~For good, for ill, or for nought~

Having some, of course I wanted more
Giving me reason to be single minded
Looking for some hidden truth to find
More open to fulfillment than wisdom
As I was when much younger and naïve
Consumed by hunger for what I'd sought
Awaiting fate to make real, mere dreams
But it was only nightmares that hauntingly
Stalked and wanted of me my very soul
I woke narrowly escaping a cloven path
A forked road flayed out just before me
One downhill even, clear, amply shaded
The other steep, uneven and less traveled
For everyone, there comes such a choice
A moment conscience cries out to be heard
We can take the right path, or go to the left
We can go back the way we came, or stand
Pause to listen, take a moment to decide
For good, for ill, or for nought all is done
Blindly or with foresight, our race is run