James looked down at his phone on the way to the cafe. He had received a text about 5 minutes earlier.

Nothing major, I hope, she's still a little fragile. She had just gotten out of a abusive relationship and was still recovering, trying to move forward and put the whole thing in her past. He had finally made it, to the café he looked to the sign to confirm his destination.

The old rickety wooden sign read, "Welcome to Patty's" Patty was a jolly, old plumpy angel at the rip age of 80, acting as James' grandmother for a good part of his life. Speaking of which as soon as he opened the door the cinnamon pumpkin scent waved over him like a breath of fresh air. Patty was waiting for him at the counter. She looked him up and down, eyes glimmering like always.

She smiled. "It's like you get more handsome everyday Jamie." Cue the blush now.

Patty was the only person who called him Jamie, she's been calling him that since he was 5. 13 years now." He sighed. I don't think she'll ever give it up.

"She's over there, ya know." James turned to look in the direction Patty pointed in. Her hair fell into a ponytail, platinum blonde hair curling slightly at the ends. Her eyes cyan and mint green, like land and sea. Her face was a dark one, nervous ready to pounce on the nearest thing that scared her.

"Ya know, staring is rude." James turned even redder. "Even if you like them." She finished.

"Patty, I don't like her like that…." He tried to look stern, but failed.

Patty laughed "Oh!, I know, I know, but she's a rare beauty, lucky you to have her as a friend." James nodded in agreement. Patty raised an eyebrow. "She's waiting for you, Go!" She smiled her jolly smile and turned away to serve another customer.

James walked to her turned back and slid into the seat across from her. He watched for a minute furrowing her eyebrows, running her hands through her hair, fumbling with her jacket. He noticed she chewed on the straw to her pumpkin spice latte. Strange. Maybe I should try and get her attention.

"Ahem,errrr…." She turned around to face him, face flushed with pink. "O-oh sorry! I didn't know you were here already!" She turned to sit and face him fully now, eyes studying him.

"No, it's my fault, I should have texted you that I was here." Cue awkward scratching behind his head now.

"So what did you want to meet up for, Adrianna?" He watched her body tense up, and instantly stiffen.

"That's the thing...oh what the heck! Can I move in with you?" She blurted out.

Woah, ok. That's one way to get closer to her.

"Um, no offense to your question, but why do you want to move in with me? Of all people?"

She sighed. "Because James, I trust you. Ever since you helped me recover from him, I've grown to depend on you more." She looked up at him twirling her hair in that cut-completely normal way, yeah whoops. "I also kinda like you, but only as friends!"

James couldn't believe his ears. 'That's a first, me though? I'm completely unworthy of her love.'

"Also if you don't let me I'll break in and stay in the attic of the castle anyways." Adrianna smirked.

James checked his watch, he promised his mom he would be home soon. He turned to see Adrianna looking at him, waiting for something most likely.

She raised an eyebrow. "You never did answer my question."

Oh. Oh. James gave her a shy smile, "Sure, why not? We need to get going though, so grab your stuff Pumpkin." He turned to get up and head towards the door. Hearing no other footsteps but his he turned around to find Adrianna standing up, but glaring at him.

"What was that?" If possible James could feel his soul slowly being sucked away from him.

He tried to play it off though, hoping she would shake her head and follow him, but no. The universe decided to pick on him today. It was the glare she was giving him that made him want to melt into a puddle. He would have to take advantage of this moment then.

"The stupid little nickname you just came up with, Pumpkin?" She shook her head in mock-disappointment, "That's all you could come up with?"

James simply tilted his head to the side and grinned, "Come on Pumpkin, we'll be late." Cue eye roll from Adrianna.

James headed four of the store, Adrianna now following right beside him with her head tilted down towards the sidewalk.

"It sounds so stupid, especially coming from you."

He looked at her. Honestly she liked pumpkin spice lattes so much it was kind of hard for him not to call her Pumpkin sooner. It suited her just fine, even if she looked like she wanted to strangle him every time he said it.

"Can you blame me though, you're obsessed with PSL's." She shrugged her shoulders in defeat.

"At least it's coming from you."