If you mentioned the dark look on Adrianna's face, she was sure to light your pants on fire. And she would make it hurt.

Now because everyone around her seemed to value their clothing, no one said anything. Not that it helped her mood in the slightest. She had just finished another unsuccessful therapy meeting when the asshole of a therapist mentioned, 'Maybe if you wore less revealing clothes, people would take you more seriously, for a hybrid you know.'

No. She didn't know apparently. So she enlightened him about what she thought of his choice of words. Using the words she knew best, when she ran out of curse words in English, she used ones in Spanish. When she ran out of Spanish curse words, she finished in Italian. Sadly though her German was poorly lacking, so she had to end her rampage there.

Not to say the therapist wouldn't need therapy for the next 4 months, but it would have to do.

Honestly, she could have handled the situation more maturely. But these past few weeks the paparazzi have been giving her a harder time than usually. With James coming close to becoming Crowned Prince of Heavenia, it would mean Adrianna was more in the public eye than ever.

Reporters everywhere she went asking various questions that made Adrianna want to shove those damned notepads where the sun doesn't shine more than ever. 'What dress will she be wearing?' What color will her lipstick be? Will she hide her horns for the event? Don't want people getting the wrong idea' That last comment earned them a small flame on their pants.

Back to the problem at hand here. She wore more revealing clothes because it made her feel comfortable, plus having fire powers plus being half demon, her body temperature was higher than the average angel's. If she wore more modest clothes she would surely overheat. It's not like the clothes she wore were, like slutty or anything, they were just out of the norm compared to everyone else's attire.

No one close to her said much about her clothing choices. The media must be having a field day with the photos they've captured of her so far, especially since she made sure to flash a little bit of her ass in one for one of the photos. Multiple porn sites must be ecstatic with that photo.

In all she sounded like she asked for this to come up at some point. Whatever, the next wolf whistle directed towards her thighs would have their equipment set on fire. She was dead serious about that.

In hindsight, wearing a black lace bodysuit, with jeans and converse was a bad idea. On the way back home the temperature dropped, like an idiot off a cliff. Now she was average Heavenian temperature, which showed she should have brought a jacket. Whipping out her clothes Adrianna texted her boyfriend, hopefully he wasn't too busy.

A: 'Hey, it's cold outside and i feel like fainting, can you come pick me up?'

She opted to head inside a cafe she almost passed by, pasting the time by shielding herself from the patrons inside, who were trying to take pictures. Honestly she would never get used to the pictures, ever.

"Hey, you wanna try hiding out in the back?"

She whipped her head towards the voice who offered her. A girl who is about 22, with red-orange hair and forest green eyes. She was smiling shyly, and opened the door to the back room. Adrianna looked back to the other customers who were still taking pictures, then back to the girl. Sigh, it couldn't hurt too much. She followed the girl into the back room.

The room wasn't very fancy or plain. It was more homey, set up like a living room. The girl pointed to a chair, "You can sit there for now, I'll be back with water for you." Adrianna sat and waited, checking her phone for any new messages, specifically one from her idiot of a boyfriend. There were none.

"Fan-fucking-tastic." The girl came back after what seemed like forever. She set down the water bottle and sat in the opposite chair from Adrianna. She was eyeing Adrianna curiously.

'The hell is she looking at?'

Hailee looked at Adrianna and drank the water slowly. She had to choose her next words carefully, if Adrianna was anything like her high school-self she would be easily triggered by the slightest change of tone, or clue of snooping.

Hailee would have to admit, it was kinda intimidating to be sitting across from Adrianna. When they were in high school she would always keep to herself, anyone who disturbed her would end up in the nurse's office with some kind of burn somewhere on their body.

That didn't mean it stopped a quarter of the school for having a crush on her, it was just that she was so unapproachable that no one made a move. Until, James came in and some how opened her a little, then her break up, then her rape case and more. Adrianna had so much going on in her life, way more than Hailee had. She sighed internally, wondering what it was like to be so close to becoming royalty. Very influential royalty at that.

Now here she was, in all her magnificent glory, yeah that's right. Hailee had a crush on Adrianna for about 5 months. It was silly, but she couldn't help it. When she heard on the news that Adrianna was dating James, her heart broke a little because of the lingering feelings that were still there. She was happy for Adrianna though, after all the shit she had to endure from Melody, from her, she deserved an easier life filled with luxury.

"So, it's really cold outside, huh?"

Oh. My. God. She had finally gathered enough confidence to talk to one of the most intimidating people in Heaven and that was what she chose to say? If Adrianna didn't incinerate her on the spot she would do it herself.

"I mean, I guess it is, I wasn't out there for that long." She started to type something into her phone. Letting out a low growl, her fingers seemed to move faster in frustration.

"Um, is someone coming to pick you up?" Hailee didn't mean to sound intruding, but whoever was coming to pick Adrianna up had better come fast, before she set something on fire.

The frustration was oozing into her usually silky voice. "It's just," deep breathe in, deep breathe out, "My boyfriend was supposed to come pick me up, but he's caught up in a meeting, so he can't come." Hailee swore she saw the end of Adrianna's platnium locks smoking.

Oh. Oh. Great, now she got to deal with a moody Adrianna, which was almost worse than dealing with an angry Adrianna. Almost.

Hailee could see that any longer and she would bust, maybe some sleep would help.

"Hey, how about you crash back here tonight, then tomorrow you can go back home?" Adrianna looked up from where she was gripping her phone.

Hailee could hear the exhaustion in Adrianna's voice. "That would be fine, yeah."

Haliee offered a small smile, "I'll wake you up when its time, okay?" But her words fell on deaf ears, Adrianna was already asleep.

'Sweet Dreams'

Honestly I just wanted to write Adrianna having a bad day, then getting some sleep. There was no real plot to this.