Zane Bunnell was proud of his middle school. His middle school was universally known as Paulo Intermediate School, also known as IS75.

IS75 was a great school with an amazing staff. The school had four floors and had 500 students in each grade. Zane loved IS75. It truly was an amazing school.

Zane's sixth-grade year may have been his best year at the school. Zane loved playing kickball, ultimate football, and soccer. IS75 had so many activities to offer.

The students at IS75 seemed to be decent and respectable. They were brave and gallant, but were not that bright at times. Zane truly wanted to bring honor to IS75 and give the school the credit it truly deserved.

Zane enjoyed recess at the school. He also enjoyed lunch periods. He had fun socializing with peers and classmates during that time. Zane also enjoyed participating in theater activities. He enjoyed participating in drama and in the chorus.

Zane achieved high grades during his sixth-grade year. It was pretty memorable. He enjoyed looking through his yearbook from that year and seeing all the photos he was in.

When he began his seventh-grade year, Zane tried to join the junior arista. His grades from the fall semester of that were decent. Zane was successful in joining the arista and he continued working on theater productions.

His seventh-grade year was amazing and extraordinary. He got his yearbook from that year and looked at all the photos in amazement.

In eighth grade, he attempted to join the arista and was successful. Zane kept his grades in the "A" range and proved to be a smart and successful student.

Zane got an e-mail from the school that told him he would he the valedictorian at the IS75 graduation for his class. He felt elated and overjoyed at the news.

Zane continued expanding his middle school social life. He spoke to more people and joined more clubs. He had fun and it was enjoyable.

Finally, the eighth-grade prom occurred. Zane enjoyed himself as he danced with his classmates and had a decent meal.

At graduation, Zane received a massive ovation from his classmates. He headed to the podium to give his speech.

"We learned so much and made priceless memories with our classmates and peers at IS75", Zane said. "It had been an honor to serve IS75 and to glorify this school."

Zane received his diploma and his middle school yearbook.

When Zane looked at his three yearbooks and all the pictures he took, he was amazed by all that he had experienced at IS75. He would never forget his journey.

IS75 deserved all the credit and fame it had received. Zane knew that IS75 would always hold a place in his heart.

His actions were all for the glory of IS75.