Protectors Of Society

Chapter 1, The Reformation

Passage 9, Meeting Raina

By A Group Named Puddles

After everyone was given their orders Hino and Cuatro walked out. Before they split up to go to where they needed to be, Cuatro spoke. "Be careful and try your best not to kill innocent civilians." Cuatro said, walking away with his hood up and waving to Hino behind him. Hino looked away in annoyance and spoke.

"Tch! I only hurt those who provoke me you dumb idiot." Hino said while walking away. Once they split up, Hino looked at the paper that was given to him. "Orinokama high school? The hell is this place?" Hino says to himself. Just then a voice appeared behind him.

"I can lead you there if you want?" Hino gasped and turned around. There stood a person dressed in all black wearing a mask. The person spoke in a mechanical type of voice to hide their real voice. Hino got in a fighting stance.

"Who the hell are you!?" Hino said. The person tried to calm Hino down.

"Take it easy. I don't want to fight you. I just want to help you out." The person said with a robotic voice. Hino was still in a fighting position.

"Yeah right. Sorry but I don't trust people who wear masks and sound like a transformer." Hino said. The person gasped.

"That's a rude thing to say! I'm just trying to help you!" The person said while yelling with a robotic voice. Hino got out of his fighting stance. He realized that this person had no reason to fight him. Hino stood straight up, put his hands in his pockets. The stranger reached a hand out towards him. "Wait! Where are you going!?" Hino scoffed and talked while continuing walking.

"I don't need your help. I can find this place on my own." Hino said.

"You're looking for a girl named Raina Hamatora right!?" The stranger said. As they did, Hino stopped in his tracks and turned to face the stranger with a shocked look on his face.

"How did you know?" Hino said. The stranger spoke again.

"I can't reveal that to you at this moment but I don't want to hurt you. I want to help you so please, just let me take you to her." The stranger said. Hino looked at him carefully. While he still didn't trust the person, he wanted to know how this person knew Raina. Hino turned around with a huff and began walking.

"Hurry up but if you slow me down, I'm killing you." As Hino said that, the person yelped in fear and quickly ran to catch up to Hino. As they walked, Hino began to question the stranger. "What's your name?" Hino says. The stranger scratches his head and laughs nervously.

"Well you see, I can't really remember my name." Hino furrowed his brows a bit and spoke.

"Are you telling the truth?" Hino said in a hoarse voice. The stranger panicked a bit but answered.

"Y-Y-Yes! I can p-promise you I am telling the t-t-truth!" The stranger said. Hino sighed.

"What a pain. Here I am following a person who doesn't know their own name, sounds like a robot, and dresses in all black to help me find a fifteen year old girl. Where did my life go wrong?" Hino mumbles. The stranger looks at Hino puzzled.

"What's wrong?" The stranger said. Hino just ignored him and they continued walking.

"Okay, where to next robot-man?" Hino said. The stranger spoke in his robotic voice.

"You take a left here and then we should be there." The stranger said. Hino nodded and walked to where the stranger said. Hino never pointed it out or said anything but he did notice that there were Zaemura officers everywhere he went. Hino didn't like it one bit but he decided to focus on his mission which was finding Raina and bringing her back to the P.O.S's base. When he saw the school he breathed a sigh of relief. The stranger then nodded his head and spoke. "This is the place. If you ever need anymore help don't be afraid to ask." The stranger said, extending his hand for a handshake. Hino looked at the hand, grabbed it, and squeezed as hard as he could. The stranger writhed in pain. "Owowowow! What was that for!?" The stranger yelled in pain. Hino stared at him coldly and spoke in a very deep voice.

"I never asked for your help. Now leave before I launch you away." The stranger nodded his head rapidly and began to run away. Hino just looked toward the school and began walking towards it. Before he reached the school yard he was stopped by a Zaemura member.

"We need to know why you are here before we let you in sir." The Zaemura officer said. Hino made a sound of annoyance.

"Tch! I'm here to pick up my daughter." The Zaemura officer looked at Hino suspiciously.

"What's your daughters name sir?" The officer said.

"Her name is Raina Hamatora. Now let me see her." Hino said, trying to control his anger. The officer nodded.

"Alright one last thing sir." The Zaemura member said. Hino was starting to get more and more agitated.

"What is it sir?" Hino said, forcing a smile.

"We need your identification." He says. Hino gasped a bit.

"Um, I don't have it with me sir." Hino said nervously.

"Then you cannot enter. I must ask you to leave." Hino was almost pushed over the edge.

"Look man, I'm just trying to pick my daughter up not destroy the world." Hino says, annoyed.

"Sir I need to know you are her father. If not then I cannot let you into this school." The Zaemura officer said. They argued like this for a long while until a voice interrupts them.

"He is my father sir. Please let me go with him." That voice was Raina Hamatora. She walked out in a standard uniform and it wasn't just her that walked out but every other student. The two people had been arguing long enough for school to be over. The Zaemura member stepped back believing Raina and let her go with Hino. Before Hino and Raina left, Hino turned around and smiled mockingly at the Zaemura member who just stood there with an annoyed face. Once they were away from the school, Raina and Hino began to talk. "So you're the one that Kettei sent after me?" Raina said. Hino nodded and spoke.

"Yeah. You're the newbie in the group yeah?" Hino said. Raina nodded while walking with her backpack on her back.

"Yeah. Kettei let me join." Raina asked. Hino looked at her puzzled.

"What made you want to join the P.O.S anyway? You're only fifteen?" Hino said. Raina looked down at the floor while walking.

"It's because I want to be around lots of different people." Hino looked surprised at what Raina said but didn't interrupt. "I went to my big brother's bar one day and Kettei was there. They were talking about restarting some sort of gang. I didn't understand what it was about but I was curious so I listened to their conversation. Kettei was talking about helping people and protecting Adachi and stopping gang violence. I was interested but when I heard that other people were already planning on joining I felt as though I could have friends. I went up to Kettei and asked him if I could join. Originally, my brother refused but Kettei said that he could trust him to take care of me so after a while, my brother accepted and I joined up." Hino looked at Raina and chuckled a bit. Raina looked at Hino quizzingly. "What's so funny?" Raina asked. Hino smiled and spoke.

"Nothing, it's just that I never thought that someone would want to spend some of their youth in a gang. It's crazy but who am I too stop you. No one can tell someone what and what not to do. People are designed to make their own decisions. Whether they be rebels, police officers, doctors, you name it. People will always be crazy and weird and yet that's what makes them amazing. I won't stop you from joining us but you better be prepared to work your ass off, got it kid?" Hino said, smiling at Raina. Raina looked up at Hino surprised but smiles afterwards.

"I'm glad you aren't going to stop me. I want to be here. I think it will be hard but fun. I promise to help you all and work as hard as possible." Hino smiled at Raina and Raina smiled back. Just then, both Hino and Raina's phones buzz. They take it out and they see a group message from Cuatro. It read:

Cuatro: Found our first real job. You know the Zaemura that is all around the city, I overheard two of their members talking and it seems like a terrorist group known as the Yellow Razor Tribe are going to attack the town sometime later today and the Zaemura are going to try and stop them. You want to help the Zaemura stop them?

Kettei: We have to. We won't live up to our name as the Protectors Of Society if we don't help.

Cuatro: Okay then. I'm already out here so I'll be ready. See y'all when you get here.

The chat ended with that. Both Hino and Raina looked at each other seriously and nodded to each other. "Let's take them down, newbie?" Hino said. Raina smiled and spoke.

"Yeah. Let's do it." Raina said and the two of them sat on a bench and waited for the terrorists to come.