Protectors Of Society

Chapter 2, Dealing With Disaster

Passage 1, Getting The News

By A Group Named Puddles

After the text was sent out that the Protectors Of Society would be joining the Zaemura to help fight off the terrorist group known as the Yellow Razor Tribe, Kettei called out to the others who were still cleaning the cave. "Hey guys I need you all for a minute. Something big has just came up." Kettei said in a serious, commanding voice. Everyone looks at him confused. The rest of the group was too busy with cleaning and making the cave more like a home to see the text to the whole group. Once everyone was gathered Kettei began talking. "We received a report from Cuatro that we have found our first mission." Everyone had different looks. Bora looked excited, Akemi looked curious, Giza looked serious, and Aki had his normal, sadistic-looking face.

"So what's the mission? I'm dying to know!" Akemi said, barely able to contain her excitement. Giza her back by her ninja mask that was hanging around her neck. "Ow! Why did you do that for!?" Akemi whined.

"Because you were too hyper! Try to act your age for once!" Giza yells. Akemi crosses her arms and huffs while Giza continues to hold onto her ninja mask to make sure she doesn't run away in excitement again. Kettei clears his throat and begins speaking.

"We are to protect the citizens from a terrorist attack." As Kettei says this, everyone looks at him with a confused face as to say what the hell did you just say.

"How did Cuatro come across a mission like that!?" Bora yells.

"He overheard two Zaemura officers talking about it." Kettei says.

"Wait, the Zaemura? Are they going to be involved in this?" Giza says, still holding Akemi who looks confused about this whole thing. Kettei nods his head and speaks again.

"That's right and we will be helping them fend off the terrorists." Everyone yells "What!?" simultaneously.

"Do you know how dangerous that is Kettei!?" Giza yells.

"Aren't we a gang!? The Zaemura are sure to arrest us even if we help them!" Akemi yells.

"I'm too young to go to jail! Well maybe not but still!" Bora yells. The only one who doesn't yell is Aki who speaks with his usual tone.

"I'm in." Aki says. Everyone once again yells "What!?" simultaneously besides Kettei and Aki. Kettei smiles at Aki.

"Are you crazy!? You're agreeing to this!?" Bora yells. Aki looks at the three of them and speaks.

"You are all idiots." Aki says.

"How are we idiots when you are agreeing to a mission that can either get us killed or arrested!?" Giza yells.

"Did you not think risks like this would happen in a gang like this?" Aki says. Everyone stopped yelling and listened to what he had to say. "In a gang you must always be ready to have run-ins with the law. It's pretty much inevitable. Another reason I am agreeing to this is because we would be going back on our oaths as the Protectors Of Society. It says what we were made for in the name. If we were to just sit back and let these terrorists destroy Adachi without a fight, how can we ever say we are protectors of society when we can't even protect this small town?" Aki says. Everyone looked at him in surprise. They never expected him to have such a good reason for doing this. Just then, Bora laughed. As he did, everyone turned toward him in curiosity.

"You're very persuasive. I would expect nothing less from my rival." Bora says as he walks toward Aki.

"I never knew you and I were rivals?" Aki says. Bora nodded his head and spoke.

"We are. At least, we are now. Our first match will be to see how many of these terrorists we can take down. Person who gets the highest wins." Bora says with a smile. Everyone looks at Bora surprised with his sudden switch of opinion. Aki just looks up at him blankly and speaks.

"You are no match for me." Bora growls and yells.

"Hey! Don't look down on me!" Bora yelled. Suddenly, Aki began to chuckle which surprised everyone, especially Bora.

"Do your best." Aki says, extending a hand toward Bora. Bora looked surprised for a bit but he smiled and shook hands with Aki. Giza then sighed and spoke.

"Seems as though I have no choice. And here I thought the most work I would have to do would be cleaning. How irritating." Everyone looked toward Giza and smiled.

"So you're accepting the mission?" Kettei asked. Giza nodded her head and smiled.

"I have no choice. Just don't expect me to take out to many of them though." Giza then looked at Akemi and Akemi sighed.

"Fine. It kinda seems like it will be fun anyway. Alright, I'm in!" Akemi says, smiling. Kettei then pulls out his phone and begins texting Hino.

Kettei: Hey Hino, have you heard the news?

Hino: Yeah. So we're fighting with the Zaemura to take out a terrorist group huh?

Kettei: Yep, unfortunately though we have no weapons to fight with. That's where you come in. We need for you and Raina to find some weapons for each of us to use. Don't forget about yourselves either.

Hino: You got it leader. Where will you all be?

Kettei: We will be near Okate's bar, The Hidden Vine. You know where that is right?

Hino: Yeah I do. Hold tight there. Me and Raina will be there as soon as possible.

The chat ended with that. Kettei put his phone away and looked at the others. "Alright, we have Hino and Raina out getting some weapons for each of us to use. We are to meet them outside of The Hidden Vine." Everyone nodded their heads.

"What about Cuatro?" Giza asks.

"He should be fine. Besides, he's one of the quickest members of the P.O.S. If anything, he would steal another person's weapon if he was desperate." Kettei then began to walk toward the end of the cave and turned around to face the others. "This is our first mission as a group and it's a big one. Our goal for this mission is to push the terrorists out of Adachi. We will have the help of the Zaemura to fight back these terrorists. Remember to fight together with them. Is everyone ready?" Kettei says. Everyone was standing in a line looking at Kettei and they nodded their heads in unison. Kettei smiled and spoke again. "Then let the first mission of the P.O.S, begin!" After that, they all walked out of the cave and made their way to The Hidden Vine to wait for Hino and Raina to get there.