Every story begins somewhere. The notion that the world cannot be changed is merely spoken by those who cannot change it themselves.

The world has changed countless times, and will keep changing. However, everyone has a different tale to tell of their own progress and experience.

This land is the tale of the nations of the elemental affinities. Blizzaria, Torrentia, Galewn, Lavus, Naturae, Terrium, Solis, and Duskawn, and the Diviners. The Diviners were seen as war heroes, capable of even ending the previous 2 Elemental Wars. As such, some nations feared the Diviners, and others admired them, but all nations knew better than to mess with them, as they only intervened when provoked, or when the good of all was in danger.

However, there was one danger that soon could not be ignored...



"So the king of Galewn really was okay with a couple of Blizzarian royals coming by to join the festivities?" A young boy with light blue hair and ocean blue eyes asked, an older, white-haired man with a beard and royal attire, just like the boy, nodded.

"Of course, Frost. Galewn and Blizzaria have been friends for years. The king is also a good friend of mine, son. You, Kristall and Glace should try to meet some nice kids around here your ages. They've even invited some nobles from Lavus, you know." They said, before another grown man with blonde hair walked over. "Ah, King Houston. It's nice to see you, old friend." The man greeted, the Galewn King nodding.

"Wonderful to see you as well, King Azel. I'm overjoyed that you could make it. Oh, is this your son?" The king asked, Azel nodding.

"Yes, this is my youngest, Frost. Go ahead, say hello, boy." Azel said, Frost looking up at the man.

"Um...Hello." Frost greeted, the boy laughing.

"So polite...He's nothing like you, Azel, eh?" Houston asked with a hearty laugh, Azel joining in on said laughter, before speaking up.

"Ah, those were the days, King Houston. Although I'm not displeased that the boy got as much as he did from his mother. So, what say you to catching up like old times over some fine drinks?" Azel asked, Houston laughing.

"Already going for drinks, King Azel? You sure haven't changed much. Well, boy, if you need your father, we'll be in that room over there." Houston told Frost, pointing over so he knew which one, before walking off.

"Huh...They really are good friends..." Frost commented, his eldest sister Kristall walking over.

"Yeah, I remember father talking to me about the adventures he went on with Houston before they became the Kings. Now...where's Glace? I know these kinds of settings aren't her thing, but adopted or not, she's part of the family, and a noble like us..." Kristall said, Frost shrugging.

"Haven't seen her, I just assumed she went to check out some of the snacks." Frost said, Kristall just laughing a bit at the suggestion.

"That'll be the day. Well, I'm gonna go find her, are you sure you'd be okay socializing on your own, though? You've never exactly been the best at...well, being casual." She said.

"I'll be fine, Kristall. Worst case scenario, I'll just go see how father's doing." Frost said, Kristall shrugging and walking off to look for their sister. Frost however, looked around the masses of people, noting just about all of them were older than him, but he still tried to walk around and see if he could spot anything, before happening to overhear a voice that sounded like a kid around his age.

"Oh come on, Zeph...How are you so good at this?" The voice asked, Frost curiously walking towards it to see a young blonde-haired kid in the same noble robes as Houston was, and a brown-haired boy in red attire. "There's no way you're that accurate with darts by coincidence, so spill it, what's the secret?" The brown-haired kid asked.

"Well, Ignis, It's simple, really. I've been practicing. It feels right holding a light tool like this." The blonde boy responded, tossing another dart at the bulls-eye.

"Oh come on, Zephyr, you're totally cheating somehow! I know you know wind magic, how do I know you're not using that to aim?" Ignis suggested, Zephyr rolling his eyes, before looking around, and spotting Frost.

"Hey, you, kid. Have you been just watching? If you wanted to play with us, you can." They offered, Frost looking slightly surprised, before slowly approaching him. "You...do know how to play this, right?" He asked, Frost looking at the darts.

"I've...seen people play." Frost admitted, Zephyr and Ignis both just laughing, Frost's embarrassment evident.

"Ah, you're pretty funny there, kid. You got a name?" Zephyr asked, Frost slowly nodding.

"Right, um...I'm Frost. Nice to meet you..." Frost greeted.

"Wow, so formal...You sure he's a kid and not one of these other partygoers in disguise?" Ignis joked, Zephyr rolling his eyes.

"Right...well, I'm Zephyr, and the loudmouth there is Ignis. He's from Lavus...and I take it by the blue attire and hair, you're from Blizzaria, right?" Zephyr guessed, Frost nodding. "Knew it. Anyways, the game's simple, You just have to throw this dart, from here, as close to the dot in the middle as you can." He said, handing one of them to Frost. "Go ahead, try it. You can't be worse than Ignis at aiming, after all." Zephyr joked, Ignis looking less than amused, as Frost looked at the dart, and then at the target, thinking to himself.

"In a way, it's the same as trying to channel magic and aim it...Which means it's less about the power, and more about the precision...So I just have to steady, and aim..."

He thought, before tossing the dart, landing a little off from the 'target', definitely not as close as Zephyr got, but still pretty close, which made him raise an eyebrow.

"Oh, hey. Maybe there'll be some actual competition tonight. Eh, Ignis?" Zephyr asked, elbowing the other boy, who just scoffed.

'Oh, shut up. He probably just got lucky. Come on, kid, let's see you do it again!" Ignis said, Frost seeming to smile a bit at the notion to play more with them...

"You know, Azel...My own boy was about the age of yours, you know." Houston commented, sipping his drink. "Although gods, by comparison, mine's a wild one. I hope he's not out there causing trouble..." He commented, Azel laughing.

"I'm sure it'd be fine...Although I think our boys would get along." Azel said.

"Really? What makes you so sure? They seem like different people altogether..." Houston remarked, as Azel looked out the window of the room to the ball.

"...Oh, just a feeling."