No one wants to live in daily fear

Where they or someone they care about

Can just be snatched away

For just breathing.

Some of us will never be able to understand

Since we aren't the same in some degrees

But we can least support the struggles

And give a listen to those in need.

No one should want this on anyone

No one should be bashed

For being who they are

On the outisde…

Or even for who they love

Or what they like for that matter.

No one should even be bashed

For trying to help in some way

If there heart is true

And just want to diminish the pain.

Remember things could have

Been the other way around

With you being the one struggling more

Than another

Or maybe you have been that way before

Remembering how much pain you felt

That you wouldn't want another

To go through any type of it.

We all share the Same Sky

Same earth

Same species

That all bleed red inside

With a beating heart

That experience many emotions

That makes us…

All human beings in the end.