[Prologue]: The Fall of Belial

Formidable cries of anguish echoed throughout the skies which once held blissfulness, now irradiated such a dreadful atmosphere.
He never meant to cause harm to anyone, especially not to his brother Camael. But his vehement envy led him to steal one of the guard's silver blade, lurk about his sleeping brother's room, and severely lacerate his wings with the intention of having them torn apart.
Camael's eyes shot open with torment as blood trickled down his feathered wings and before he knew it, Belial felt a trembling fear travel into his spine. A pang of guilt struck him only after, as he apprehensively thought of the consequences. The dagger unknowingly slipped from his hands as he stood there, disconcerted, staring at his suffering brother. Finally, their eyes met, and Camael's brows furrowed with an expression which seemed to give out a sense of confusion and betrayal.

Even with such intolerable pain, Camael still managed to get words out of his mouth. "Brother? What- what have you done?

Belial was left speechless. He hadn't ever thought of the grave repercussions once he'd actually done the misdeed. He felt as if some kind of wickedness entered his system and acted without his permission, but that wasn't exactly the case. He fully knew what he was going to do and it wasn't as if he acted unintentionally. He'd stolen the blade with the intention of hurting, and dug it deep into Camael's wings with the thought that it was his brother he was causing harm to leaving his mind for a while.
Camael extended his arm to his back, trying to grasp his bloodsoaked wings. His defeaning cry rang so much in Belial's ears to the point he was unaware of the loud roars of thunder that was also transpiring at that point. Belial suddenly felt a great pain on his back as if his wings were being torn apart and his vison went hazy. So this was the consequence, he thought.

It was pitch-black; such darkness he's never pictured before. He knew he wasn't dreaming. He could very well move his limbs but as he tried to force himself up with his elbows, he felt a familar pain in his shoulders which traveled to his upper back, then to the rest of his back extensor muscles. He groaned and with extreme discomfort, he gently touched his upper back. His wings were gone. Both panic and terror hit him as he hastily patted his back in hopes of locating them. His fingers grazed against something which seemed to feel like scars, but he wasn't in any way bleeding though. Tears started to well up in his eyes as he was unable to do anything. He thought he was left there to die until a cold feeling gently touched his chin, getting him to look up. The cold object glistened in the dark, and he could not distinguish a face.

"My, my. Have you not any remorse?" A silvery voice resonated in the darkness. "Poor Camael, he never expected you, his beloved brother, to do him so wrong as to wish him suffering and pain. For as long as your heart bears malevolence, you shall be left to wander in the mortal world where beings like you are very much apparent."

Belial was utterly disoriented, with the unbearable pain he was enduring and the words uttered which he could not fully comprehend. "I am ashamed of my nefarious actions, and regret was something I never understood until eventually. And so for it I am willing to face the consequences. But please tell me so, is my brother alright?" A sense of guilt dawned on him at the mention of his brother.

The coldness on his chin faded, and bloodshot eyes glowed in the shadows, glaring deeply at him as if he was the most wicked, most evil being he's ever had the unfortune of meeting. Belial swore it was the most horrendous sight. It appeared impossible to discern who or what was in front of him.
The disembodied voice changed from the lightest and most pleasant to the roughest and lowest voice you will ever hear. It would be no surprise if it was the devil himself speaking right before him. "How dare you concern yourself about someone you remorselessly destroyed? Have you any idea what become of angels like you who succumb to temptation and committ such terrible, terrible sins?"

Belial's throat was so dry that he needed to swallow before speaking up, "I'd be lying if I told you that I was familiar with the consequences."
He felt the need to avoid the eyes that were staring daggers at him, thinking it felt disrespectful almost.

The unfamiliar being smirked widely with a sense of superiority under the shadows. The fact that Belial laid there helplessly gave him some sort of satisfaction. He believes that anyone who betray the Father shall never be spared and that they must be punished accordingly. He was someone who never dared to oppose nor withstand the laws. Inarguably, he despised sinners the most. For that he was anointed as the celestial condemner of angels who didn't know any better.

"Say, wasn't there something you were desperately trying to find?" The voice yet again replied in a silvery manner.

"My wings," Belial muttered.

"You don't deserve them. You were an angel and you were expected to act like so. But I suppose being one does not guarantee emotions and actions.
Your wings represented freedom but you used that freedom so immorally..." He paused for a while, and sighed tiredly. "Forgive me God but I am getting tired of constantly giving out speeches about why angels must not sin and how they should act and whatnot. This chappie right here is the sixty-first in my list, the last I've gotta expell." He cleared his throat and continued to glare at Belial. The remark made Belial a lot more confused. Was he even being taken seriously? Or was he just in some kind of really messed up dream? He thought.

Before Belial could say anything, a cold touch struck his chest and he could hardly breathe. He forcefully tried to clutch whatever it was that struck him,
but it was far too powerful it refused to even budge.

"Evilness is forbidden in this place of God's authority, yet you let envy take over you and it unsuspectingly drove you to act so relentlessly.
I now expell you from God's heavenly government and you shall suffer as your brother whom you caused sufferance. Don't forget to take delight in your little field trip!"

It was the last thing Belial ever heard before the void devoured him alive.