My mind is like a street

Where the lights have gone out

It's dark and awfully cold

Is this what life's about

I tend to walk here alone

Although not always by choice

It just starts to feel like

I have all but lost my voice

I get so overwhelmed

Where all I can do is bawl

Sometimes it's not so bad..

..And I'll feel nothing at all

My head swims through a void

My body floats through space

My feelings all go numb

And I feel the dark embrace

Who am I, I can't recall

Is this even my own skin

There's a stranger in my mind

I fear that he might win

But I guess that's the point

It wears me like a glove

Dragging me down, I'm so tired

I can't seem to rise above

I cry for help, a plea for hope, from a broken man who can't remember who he is.