Chapter 1: Fabrication World

Code: A (Part 1)

(4th Edition)

Code: A, Johnson William, caught a headache, he sensed a bad feeling about everyone's future, an unknown person appeared on Aldo Island. Code: A was the one who created the universe, his universe, he made his people, he knows everything about them, their information, their secrets, their past, and their future, but not this unknown person.

"I did not make you, who are you, why can't I know anything about you?"

Johnson said. Then he told Code: A.3, Jake Wilderson, and his disciples to go to Aldo Island and do some researches and tell him whatever they know about the unknown. Apparently, it was an eleven-year-old kid, they soon found out his parents and they were created by Johnson, Jake felt weird how the parents could have an unknown kid all of a sudden, also, those people are the only human lives in Aldo Island. Jake reported to John, he told him to bring the parents to his place and he'll ask questions. Jake asked about the kid, he responded that he shouldn't meet the kid, he has a strong feeling that everything will be a disaster once he and the unknown know each other. So they decided to leave the kid behind. The parents said goodbye to the kid and said they will be back on the island soon. One disciple worried about the kid that he wouldn't be ok on the island alone, one agreed, one said he would grow up on his own, one said they would return his parents soon, one said the kid would die eventually, and one said:

"The kid should be left alone and die, or else..."

The next day, Code: A.1, Jackson William, saw the guards were bringing two people to John's base, he wondered what John was gonna do this time, he had many times aware of his brother's action, he was still curious about his and the others origin. While Code: A.2, James William, was still innocent and optimistic as always, he has one of the most powerful abilities in the universe but he doesn't know how or when to use it properly. At that moment, the parents were got into John's place and got asked if they know the true identity, the origin of the unknown kid, they answered the kid was indeed their son, John asked if there was anything happened the day before, they said they didn't know, but as the people who were created by Code: A, he knew that they were lying. He could have seen their past but not quite much because they were staying together with the unknown. He gave them another chance to said the truth, but they didn't. He tried to read their mind but something stopped him doing so. As a result, they got locked up in a basement as prisoners, wait until they said the truth. Even though John knew that they won't, but he had a feeling that the kid would come and took revenge in the near future. John said:

"Leave me."

Jake and his disciples left. He was thinking about all of the possibilities that could occur in the future, he was too dependent because he thought he knew everything about his universe. The thought was quite right, but I just want to see how he gonna face different situations and difficulties.

Two years later, nothing changed, the parents were still stubborn and didn't want to answer John's questions. One day, John saw the future of the guards, his brothers, and himself, all of them were a disaster. He heard slashing from the outside of the mansion, he knew something was up, the unknown had arrived. While the unknown had done fighting with the guards, just entered the mansion, James came out and said:

"Hi! Are you ok? Why do you look so sad? Are you alone? Where are your parents?"

Then he looked outside and saw dead bodies, he got shocked, right before the unknown stabbed him, he stopped the time and jumped back.

"Who are you and why did you come to the WillTril Mansion?!"

He asked. The kid looked like he didn't care about what James said, he walked into James continuously, James got no more way but to fight back. He transformed into his fighting form, then, his left hand was a rock gun and the right hand was an ice sword. He shot hundreds of sharp rocks hoping to hit the unknown, he hadn't had too much practise on shooting, then he formed Flying Flash Flood and flew up. The kid got no chance but ran up the stairs and jumped out and tried to reach James. He was gonna stab James but James blocked it with his sword hand, dragged the kid into the ground. A few seconds later, without any responses from the kid, James thought the battle was over, he turned himself back to normal, he sat down and looked at the kid with a thought that he could bring the kid to someone else home and hope them to have a happy life. As James reach his hand out at the kid, Jackson came out to see what was going on, he saw the two and tried to call James to leave, James looked at his brother's face, tried to say hi and...


An eternal scream came from Jack. The unknown was still alive, he stabbed James, James looked at the kid's face, held back feelings, smiled, he simply said:

"Guess I'll befriend with the death then."

Just before he felt down forever. Jack had anger, he quickly teleported to the kid place, quickly summoned a fire sword, tried to slash him but he blocked Jack's attack, but the sword was a fire sword, it was heated, hence the kid's knife was melted. Jack said the kid would get what he would deserve. The mansion suddenly turned into a battlefield, or inside an empty room full of sharp spikes on the wall. He then slashed the kid continuously, but the kid seemed to know every single movement of him, he dodged Jack's attacks. Jack used his second attack where he teleported to anywhere and he could appear anywhere, his plan was to kill the kid by surprisingly slash him on the head. But as Jack was going for it, the kid said:

"You know this world isn't real, right?"

Jack stopped. The kid continued:

"This world was by one guy who considered himself a God, everything, everyone was made by him... You and the guy I just killed was one of his clones."

Jack sat down, dropped his weapon, and stared at the ground. He didn't believe it at first, he had a feeling that the kid lied, was about to reject the kid's words but he thought again that he felt like he had been living in a world of lies too. He was disappointed, he looked at his hands, he almost cried, asked what the kid wanted. He was gonna answered that he wanted to get his parents back, but at that point, where everything was pretty much ruined, he answered that he wanted to end the world, no more clones, imagination. Jack held his feelings back, stood up and wanted to join the kid together to kill John, even if that would be impossible. John saw everything about Jack, he got depressed and took a long breath, he was ready. As Jack and the kid entered the basement, Jack said:

"Johnson is my brother, but not you. You're NOT my brother, you are something else."

As soon as he summoned his fire sword, he quickly flew into John, tried to slash him.

"Enough of this!"

John said. He flicked his hand, and suddenly, Jack turned into dust.

"If I can create this world, I can recreate it."

John said. As John just transformed into his fighting form and got his weapons out, the kid has already taken his second knife and surprisingly stabbed him right in the stomach. John got shocked and curious if the kid knew every movement of him. He regurgitated blood, sat down at a wall, hold the blood at his stomach. He said:

"I guess this is your point when you got into this world, eh? You didn't even care about your parents, but, are they even your parents though? Anyway, they are inside a basement downstairs, you can end the battle, get to see them, and live as happy as you want. Just, know what to do first, once you've killed me, this whole world will disappear, maybe so do you."

The kid did a dominant smile, approached John and... I joined the party. I deleted Code: B and talked to John about some stuff for him so he could possibly learn and get experience. I said:

"You were strong, but not strong enough, you could have won the battle if you joined the fight with Code: A.2 or even..."

I pulled out Jake and held his neck.

"This, this exact same clone of yours could have won the battle in the first place. But both of you have the same weakness that is the cowardliness."

I deleted Code: A.3 and continued to discuss one thing:

"You know... Sometimes, I kinda like Code: B, like, he could be anything, anyone, he could know the future, he could know your acts, how? He has determination. [Laugh] That sounds lame, let's do a real talk here, he is a player, do you know what a player is? They could lose the game, then they got respawned without letting anyone knows, they could eventually win the game, no matter how you tried, the ending would still be the same. One more interesting thing about players these days is that... They could be a God, a literal God, their lives could be infinite, their power could be unlimited, anything, ANY possibilities could occur if you weren't aware."

John looked at me for a moment and asked who I was and how could I know all of those, what was up with the codes that I've been saying. I simply answered:

"I am a writer."

John was shocked, opened his eyes and mouth widely.

"Now that you know it, I think it is a good time to say goodbye, just before that, I wanna say that I will be inside your dream, not you, but the other you. Ready? Don't worry, this isn't the first time you died anyway."

Heh, that was tragic, I guess I should make more characters then, in order not to let every version of John is basically a game, both him and Code: B, or should I say, player, always dies in the end. Boring… Anyway, will my newer creations help him? I don't know about you but my best advice here is to stay tuned for more chapters, I can't do anything to you, literally. It was your choice to read this story, to read this far. That's it, the first chapter is completed. Was the writing bad? Leave your best criticism.