Author's Note: This is a TV show that covers Preterist beliefs and characters that are persecuted because they have voluntarily accepted preterism.

Season 1, Episode 1: Beginnings

Arnold Collfield, aged 15, was sitting with his back turned against a window, studying for his biology exam. Arnold had a pretty decent life. The eldest of three children, good grades in school, the star quarterback on the Avonworth High School football team.

And yet, there was a secret that Arnold never told anyone. He and his entire family were all preterists.

Arnold never had the courage and audacity to confess his secret. His town was a predominantly Christian town. 90% of the citizens there were Christians, many of them dedicated to their faith.

Arnold knew the concept of preterism would confuse and anger all that had listened to it. He didn't feel the point in telling them about preterism. None of these people would ever believe, and telling them the truth would just anger them.

In his town located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Arnold was pretty popular among the citizens. They seemed to like him and respect him. Arnold hated to think of what could happen if any of them discovered his true loyalties.

Arnold never felt any need to tell these people about preterism. Everyone was free to make their own choices. He wasn't responsible for what happened to them.

So, Arnold just studied his notes and did his best to concentrate. After he finished reading, he turned off the light and went to sleep.

At the same time, Bradley Roosevelt, aged 12, was playing video games. Bradley and his father were both secretly preterists. They never had the courage to tell Bradley's mother. Mrs. Roosevelt was a dedicated Christian. Bradley knew any attempts to try to help her would only lead to failure.

She was fanatical and seemingly obsessed with her beliefs. Bradley had no interest in angering her. She was free to decide for herself. He would have no involvement with that whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Calvin Hoffston, aged 13, was looking forward to finishing middle school and attending Avonworth High School in the fall. He couldn't wait. Calvin wasn't really religious, even though his parents were dedicated to their Christian faith.

Dahana Malhotra, aged 11, was busy studying his notes. Dahana was not a Christian, even though his parents were dedicated to their faith.

These four boys would be seeing the cost of standing up to Christians. The Christians were so judgmental and full of criticism for everyone that disagreed with them. They seemed to act compassionate only if they were hearing things they wanted to hear, and seeing things they wanted to see.

It would be a difficult journey, but nothing was ever promised to be easy.