Chapter 3: New Generations

Code: A.1 (Part 1)

(1st Edition)

Code: A, Johnson William, caught a headache, he sensed a bad feeling about everyone's future, an unknown person appeared on Aldo Island. Code: A was the one who created the universe, his universe, he made his people, he knows everything about…

Hold on a second, have I talked about this already? Ok, without letting you be bored, let us skip to the main part then.

He could have seen their past but not quite much because they were staying together with the unknown. He gave them another chance to said the truth, but they didn't. He tried to read their mind but something stopped him doing so. As a result… Johnson suddenly fell down, Jake and his disciples got surprised and came to John, they asked what had happened.

"I- uh… Lock them up! And… Leave me… Do it! That's an order!"- John

Jake told his disciples to lock the parents in the prison and leave the basement. While Jake stood there and asked whether John was alright. John simply said that there was nothing related to him, he didn't need to care about John. Jake left the room and closed the door. Meanwhile, John was laying down, holding his head, curled up. About five minutes ago, he had a flashback about his dark and cold childhood. He knew that another unknown person had come to his place.

"No… Isn't one already enough?!"– John said.

He kept his calmness, trying to find out some information about this new unknown person. He looked at the graph, he got shocked that the unknown was working in the same workplace as Jackson. Then, the unknown was coming closer and closer to Jackson, John was ready to take over Jack's body to attack whenever needed. But, the unknown just stopped, John got confused so he decided to get in Jack's sight, and also see what did the unknown look like. It was a woman who looked like the same age as Jack, she was pretty calm, she did look innocent but John knew that he should not let his guard down just because of her outside looks. She was asking Jack about some stuff in their work. John didn't know when or how did Jack get so friendly to that woman. When the woman left, Jack looked at her and smiled, John felt like that wasn't a good thing. At the afternoon, when Jack got home, John asked:
"How was your work today?"
"Heh, that was pretty unordinary of you, usually, the person who ask me those question would be James, but whatever. I'm glad you cared about me. I'm still fine like always. But, somehow,
[look up] I feel like this is the day that I could never forget."- Jack

"Why is that?"- John

"Well, it's just some stuff that only grown people could understand, I don't think it's related to you."- Jack

Jack walked inside his room. John was suspicious about those two relationships, he could predict what was going to happen to Jack but not the woman. But, he thought:

"(Eh, it is rare to see him happy, just as long as that woman doesn't harm him but rather makes him happy, I'd be ok. Just need to get him not to get too close to her and don't leak any big information about me.)"

The day after, John saw Jack and the woman was still very friendly to each other, he afraid that someday that they got too close, they'd eventually be lovers, as they should not. He couldn't predict any actions of her so he had to watch after both of them and wherever she went just to be safe not for only Jack but for the people who work there too. It was in the afternoon that day, Jack, himself, went for a walk with that woman, John felt weirded out, he was still thinking how could Jack got so friendly with her so quickly, it was only 3 days since she appeared. He was very worried, he wondered if she tricked Jack's love in order to defeat him or not. He decided to mind-control Jack and ask the woman to come to his mansion. She quickly answered yes. By that way, he could ask for her name.

"Oh, uh, what's your name again?"- Jack, she answered:

"Oh silly you, you've asked me this question yesterday, did you?"

"AH, haha, I just wanted to remember it once again."- Jack

" [chuckle] The name's Nari Nuria."- said the unknown.

Everything stopped. Natural movement, the blinking, the time… got frozen. The sounds of chirping birds, winds frequencies fell down to the lowest level, there was nothing but the tinnitus.

"Code: C, Nari… Nuria… a totally different creation from the others, an unordinary human… no… a hybrid, inspired by the fire-breathing creature, Chi… I know you're there, come on out, don't be afraid… You knew the secret, didn't you? Don't worry, I won't hurt you, you won't remember what happened just now by tomorrow anyway."


Jack woke up from his bed, he got confused about what just happened, he thought he was drunk, he scratched his head, came out of his bed, opened the door, and the first thing he saw is the waiting from James, he was sitting down the hallway opposite to Jack's room and was asleep. Jack realized it was nighttime, he looked around to see if there were any changes in the mansion while he was drunken. Next to James was a bowl of noodles, he was very happy to see his brothers care about him, even though the dinner wasn't as good as normally it would be. Jack did all the cooking before, but every time without him, he didn't need to care about his brothers because he knew they were all grown. Jack brought James carefully back to his room, put a blanket on him. As Jack came out of James' room, he saw John was standing on the upper stair. Jack felt weird, usually, John would have smiled when they look at each other, but then, John just glanced his eyes at his brother and went back to his room. Jack was curious about what had happened while he was drunk, he came to John to ask and solve his curiosity.

"Hey, hey, tell me happened, what did I do, or did anything go wrong?" - Jack

"I don't want you to meet that woman again."- John

"But why? She's my colleague. Ah, haha, you might have misunderstood, she wasn't my type, you know? I don't love her."- Jack

"Stop lying, brother. She was the one who brought you home." - John

"Oh, really?… Well, if she did then she's surely a good person, why are you being mad at her?"- Jack

"Brother! Have you not discover the truth?! She's a hybr-"- John

[glitched out]

"[scream] NO! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" - John

The tinnitus is getting louder.

Inside an empty place, nothing can be seen but white, and him.

"(Sometimes, I wonder why am I here. I just wanted to be free…)"

Brief darkness appeared. Voices were heard.

"(Huh? Is anyone there? Why can't I hear them clearly? It sounds so muffled.)"

"Where do you think you're going? You know that I'll find you no matter where you are."

"I WON'T GO BAC-… yo- you slapped me!"

"Knock it off and return to your normal acts."


"(No… no… this isn't what I wanted. Brothers… I won't leave you! I have to go back no matter what. I will be the one protecting you all! I won't…)"

John opened his eyes, noticed that he was lying on his bed, and a wet towel on his head, he wondered what had happened. He worried that he had made his brothers a burden. He was sad. But he looked to the right and saw the beautiful sky, birds were still chirping as usual. That would make him felt more comfortable. He smiled and acknowledged that his brothers were still with him. He hoped not to get any more bad nightmares.

As he turned to the left…


John screamed and jumped out of the bed. He was shocked to see Nari was there for the whole time he fainted. He opened his eyes widely and pointed at Nari:

"What are you doing here?!"

"Oh, you're awake! I'm glad. I'm sure that your brother will be so happy when see you had this much potential after getting up, haha. Oh didn't I introduce myself, we had met yesterday, you remember? I'm a friend of your elder brother, Jackson, or should I say, lover [chuckle]."- Nari

John glanced at Nari and asked what was the exact point that she came here, she answered that Jack asked her to look after John for some moments while he was making the breakfast. He noticed that she was a good person, but he was still curious about her origin, he wasn't sure why she came here and if the first unknown person that he found earlier was good or not. He briefly accepted her unknown existence. Despite the fact that he couldn't predict any movements of her, he still kept in mind that Nari could attack them at any moment.

"Who are you?"- John

"Haz, how many times do I have to explain to you, I'm a frie-"- Nari

"No more jerking around, three days earlier, where were you?"- John

"What are you talking about? I was working in my workplace and go home to my house, do you want to know where do I live?"- Nari

"So you are stubborn, just the parents, then. Let me show you my power and how can it makes you tell the tru-"- John

Jack opened the door.

"Breakfast ready! Oh, John, you're awake… what's up with that posture of yours?"- Jack

"Oh, uh… Ah! I was doing morning exercises… you see?" - John awkwardly answered.

Jack smiled and told everyone to come to the living room to have breakfast together. John asked Nari to go home, her business there was done but Jack, himself, told Nari to stay and eat something so she hadn't had to be tired of going back home and went to the company again. John made a sicky face and continued to glance at Nari.

Nari was very happy about how the brothers enjoyed talking and playing with each other, acknowledged that the youngest one is the most talkative, family-friendly, joyful, always be full of potential, he smiled all the time; the eldest one was the one that she put her eyes on the most, he wasn't the type of person who talks a lot but he always kept his calmness, he was chill but once he found his favourites, he would do anything to achieve it; she didn't know too much about the middle brother, she didn't do any conversation ever since she was asked some of the questions that made her felt weirded out. In John's point of view, Nari wasn't really a bad person and he was thinking of believing in her. As a result, he needed to find out the answers for his earlier questions himself again.

The afternoon of that day, John saw Jack and Nari were sitting down a chair together, seeing them was holding hands together, looked at each other, John knew what was going to happen. And as John was expected, the couple kissed each other. John really didn't expect them to get close that quick, it was just three days after the day they first met. John had a mental decline on his chair, looking down, he smiled, he didn't even know what to expect anymore, should he be happy or sad. He was even more shocked to know Jack's future is that Jack would come home and told one thing.

"I guess that's it, huh? Everything happened too fast that I couldn't even handle it properly, either way, I couldn't let my brother's dream broken…"- John

While having dinner, Jack said:

"So… me and the girl this morning, Nari, decided to… have a wedding ceremony!"

James almost got choked up, shouted out:
"WOAH! REALLY?! That's awesome! She's a very nice person so you decided, right? I knew it! I also would love to see what would you look like in the wedding custom."

Jack was very happy from hearing that from James, he asked what was John's opinion, John suddenly woke up, it looked like he was thinking of something deep, then he awkwardly answered:

"Oh, umm, YEA! That's… a good idea. I'd like to see more member in our family."

"You doesn't seem to be as confident as usual… Don't worry, I'm sure that there's no place for dark sides to enter her. And we will always be there for you!"- James

John chuckled and patted his head, told everyone to continue with the dinner and expect to see beautiful things the day after. In the night of that day, Jack couldn't sleep, he was hype for the celebrations, he was thinking of what to wear, what jew should he buy for both, what to say before officially became husband and wife. While John was still calculating, repairing the possibilities that might happen the day after, he wouldn't know if Nari would betray Jack or not. And James was looking out the window, hoping the couple would live together and happy forever, nothing could get in between their hopes and dreams, he almost cried for a moment because he thought after the celebration, Jack had to move to another place to live with Nari as Jack had said earlier at the dinner. All three brothers had a sleepless night.

"Hey. Hey, brother, wake up! It's morning already, let's get up and have breakfast together. You hadn't slept last night, did you? [chuckle]"- James

"Heh, at least I'm not the only one."- John

It was in the morning, the breakfast was ready on the table but James didn't see where Jack was, while John knew that Jack was at the jew store, with him, there was a black suit, Jack was going to build a place at which the celebration would be held, not too big, not too small, just enough for about 50 people to join but John knew that would be enough, they were lack of friends anyway. John said to James that he felt like Jack was setting up for the party but there weren't too many people and told James to invite his friends, might be their parents too to join the party. As Jack came home, James was surprised about what Jack had bought, they were all looks beautiful. Jack thought it was going to be a small party, because of the fact that Nari had no parents, but James told him not to worry, he would invite as many friends as he could in that afternoon, which is when James started to go to school.

At the break time during school, the first person that James would invite, also known as the first friend of him, Alex Anderson. Alex accepted the invitation.

"But how do you know where it's held?" - James

"Eh… Ah, I saw a new tent house that had just been made this morning." - Alex

In the meantime, John found out Nari's house, he entered her house. She was quite surprised about how he knew the place, he was going to answer that he had a power that led him but he just said that Jack told him the address. He sat down at a chair, Nari asked if he wanted some tea, he said let them got straight into the point. Nari got confused.

"Jack loves you. You seem to love Jack too, right?" - John

"Oh yes, of course! Have you heard that we're going to have a wedding tonight?" - Nari

"He told me already. Anyway, do you have parents?" - John

"Ah… I don't have any parents, I was an orphan. Then my aunts raised me. At least that's what I was told." - Nari

"You were told?" - John

"Yeah… the doctor in the nurse room of my workplace said that I had Amnesia. Somehow, I only remember how do I work, study, but nothing related to my relationships." - Nari

With a little suspicious, he thought that she could have made that story up. He started to discuss the first unknown person.

"So…Do you know the existence of anyone, any kids, who wear grey striped shirt and lives on Aldo Island? He's also an orphan… Well, his parents were captured."- John

"I'm sorry, I only see kids with colorful shirts only, and I don't think I can help. But… where did you say the kid lives?"- Nari

"Don't you know Al- oh… you said you had Amnesia… Have you got anything for tonight yet?" - John

"Unfortunately, I was going to borrow some money from my friends, just enough to buy a simple wedding dress."- Nari

"… Wait for me a second[go outside]… Here, uh, Jack said these were for you, he hopes to see you this night." - John

In the evening, everything was ready, the stage, the table, chair, the music, the food, the background… Jack also hired a Master of Ceremonies. James brought over 20 people which consisted of his friends and their family, plus the colleagues who work with Jack. John was just laying on the top of the tent, or rather floating because if he did actually laid then the tent would fall down, watching anything suspicious. Jack wore a beautiful black suit with a red lily flower to the left of the body, with the Brushed Back hairstyle, pretty different from his everyday hairstyle. Everyone at the party also pretty splendid too, some people had jew. Not to mention, Jake and his disciples were at the party too. Jack was very happy to see that many people, but not as happy as seeing the bride. He still hadn't seen Nari came at that moment. An hour passed, people would have gone mad cause the true party hadn't been started but with John's manipulation, everything got in control. Jack was stepping back and forth, waiting for Nari, he was so worried that he bit his hand. As Jack was going to use his power to track where Nari was, she came in. Nari, with her bright shiny wedding dress, silver necklace, earring, with a long Shag hairstyle. Jack looked at her so deeply that he opened his mouth widely but suddenly a fly out of nowhere flew inside his mouth. Jack coughed it out, Nari laughed, Jack smiled as he looked at her.

"(That woman has come, if she ruins this up, she'll die to me, if not ... eh, family forever I guess.)" - John thought and then spun one round. Seconds ago, he had worn casual cloth, after spinning, he wore a formal cloth, he jumped off the top of the rent and came inside. Nari and John saw each other.

"Heh, happy wedding!" - John. Nari said thanks.

Jack came close to Nari and reached his elbow out so that Nari could hold his hand. Together, they both came to the stage. The MC had some words and asked them if they would truly love each other and live together forever.

"Yes, I do. I truly love Nari, I want to live together with her forever, no matter what cost.[Reach hand out] What about you?"- Jack

"I agree.We haven't met for so long, but I can feel the love that you've given me, the good times when you brought me to many fun places and when you've made me laughed. So… [Reach hand out] Yes, I do."- Nari

The couple held hands together, smile together. Jack reach his second hand out which was having two golden rings. One which was just a simple round ring, one with a small blue diamond on the top. The groom carefully put the ring with the diamond to the bride's fourth finger and then gave the bride the other ring. Without saying anything, the bride already knew what to do, she also carefully put the ring to the groom's fourth finger. Everyone at the party was very hype, shouted out:


And they kissed each other. Everyone applauded and shouted out once again, threw the flowers onto the sky.

"(So it is true then. She is a good person… But, Why… why is it has to be her? Who she really is? I would have known her parents but she doesn't have any, then how does she exist? Who made her? Do I know that person? And is the first unknown person a good one too? I keep on asking… but no one answer.)"- John

Two years later, the couple lived in JackaNari mansion and had together a one-year-old daughter named Nara William and a two-month-old son named Hercules William.

Or should I call them… Code: C.1 and Code: A.1.1. Two years… Well, that reminds me…

It was on Sunday afternoon, while John was thinking about what to cook for dinner, Jack texted that he would bring his family to the park. John was trying to predict the future of Jack. It was said that Jack would bring his wife and his elder kid with him to play, let the younger one sleep inside their mansion. But, something unwanted happened. The prediction said they wouldn't be at the park. John got surprised, he knew that Jack wasn't lying but he wondered why couldn't they go to the park. After that, John caught a headache. He sensed that the first unknown person would come to his place. John saw the future of the guards, his brother, even Jack and his family, and himself, no one survived. He heard slashing from the outside of the mansion, he knew something was up, the unknown had arrived. But at that moment, Jack was taking his family to the park with his car, then he saw a kid was entering the mansion, he thought it was a friend of James. Until he noticed the lying bodies on the ground. He quickly braked the car and told his family not to go out, the children cried so he had to cheer them up for a moment. He teleported to the entry and saw James was sitting down, looking at the kid, Jack immediately teleported to James and held him back while the unknown kid was reaching his knife out. Jack looked to his back, starred at the kid and asked who he was, the kid didn't answer, instead, he stood up, smiled and approached the brothers. John had expected that situation, then, he had to expect what was going to happen next and asked himself whether he should go down and fight the kid together with his brothers. Jack was going to summon his weapon to fight against the kid, but as he formed his sword, Nari entered, while holding the stroller which had Nara inside, into the mansion. The kid looked at Nari, Jack got shocked, so did John, Jack quickly took Nari and their daughter to the basement where he thought the kid wouldn't know. Nari looked at Jack and asked what was happening and why was Jack holding such a hot sword. He patted her, said after the battle, he would explain everything, then he told Nari to stay and he got to the kid's place. Nari put her hand on her chest, hoped that everything would be fine. Suddenly, she heard voices behind her, asked her for help, she turned back and saw a dark room with many hard columns, she wanted to help but she didn't know how to open the gate, she shouted out for help. John heard it so he went down the basement. He knew that she was trying to get the parents out, he thought it could be a bad idea but he didn't want to make any burden or hard situations, he had to free the parents.

"Wait… Johnson? Did Jack send you here?"- Nari

"A lot of stuff that couldn't be explained, sister. Now…" - John

He came close to Nari, stood to the right of her. He gently snapped his finger and the gate opened. Nari surprised:

"How can you-"- Nari

"They're out for now. What are you gonna do now?"- John

Nari just stood there, said that people shouldn't be kept in such a dark room like that. John signed, he decided to explain everything after that, he said, they're the parents of the kid who looked directly at you earlier. Nari was shocked.

While fighting worthlessly, Jack and James couldn't hit the kid, not even a single shot or slash. Jack noticed how his right eye always appeared a bright white star, but he didn't know how would that helped the kid dodging every attack of him. James, in the other hand, knew how to stop the time, but every time he stopped and get a chance to shoot the kid, the kid just appeared to be at another destination without any notices. The kid ran into Jack and hit him with his knife, luckily, it was just a scratch, but the scratch was on Jack's leg, he felt painful. The kid got the chance to once again approached James. It was at that very moment, just before he reached his knife out…

"MONTY!"- the parents

The kid stopped, dropped his knife, he heard the familiar voices. He looked back and saw his parents. He cried and laughed at the same moment, ran as fast as he could to them. All three of them then hugged each other. The kid cried and said that he missed them very much, he asked whether they were tortured badly. The parents said that they were fine. Both John and Nari came up, and all four people included Jack and James looked at the family.

"(Monty… have I heard of that name before?)" - John

Suddenly, the kid's body was turning into blackness, everyone was shocked, the kid disappeared from existence, then the blackness turned to be bigger and bigger, it was like a black hole, it pulled people inside it, the parents were the first one it consumed. Then everyone left tried to hold something that could hold them, John starred at the black hole, he teleported and took to James, Jack, Nari and the stroller to the back of a hard wall that he just formed. Suddenly, the black hole turned smaller and so small that it got disappeared. Everyone got out. But a sudden explosion occurred right where the black hole was made.

"[laugh] I AM ALIVE! I AM FINALLY HERE!"- an unknown

A strong wind, or rather, a typhoon occurred. John got a bad headache, he laid down the floor. Everyone looked at John but they also got pushed by the typhoon, they had to stand still. James sat down next to John, tried to ease him down. A new unknown appeared, with a look of an old man, wings of a dragon, no legs but rather vipers, like an octopus, hands are natural, but he could turn the fingers into sharp spikes, he was a giant, but he could reduce his size smaller so that he could fit inside the mansion. Jack tried to attack him by teleported next to him, slashed the unknown with his sword. But he couldn't, one of the vipers got him, pull him near the unknown, the unknown took a look at Jack, he said:

"HAH! Copies like you shall not have existed!"

He then threw Jack into the ground like a toy, Jack got major injured. He saw Nari and the stroller and said:
"AH! You! You are the most precious thing of mine! Come here and I'll make you stronger than ever."

Then his vipers took Nari and her daughter near to him. Nari shouted out for help. James looked up and flew up to the unknown with his hover FLUDD. He stopped the time and shot as many bullets as he could to the unknown. James started the time again, the unknown didn't expect to have that many bullets were shot at him, he dodged some but he still got hit. But he didn't get any damage, he then said:
"Did you really think these useless rocks could hurt me?!"

The unknown formed a strong wind, pulled James onto a wall and held him there, James got hit in the back so hard that he got stunned. The vipers were taking Nari and Nara closer to the unknown.
"NO! SHE'S MINE!" - Jack

After saying so, he got to the unknown's back and slashed his neck, it wasn't very effective as his neck, and his body, in general, is hard, Jack was surprised. The unknown said:

"Hey. Attacking at the back of your enemy isn't an act of a hero, you know? That's an act of… THE VILLAIN!"

As he said so, a viper of him got Jack again and threw him outside the mansion, so far that he hit his car.

"Oh beauty, how innocent of you, you have powers but you didn't know. Here I'll teach you." - the unknown

Nari was still screaming, didn't want to go. At the outside, a brief sight of Jack saw what was happening inside the mansion, he tried to crawl.

"I… won't…"- Jack

He then fell down. The unknown formed a red hole, he got inside and took Nari and her daughter with him. Then the hole turned smaller, or rather closed. The typhoon was over, James fell down from the place where he was held by the wind last time. Everything in the mansion was messed up. There was no one else, the guards died, the brothers were lost. But there was one person left, Jake Wilderson. He went up from the basement and revived James and Jack, but he couldn't ease John's headache. Until the day after, when everything in the mansion was fixed, John woke up, his brothers were glad that he was ok.

"Did we lose?" - John

"He was too strong." - James

"He got Nari and my daughter." - Jack

John looked up, breath out hopelessly. Jack stood up, return back to his mansion, was trying to look to see if there was anything that he could help for John. But then he heard someone was crying, he opened his eyes wide. He saw his son in his bed. He hugged his son tightly and cried.

"You are my only hope left, Hercules, I won't lose anyone again." - Jack

He promised himself to properly train his son. Until he had grown, he and his son would find Nari's destination and revenge the giant. Inside John's head at that moment of a ton of prediction of future, whether that all of them lost in the end, or they would get a good ending and forever would never have a life of having powers like them right then anymore. He was still very worried about Jame's innocence, he thought that James would eventually get hurt for his lack of vigilance. Outside the mansion at that moment, there was a chuckle, a smug from… a girl looking inside the WillTril Mansion.

ALRIGHT! So… damn. 5K words, this is the longest chapter that I've ever written yet. Anyway… It seems like I'm the only one left in this empty room, there were those two who could let me feel less lonely, but now I'm here, writing to you their story. Remember Code: D? Yeah, he was inspired by that one god. Uhh… his name was… Typhon, yes, Typhon. And a maid of mine, Code: E, she wasn't inspired by anything, she was a part of my personality, you know, you went mad when you lost something you like, and a bit of psycho of mine too. I'm telling ya, I'm sitting here telling you their stories like normal but you wouldn't know what I really am in real life. Let's throw that out of the window for now. So, what do you think of this chapter? Leave all of your passion for criticizing this. What was Code: A thinking about while having a headache to Code: D in your thoughts? Anyway, I'll see you in the next chapter!