Close doesn't even begin to describe multiple parts of this morning for her. She had woken up just as the sun began to rise above the trees outside their window. Surprisingly she felt great despite all the drinking the night before. She was surprised however to find him holding her like he was. He had his arm wrapped around her and had tucked it up under her nighty and had a handful of her tit as well. His arm had pushed the thigh length sexy silky dress up past her waist in the process. The way she had had her leg bent while sleeping it had left her pussy exposed and with him cuddled into her his hard morning cock was resting on her inner thigh just inches away from it. She could feel it throb every once in a while and with his hand holding her breast as well she was feeling very horny and could feel herself getting wet as her mind wandered with the same thoughts from the night before.

She had never thought of him that way before last night. Maybe it had been the booze, but truthfully the way she saw him had been changing for a while now. She was finding herself thinking about him more and more and the thoughts were also getting more provocative. Here they were on their first night at this cabin, the both of them single and alone there, and all she could think about was him and how she wished everyone else wasn't there and it could just be them alone together. She had remembered standing in the kitchen last night and looking out across the open concept main floor to the living room where he sat on one of the couches by the fireplace talking with another one of the girls they were there with. She remembered feeling a slight anger towards her, and how she had his full attention "Bitch, that should be me" she thought. She had surprised herself at the sudden feelings towards one of her own girlfriends who wasn't doing anything wrong. Wildly her thoughts had raced, eliminating everyone else there so that the two of them were there alone. She saw herself walking over to him with a glass of wine and straddling him on the couch, stripping him down and fucking him until she came all over his cock. Perhaps he would make the first move, coming into the kitchen as she poured her glass. He would undo and yank down her pants as he forcibly bent her over the counter and ate her out from behind. Her rapid breath would create condensation marks on the cold counter top until finally at last she felt herself cum, his hands gripping the backs of her thighs and holding her up as her legs went numb from the pleasure and almost caused her to collapse. She had snapped back to reality as one of the guys had entered the kitchen while she was day dreaming and had offered to top up her glass from the bottle. "Yes please!" she had said excitingly, partially hoping it would somehow make one of the two day dreams come true. It hadn't obviously, but standing there with her eyes fixed on him still and her panties slightly wet from her thoughts, she had made up her mind. One way or another, before this long weekend was over she was going to fuck him.

She had flirted with him all night long and had kept their drinks topped up for a bit of liquid courage. Although she knew she was wearing him down and he was starting to flirt with her as well, he still hadn't taken the bait. He had decided to turn in around 11, too tired from the long drive to the cabin to stay awake any longer. She had hoped the other couples would have gone down first and left them alone for her to use her sexier moves on him but here he was turning in first. Not wanting to give up a good opportunity, she had turned in too. As they were getting their things together and out of their bags into the drawers in the room, she took off her shirt to give him a good view of her tits and her bra and then asked him if he was going to sleep nude? He had told her he was waiting to see what she did first, deflecting it back to her again. "Come on!" she thought, "My tits are basically out!" she had said to herself.

She had to take matters into her own hands and had grabbed up her things and headed into the attached bathroom. She had been careful to close the door only enough that from the bed you could very easily see into the bathroom to where the vanity was. Quickly she looked over her shoulder and checked to make sure she was able to still see him and he her. Confident that he was watching she slowly unhooked her bra and let the straps fall to the edges of her shoulders. Pressing her arms together to plump up her breasts in the mirror for him, she gently shook the straps down her arms until the bra fell away from her tits and dropped to the floor.

She could see him out of the corner of her eye at the edge of the mirror and had watched as his mouth fell open a little bit, it was working. He was pretending not to have realised he could see her changing, turning his head slightly away from the direction of the bathroom but she could tell he was still keeping his eyes on her. He must have been worried that she was going to turn around at any moment and catch him watching her, she was going to do that just not quite yet, she wasn't done teasing him yet.

Next she undid the button on her jeans and slid the zipper down. Once again she had given a little check over her shoulder to make sure she had his attention and grabbing a hold of her jeans and panties, had very slowly slid them down past her hips. Bending over she had slid them even slower down the length of her legs to her ankles, giving him the best view she could of what she thought her best attribute was: her ass. She had never done this kind of move before but she had seen it done in porn as well as movies and knew that it would give him something to think about. As she had lifted her feet out of the legs of her pants one at a time she knew her ass was in fine form for him with a slight jiggle as each of her feet came back down one after the other. She had glanced over again to see his boxers sitting on the floor and that he had gotten into bed. He was sitting up still however and now he wasn't even pretending to "not be looking" at her, he was watching her closely.

She knew she almost had him where she wanted him. She grabbed her things from the floor and slowly stood back up, doing her best to keep her ass out and her legs spread slightly to give him an ever so small view between her thighs. Standing upright in front of the mirror again, she placed her things on the counter top and grabbed her silky nighty. She slowly pulled it over her head and down the length of her body. It was normally a two piece with small shorts as well however she had decided to skip them last night, they would just gotten in the way of her goal anyway. Besides, without the shorts, the top just barely came down to the bottom of her ass it was so short.

With his eyes still on her she had decided to give him one last little tease. She remembered an ex of his telling her one time that when she would run her fingers through her hair or play with it it would drive him wild. One of her signature moves with him use to be to ride him and at the same time bring both her hands up along the sides of her head and through her hair and then hold it up loosely in both hands above her head while continuing to bounce on him. Being a boob man, the position also made her tits look amazing so the combination was deadly to him. Taking this into consideration, she took the opportunity to "fix" her hair, running her hands through it, tossing it from side to side, and scrunching it up. Each time her hands went through it, the short nighty would rise up as well revealing half of her naked ass to him. She could feel it jiggle with each toss of her hair.

Confident she had wore him down, gotten him hard and made him horny enough to want to fuck her, she turned and walked back into the bedroom. She had however found him laid out in the bed and fast a sleep, starting to snore already from all the drinking. She hadn't believed it, especially after the show she had just given him. She had begun to wonder if he was really sleeping or if he'd realised what he was doing by watching her and was pretending again. She also couldn't help the sight of the bed sheet draped across him revealing the partial outline of his hard dick from watching her. Fuck she wanted him bad. Unable to wake him, she turned out the lights and had gotten into bed herself. At the very least she had taken comfort in knowing he had seen her getting ready and that would help her over the rest of the weekend to break down his defence and hopefully have him inside her.

After a night of being unable to convince him verbally or physically to make a move on her and having seen the outline of his hard cock last night under the sheets before bed, she was feeling really horny this morning. All the production last night to try and seduce him and he ended up passing out at the end of it all, now here she was waking up to him spooning her and holding her bare tit with his hard throbbing cock resting against the inside of her thigh just inches from her pussy. She knew he wasn't faking it this time, he was definitely asleep otherwise he wouldn't have cuddled her like this without her knowing it, he wasn't that type of guy. She felt something wet drip onto her thigh and roll across it slowly. She reached down around his arm and felt it. It was warm and slightly sticky and she knew it was precum from his cock. Between her nipple being stimulated under the pressure of his hand, feeling each throb of his cock against her thigh so close to her pussy, and his precum dripping onto her thigh and on her fingers now she was getting wet. She brought her hand up to her mouth and gently sucked his sweet tasting cum from her fingers.

She wanted him so bad and thought about waking him up and just telling him to get inside her. She worried though that he might pull away from her like he did all night and she would loose even this small victory. Instead she decided that if he was going to subconsciously hold her like this than he must truly want to fuck her too, he was just letting their friendship get in the way of following through. She felt his cock throb again but this time it bounced up her thigh a bit more and landed with his head pressed firmly against her pussy. He also shuffled his body a bit again, moving his hand on her tit before clenching it once more. His cock throbbed again pressing tighter against her pussy briefly and sending her over the edge.

She couldn't just lay here anymore and do nothing! If he was probably going to move if she woke him up she was going to let him sleep instead and have some fun of her own. She lowered her hand back down between her legs again and spread herself open while carefully sliding her body down a bit to allow the head of his cock to fall against the opening of her pussy, letting go of her lips she could feel them envelope him. She could also feel his precum still oozing out of his cock and mixing with her own now. She then placed her fingers on either side of her clit and pinching it slightly between them began to rub herself. She started doing it slowly and in big circles, simply trying to enjoy the build up to now and the simple feeling of his hard cock just about in her and that at any moment a movement or even a slight sleeping adjustment from him might see the head of his dick slip into her dripping wet cunt. Eagerly and with anticipation she waited for it to happen each time she felt his ever so often throbbing against her. By now she could feel her cum slowly flowing out onto her thighs and knew his cock must have been covered in it as well. His hand had loosened its grip on her tit and was sitting loosely against it instead. She moved her chest slightly back and forth so her small breast and her erect nipple would rub against his palm sending tingling throughout her body. She had to bite into her pillow to stop her self from moaning as she felt another throb of his cock and his head press into her again ever so slightly. Faster and faster she continued with her rubbing, until at last she was about to cum. That's when she felt his whole body jerk and his breathing change, the sun had hit his face behind her now too and he was waking up. Quickly she stopped and in one motion brought her arm back up and around his and under the pillow while shifting her body upwards slightly so his cock was back just on her thigh again. Now it was her turn to pretend, trying to convince him she was still asleep.

Her blood pounded and her breath was still fast as she felt herself on the verge of orgasm. She waited trepidatiously, both to see if he had caught her masturbating and to see how he was going to react to the position he had got himself into last night with her. After what seemed like ages his hand started to move across her breast as he slowly attempted to pull it out from her top. As he moved it, he throbbed again and the head of his cock bounced along her inner thigh again and stopped against her pussy. She desperately tried to keep calm as the feeling of her nipple rubbing against his hand and his throbbing cock brought her even closer to the orgasm. She knew if he did anything else like that then she wouldn't be able to hold it off anymore and she wouldn't be able to hide it either. She would be left having to explain why she had been convulsing and moaning when she was "asleep" moments earlier. His fingertips left her nipple and moved down the underside of her breast as he stopped his hand on her stomach.

She continued to lay there with his cock still throbbing against her and fighting the urge to orgasm. Moments earlier she had been looking for it to happen quickly before he woke up, now here she was laying there hoping he rolled away from her with his erection and trying the "dead puppies" trick to prevent it! As if answered by the fates he suddenly yanked his hand out from under her nighty and rolled quickly back to his side of the bed but not before his head dragged down the length of her pussy and across her ass cheek. With him facing the other way now she quickly leaned into her pillow, biting it and bearing down as she felt a rush of endorphins take her over. "Fucking close!" she thought to herself as she felt the feeling pass. She had been right on the brink of getting off but had managed to take her mind elsewhere and off of what just happened and avoided it.

She did feel jipped at first by the whole encounter but the more she thought about it, the more she thought that perhaps this was for the best. She wanted him but she didn't want him this way, she wanted him to fuck her properly and she wanted to orgasm from riding his face or on his dick, not touching herself with it laying on her. Having been brought right to the edge though and not being able to follow through did make her exceptionally horny. As she laid there with her nipples softening, her pussy dripping wet, and his precum on her inner thigh and in a streak across her pussy and ass cheek she thought to herself: One way or another she was going to have him today, and because of what had happened last night she knew he wanted her too.