Even on the outskirts of the kingdom of ice, snow was falling over numerous bodies, the white snow slowly being painted red by the brutality of it all. Walking through the field, however, was Frost, with a hooded mage's robe, the hood pulled up as he looked down in sorrow at the bodies as he kept walking, with a tome in his hand.

"What changed..? What happened to Lavus and Galewn? I still remember when father and King Houston were closer than brothers, but now...now Galewn, Lavus, and Blizzaria are declaring war on each other?"

Was the only train of thought going through his mind, as he kept walking. He couldn't bring himself to look away from the bodies that were laid on the ground, tears slowly falling down his face.

"Why did it have to be like this? Something's wrong here...Something is definitely wrong..." Frost thought, before feeling a hand on his shoulder, as he turned around to see a familiar girl with black shoulder-length hair, looking at him with concern.

"...You followed me, didn't you, Glace?" Frost asked, looking back towards her as the girl nodded.

"Others may have been asleep, but I heard you walking. That tome...Why are you taking the Frostbite tome and leaving us?" Glace asked. "I've known you for years, and you aren't the type to turn traitor, or leave for cowardice..." She started, Frost shaking his head.

"Glace...Something's wrong. No more than a few months ago, Father and King Houston were like brothers to each other, and the king of Lavus was a neutral party without any malice, and now all of a sudden, they're declaring war on each other? I've been to the councils, I've been to the meetings...Nobody can even prove anyone initiated this with anybody, and they're all fighting over it." Frost said, Glace shaking her head.

"Things can change, you know...People have gone from love to hate within days." Glace started, only for Frost to cut her off, seeming upset.

"You can't seriously believe that bonds created over years can be broken like this without something else intervening..! Glace, something caused this, and If I can't find out what, our nations are going to keep fighting until there's only one left standing, or we all die. I don't want either of those outcomes to happen!" He told her, Glace softening her expression.

"I see. So that's why you're trying to leave. Still, can you really accomplish something like that by yourself?" Glace asked, Frost looking at the tome. "Admittedly, that tome you're bringing along has some strange properties, but at the same time..." Glace started, Frost shaking his head.

"There's more to this tome than just what it can do, I took it because of my ancestors." Frost said, Glace raising her eyebrow. "Long ago...My ancestors have had to take up this tome for what they believed in. If I do the same...Then maybe things can really be changed." He told Glace.

"I never took you for someone to believe in superstition." Glace admitted, Frost nodding.

"Normally, I wouldn't...but It's going to be nothing short of a miracle to pull this off. I'll need whatever good fortune I can find." Frost said, before turning. "Still...If nobody else will do it, then I have to try. Kristall is next in line to the throne, so I couldn't bring myself to tell her about this." He said.

"You know she'll find out eventually." Glace told Frost, who just nodded.

"When she does...keep her safe for me, Glace. Just...please, don't tell her where I'm going. I don't want you or her to look for me until I come back." Frost said, Glace seeming slightly hurt, but nodding.

"...I'm taking that as a promise that you will come back, Frost. Even if not by blood, you're my brother. Don't die out there." Glace said, before seemingly disappearing, Frost nodding, before continuing to walk forward, pulling his hood down, looking up at the sky.

"...Yeah. That's a promise." Frost said. "I may be in over my head...but nothing ever changed by sitting by without trying."



"Sooner or later, I'll arrive at the Nomads. The people who belong to no nation...From there, I may be able to look into anything that could be a lead..." Frost thought to himself while walking, before he heard a few of the leaves rustling, and seemed to leap back a bit before noticing a small knife find it's way into the ground he was formerly in. "Whoa..!" He said, before another knife flew towards him, as he proceeded to duck under it.

"What brings a Blizzarian all the way out here? Trying to scout out Galewn for an attack?" A voice asked, Frost shaking his head.

"No, I'm just trying to pass through." He answered, before the voice seemed to let out a small gasp, confusing Frost.

"Wait a minute...that blue hair, that timid face..." They started, Frost looking around in confusion, before the owner of the voice revealed themself, with their short, straight blonde hair, and green eyes, Frost's eyes slightly widening.

"...Zephyr?" Frost asked, Zephyr just picking up the knife in the ground, and putting it away.

"...It really is you, Isn't it...Frost?" Zephyr asked.