"That is a baby," Rudrick said with a blank expression on his face.

"Yep," Dean slowly held the baby wrapped in a cotton towel towards Rudrick. "Wanna hold it?"

Rudrick stared at the baby with red hot focus just to make sure it wasn't an insanely well-made movie prop. The little infant cooed, putting its thumb into its mouth while two uncomprehending eyes scanned the dingy apartment. Rudrick closed his eyes and took one very deep breath. He thought the stress from work was getting to him. This must be a hallucination, or at least he hoped it to be.

He exhaled, then opened his eyes just to see the baby still in front of him being held by a very enthusiastic Dean.

"Why do you have a baby?" A hint of rage in Rudrick's voice.

"Actually there are two babies. I left the other one in the car"

"You have two babies?!" He screamed, "Why? Why do you have two babie- Oh my god, it's in your car."

"Rudrick rushed past Dean and right out through the door. Dean gave chase tightly clutching the baby near his chest.

"Dude, it's fine. I cracked down a window" Dean said while trying to keep up with his angry roommate through the hallway.

"You never put your tools away. It could get hurt or pretty damn worse!"

"Don't worry, I put the safeties on"

Rudrick barged through the door then quickly ran to the car parked a few feet from the porch. Before he could even reach it, a loud bang emanated from the car. A bullet pierced Rudrick's shoulder and he fell back on the solid concrete.

"You said the safeties were on!" Rudrick screamed, writhing in agony.

"Well, apparently I was wrong."