If you haven't read the parent story, Blaze 'n' Miracle, you don't have to read it to understand this story. If you do read it and you haven't read chapter 6 of Blaze 'n' Miracle, you're in danger sweetie because spoilers.

Speaking of Blaze 'n' Miracle, I should address two little oopsies I did in the author notes:

1. That was not a quarantine chapter. I forgot to remove that after writing the actual chapter because I was tired as heck.

2. I forgot the orientations of the other three personalities and just put Blaze's orientation. Flare, Auburn and Shadow all have separate orientations and gender identities. These will be addressed later on in this chapter/story.

I'll be posting those on the next Blaze 'n' Miracle chapter but for now have this. Please note that the first chapter is written from Blaze's POV but the rest of the story won't be. Also there is a small time skip since Blaze 'n' Miracle. Blaze and Miracle can be viewed anywhere between the ages 14-20 in Blaze 'n' Miracle (Depending on how you see them) while they're more in the range of 23-26 in this story so there is some differences.

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Blaze's POV (In case you don't read author's notes which is fine. Who would want to listen to my rambling anyway?):

My name is Blaze Aqua-Burn-Fern. I've had multiple personality disorder since I was about 7 years old when my mothers went through a rough divorce during which I was often neglected as they tried to find a solution for me. I have four known personalities so far. They call themselves Flare, Shadow and Auburn. We all share the same body...well I should say we all shared the same body. That was the case until one day...

"Hey Blaze, Riku and Sienna are coming over in a few minutes. You got everything ready for dinner?" My girlfriend Miracle called from the kitchen.

"Yeah just a second." I replied, trying to stuff all of my medications back into the cupboard. My DID had gotten to a really bad point. As in, I had frequent switches. I'm not sure what was triggering it at the time but it was most likely the stress of all the house hunting we were doing. Having guests at this time was relaxing yet I was afraid I could switch to a different personality at any given moment.

I quickly dashed to the kitchen to help Miracle with serving dinner. For dinner we were having one of my favorite meals - barbeque chicken pizza with a side of spicy wedges. I was putting the tray of pizza in the center of the table when I heard the doorbell ring and watched Miracle open the door to greet her older brother and his wife.

After dinner, I found myself chatting with Riku while Sienna and Miracle had gone for a walk outside our apartment building. I told him about how bad my condition was getting and that's when it happened.

"We've been testing a new drug to treat DID at work. I was actually hoping you'd test it for us." Riku explained, pulling a small medicine bottle from his pocket. I stared at it for a second. I was desperate for any sort of help at the time so I was willing to try this.

"Thanks. So when do I start treatment?" I asked, opening the bottle to look at the tablets.

"You can take one now if you want. Just note it hasn't been tested on anyone with more than two personalities as of yet." Riku said as I stuffed one of the pills into my mouth and drank some water to wash it down. I almost instantly regretted not listening to Riku's warning as I started felling extremely nauseous. I ran to the bathroom where I eventually passed out from either vomiting or shock.

I woke up about two hours later in my bed. I looked around and there was three other people looking at me. These people almost kind of looked like me. One was hovering right above my head and grinned widely when they saw I was awake. They ran into the kitchen screaming "MIRIE! MIRIE! HE'S AWAKE!". They ran so fast I didn't get a good look at their face.

Another person was on my computer playing a video game. Unlike the rest of us, he had black hair that appeared freshly dyed. They seemed almost angry that I was awake but soon after acknowledging me, they went back to their video game.

The last one was a woman. She had red hair like mine but with multiple blue streaks. I watched her put on extremely heavy makeup as she smiled and waved at me when she noticed I was awake. She was a very big woman, which was weird considering everyone else I saw appeared slender like me.

Miracle eventually walked in with the first person I saw behind her. I had a good look at their face. They looked like me - red hair and green eyes.

"You doing okay, Blaze?" Miracle asked.

"Yeah Hun, it seemed you puked and passed out. How much did you have to drink?" the woman that was putting on makeup asked.

"Wee-woo truck?" the person who looked like me said. That's when I partially realized who these people were. These were my personalities but what were they doing outside of my mind?

"Yeah, I'm fine but who are these people?" I said, sitting myself in an upright position. Miracle then started introducing my personalities one by one.

The first person I saw was called Auburn. He was the newest of all my personalities and was a very child-like person. He seemed very lovable and kept wanting to cuddle me to make sure I was alright.

The second person was called Shadow. He was quite hostile to Miracle but he was apparently like that to everyone. Miracle explained that he often stayed in his room all day and only came out for food.

The third person - the woman - was called Flare. She was a drag queen who often spent her time dragging Miracle to random places to get makeovers, check out guys or just party.

"Let me guess, Flare's gay." Shadow sighed, turning in his chair when he heard Miracle's introduction of Flare.

"Sweetie, don't be silly. I'm bi not gay. What does that make you Honey?" Flare teased. She was obviously trying to get her point across but in a flirtatious and comedic matter.

"You don't need to know my identity." Shadow mumbled, turning back around and going back to playing his game. Flare pulled a couple of flags out of Shadow's pocket which caused a major fight between the two.

"HEY! GIVE THOSE BACK!" Shadow yelled.

"Aww, what was that about me not knowing you identity? How can you say something like that with a gay AND an agender flag in your pocket?" Flare continued her teasing, holding Shadow down while lifting the flags above her head to stop Shadow from reaching them.

I glanced over at Auburn. He seemed almost entranced looking at Shadow. It was almost like he was watching cartoons on the television. I had to ask what his identity was since he seemed almost in love with Shadow.

"Just so we're all clear. I'm polysexual. What about you Auburn?" I asked. Auburn looked over at me and took a few minutes to think about it.

"I don't know. I like boys, girls and people who look like boys and girls. I also don't feel like I'm a boy or a girl? I feel like both at the same time. Do we have to call the wee-woo truck for that?" Auburn replied, looking away and down at the floor.

"Oh, I guess you could be pansexual then. As for your gender, I guess you can say you're non-binary. You could also say genderqueer if you want but I think that could be you." I explained. Auburn's face lit up and he gave me a big hug.

"I like that. I want to be your friend!" He giggled, snuggling his face into the sleeve of my leather jacket.

"Of course we can be friends. By the way, should I refer to you as he and him, they and them or she and her?" I smiled, stroking their hair.

"I don't care, as long as you're my friend." Auburn smiled back at me, their grin bigger than before.

And that is how my story with my three personalities began.


In case you missed out, here's an identity summary:

Blaze is a polysexual cisgender male. He uses he/him pronouns.

Flare is a bisexual, gender-noncomfirming drag queen. She uses she/her pronouns.

Shadow is a gay (might be skiliosexual later on, I haven't decided yet.) agender person. They use they/them or he/him pronouns.

Auburn is a pansexual non-binary/genderqueer person. They go by any pronouns.

Miracle (Because she's also important) is a pansexual cisgender female. She uses she/her pronouns.

Hope that clears things up and I'll see you guys in the next chapter.

- End of notes -