Protectors Of Society

Chapter 2, Dealing With Disaster

Passage 5, Joining The Fight

By A Group Named Puddles

The fight between Cuatro and Veros had just begun. Veros unsheathed his sword and charged toward Cuatro recklessly. "Once you have finished recovering, help me out will ya?" Cuatro mumbled to Akira before charging toward Veros. Once they met, Veros swung his sword horizontally at Cuatro. Cuatro quickly ducked and tried landing a palm strike to Veros' stomach. The strike hit but Veros was not affected at all. Veros looked down at Cuatro, smiling in a provoking manner. Veros then swung his sword vertically, trying to slice Cuatro in half. Cuatro jumped out of the way but Veros furiously pursued him. Veros continually slashed at Cuatro but Cuatro was able to dodge them all with relative ease. It seemed as though Cuatro could deal with Veros easily but whenever Cuatro would try to counterattack physically it would not affect Veros at all. "Tch! Just what the hell are you?" Cuatro said in annoyance. Cuatro dodged another one of Veros' sword slashes and put some distance between them. Akira just watched on, focusing on each and every move both Veros and Cuatro used. While she was sitting there leaning on the tree, Akira thought to herself, how can Veros not be phased by any physical attack? Veros had stopped charging at Cuatro and just stood there with a smile on his face. There was not a single scratch on either of the two combattants but it was obvious that Veros was winning.

"What's wrong? Lost your nerve?" Veros said provokingly. Cuatro chuckled and spoke.

"Not gonna lie, I've never dealt with someone who isn't affected by any of my punches or kicks. You're one crazy, strong bastard." Cuatro said, smirking. Then suddenly Veros began laughing almost uncontrollably. Cuatro looked at Veros confused as to why he was laughing so much.

"Please tell me you don't think I was actually trying! Ahahahaha!" Veros says. Cuatro and Akira looked shocked when they heard this.

"What do you mean?" Cuatro says in a serious tone. Veros stops laughing and speaks.

"If I was actually trying then I would be able to keep up with each of your movements easily." Veros then runs up to Cuatro with such speed that it almost looked like he teleported over to Cuatro. Cuatro had a look of surprise. "Like this!" Veros yelled as he landed a hard punch to Cuatro's stomach which caused Cuatro to bend over in pain and hold his stomach. As he does, Veros then delivers a kick to his chin causing his head to yank up and Veros follows it up with a straight punch to Cuatro's face which sends him across the entire field. Cuatro was now bleeding around his face and mouth. Veros sneered and spoke again in a deep voice. "Now I will begin actually trying." While all this was going on, the rest of the P.O.S, including the masked stranger, arrived on the battlefield. They charged in and began fighting with the Zaemura against the Yellow Razor Tribe. Hino swung his huge sledgehammer around alongside Bora who slashed as many yellow and black uniforms as possible with his sais. Those that they missed, the rest of the Zaemura dealt with. Kettei came charging forward as well with his sword, slashing as many terrorists as possible. In the backline stood Akemi with her ninja mask over her face and shurikens in her hands, the masked stranger with two handguns shooting at the terrorists, Giza with her rocket launcher, and Raina on top of a building with her sniper rifle. Giza really wasn't able to do much because there were as many Zaemura members as there were Yellow Razor Tribe members. Kettei looked back toward the backline after he slashed a terrorist member and yelled.

"Where is Aki!?" As Kettei yelled this, everyone shrugged.

"We don't know! He just took off once we got here!" Giza yelled as the others continued fighting. Just then, Akemi's eyes grew large in surprise.

"Leader! Watch out!" Akemi yelled. Kettei quickly looked behind him and saw a Yellow Razor Tribe member standing over him, ready to swing his sword down on Kettei. Kettei realized he had no time to react.

"Dammit!" Kettei yelled as he tried putting his sword in a defensive position. Just then, the Yellow Razor Tribe member started yelling. Kettei opened his eyes and looked at the terrorist. He was rolling around on the ground and burning. Kettei looked at him in confusion until he stopped rolling and was now just burning. After the terrorist got done yelling and rolling, someone came out from behind the building wearing an evil smirk on their face. Kettei sighed and spoke. "Aki. You were almost too late." Kettei said. Aki didn't answer. He just looked down at the burning corpse with a scary smile on his face. Bora looked back at Aki and yelled.

"You're such a sadist!" Bora yelled. He then went back with Hino to fight off the other terrorists. Suddenly, a loud voice came from out of nowhere.

"Don't let them outshine you! Stand up and fight Zaemura!" Everyone looked at where the voice came from. There stood someone in the Zaemura uniform. It was a rather young looking woman with short, blonde hair. She had six black stars over her badge. Every Zaemura member then yelled out almost simultaneously.

"Yes, general Shizuka!" The Zaemura members yelled out in unison. The person who yelled out was Sabishi Shizuka. They then began to fight even harder than they were before. Shizuka herself even jumped into the fight pulling out her sword. She began slashing through each terrorist swiftly but it wasn't just fast, it was elegant as well. Each strike she did was almost like she was dancing while fighting. One by one, the terrorists began falling. Things were looking up until another huge explosion happened close to where they were all fighting. Everyone looked over to where it happened. Sabishi yelled out while still fighting terrorists off.

"You all go to the site of that explosion! Help out the people over there! We can handle this place without your help!" Sabishi said. Kettei nodded and yelled.

"Everyone of the P.O.S, listen up! Head over to the site of the explosion!" Kettei yelled. Everyone nodded and then began to fight back the terrorists who tried to stop them from leaving. The terrorist attack on Adachi was far from over.