volleyball, and baseball teams; dancing was nothing compared to the grueling hours of practice he had to put into those sports. He also consistently got the highest test scores in the class with the grades to prove it. With his athletic prowess and his smarts, how hard could getting his high school diploma at this Sappir School of Dance be?

Devin scanned the letter to see where in the world this school was. It was in his school district, but it was all the way downtown. It was a private school, so he'd have to pay a fine and wear a uniform. Great. And there were no buses. His parents would have to drive him until he got his license. Even better. Ever since the incident with Indigo, they'd been less than happy with him. He supposed it was within reason, but it was his third month of being grounded and stuck indoors; Devin was itching to go out on a hike or something.

His mom and dad definitely wouldn't be excited about this prospect, but at the same time, Devin knew that they would be relieved that there was a high school nearby that was actually willing to accept him. He'd pay a part of the fine if he had to; just so long as he could go to high school and get his damn diploma. All of the colleges with connections to Sappir would be performing arts schools but maybe one of them would have a half-decent architect or engineering program Devin could apply for.

What choice did he have?