This is the last chapter of what I call "the beginning arc". All chapters from now on will consist of pure memes. Just kidding, I'll throw some heartwarming and progressive chapters in there too.

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Blaze pulled the car up to the sidewalk beside the house. He turned around to look at the other personalities in the back of the car and cleared his throat to get their attentions.

"Listen, it's just gonna be me and Miracle going in there. You guys stay in the car." Blaze explained. All the personalities nodded in agreement with Shadow unnecessarily commenting that he didn't want to go in there anyway. Blaze nodded back at them and got out of the car with Miracle. There they met the seller who was standing outside the house with a clipboard in her hand.

"Hi, Mister and Misses Cusson is it? I'm Larissa Preston from Parrot Tree Housing." the seller asked.

"Actually it's Mister Aqua-Burn-Fern and Miss Cusson. Nice to meet you." Blaze corrected, sticking his hand out for a handshake. The seller shook his hand and apologized for her mistake which he told her was alright with him and to just call him Blaze.

The three then entered the house and looked at each room. The living room was a large space with light blue wallpaper with white spots and a dark brown floor. It was spacious enough for the television and couch as well as a bit of room for Auburn to play. The only problem was a loose floorboard that could easily be fixed with a couple of nails.

The kitchen was a little bit more run down with several areas where paint was being stripped off the walls and a leaky pipe overhead. A lot of the appliances, such as the fridge and oven, needed replacing due to being outdated and, in same cases, only partially functional.

The bedrooms weren't in any better state than the kitchen. The first one was the smallest one. It had a floor to ceiling mirror that was cracked at the corner and in desperate need of polishing. Blaze and Miracle decided that would be Flare's room since she didn't need too much space and she would love looking at herself in the mirror.

The second bedroom had a massive dent in the wall that had been there for years. There was a hole on the other side of the room but that was small enough to be fixed with just a little bit of putty. Other than that, the room seemed to be in good shape. Shadow and Auburn would sleep in there because it was spacious enough for the two of them and it didn't need much repairing so they could move in rather quickly.

The last bedroom, however, was the worst of the bunch. It had two massive holes in the walls, the wallpaper was falling off the walls in some areas and the mirror was so loose it looked as though it could fall off and crush them at any given moment. It was in need of numerous other repairs but those were the main ones that Blaze and Miracle had spotted. The room was then claimed by Blaze and Miracle since it needed so many restorations.

The bathrooms were both as run down as each other. One had a headless shower and a pre-clogged toilet. The other one had a dripping sink and, like the kitchen, a leaky pipe.

The tour was then finished and Blaze, Miracle and the seller were about to agree on a deal when a scream was heard from the second bedroom. The group decided to investigate and saw Auburn, lying on the floor panting.

"Auburn, what the heck?" Blaze yelled, remembering he had told Auburn and the other personalities to stay in the car. A few moments later, Flare casually walked in looking for Auburn.

"Do you know these people?" the seller asked, looking around at both Auburn and Flare.

"Yeah, sorry. They're our roommates who were SUPPOSED TO STAY IN THE CAR." Blaze said with a hint of irritation in his voice.

"I wanted to hear the echoes." Auburn explained, gesturing to the ceiling as if it made things any clearer.

"Whatever, could you guys just head back to the car?" Blaze growled, burring his head in his hand. Flare nodded and dragged Auburn out of there. Blaze then went on to apologize to the seller who said it was fine.

"I'll cut you kids some slack. How about we knock the price down to 230,000? The money you guys have left over can pay for the renovations and new furniture if you need it." The seller explained, thinking Blaze and Miracle were trying to get away from their "roommates". The couple accepted the offer and a deal was reached.

The drive home wasn't easy for anyone. It mainly consisted of Blaze shouting at Auburn and Flare for leaving the car when he specifically told them not to. Shadow plugged in his headphones to drown out the noise while Miracle tried to calm her aggravated boyfriend down.

Auburn's personality seemed to change when they got home. He didn't play with any toys nor did he watch any cartoons. He just lay there, silent and not moving. Auburn didn't even respond when Shadow asked if he wanted to play a video game. He seemed almost dead inside. Once she noticed this behavior, Miracle immediately consulted Blaze about it.

"I think you should apologize. Poor guy hasn't smiled once since we got home." Miracle started, sitting down beside Blaze, who was on his laptop in the bedroom. Blaze sighed and realized she was right. Auburn seemed really down since they got home. He got up off his chair and walked into the living room where Auburn was lying on the couch.

"Hey buddy, sorry for yelling earlier. I tend to lose my cool like that sometimes." Blaze began, taking a seat on the couch next to Auburn. Auburn did nothing but glance up at Blaze, then turned themself around to face away from him. Blaze sighed and got up. So that's what a child tantrum is like. He thought to himself, approaching Auburn's toy chest. He pulled Auburn's favourite blanket from the toy chest and placed it on his friend's side.

Auburn noticed the sensation of the blanket on his skin and immediately wrapped themself in a cocoon using the blanket. They loved how fuzzy it was and the smallness of it made it tight when they wrapped themself in it. For the first time since the car ride, Auburn smiled at Blaze.

"Feeling better now?" Blaze asked, stroking Auburn's hair. Auburn nodded and snuggled up to Blaze's leg.

At the same time, Flare walked into Blaze and Miracle's room where Miracle was reading a book.

"You get the house?" Flare asked, sitting on the bed next to her.

"Yeah, we did actually. You get your own room with a floor to ceiling mirror." Miracle replied, glancing at Flare for a second before she continued reading. Flare squealed in delight at hearing that she got her own room.

"OH MY GOD! Thank you so much girl. Y'know what? We gotta go out to celebrate. What do you say?" Flare cheered, clearly excited about moving into the new house.

"That'd be nice actually. I haven't gone out in a while and I've been meaning to try on a new dress I bought a few weeks ago." Miracle smiled, putting her book down and pulling a dress out of her closet.

"Yas, that'll look perfect on you. Now hurry up, let's go. I'll do your makeup in the car." Flare exclaimed before leaving the room.

The rest of the night was spent with Shadow, Blaze and Auburn all playing video games on the couch while Flare and Miracle went out partying. It was a peaceful night. It prepared everyone for the hectic next few weeks of moving.


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