War was far away.

In the books I read

On the radio or the TV

It was something that happened

Other places, other ages.

Their pain was far away


I learned to hide myself

Behind a wall, behind a mask

My emotions drowned me

I clung to books, to piano

I read my Bible

I learned and grew.

I met shame and temptation.

I fled.

Wandering, I understood

That war is not something far away

It is within me

Pulling me apart, calling me

Protector, defender, strong

And inside there is peace

Though I am still struggling,

I came.

Facing fears and pain

Running through the tears

Falling down, pushing free

There's always a way out

So, get up off the floor

Wake up and start fighting

You're sleeping when people are dying

Wake up.

Life's not as it seems

The world is full of lies

Everyone is a little child inside

Crying for their parent

All their strength is spent

They are lost, looking for a leader


There is a Ruler for them

I met Him once

He said that He was my Father

He'd never let go, retreat or give up.

He's the Great Protector

Creator of the world.


If you turn and face Him

You'll find deep darkness

You'll lose yourself

But you'll also find peace

Your heart 'll be free

From the blindness of passion

Chains of unforgiveness






My child you belong here

Come and be filled

Learn of my goodness

Never thirst again

Your war is ended

Even though you're fighting still

Rest here.