Author's Note: Hello Readers. Sorry for not posting anything these past six months. I've been focused on Yggdrasilian Chronicles for the most part. But also, I've been thinking of the future for this series, and the first Volume that laids its foundations out. And also what inspired it in the first place.

RWBY has been one of its biggest inspirations. It was one of my favorite series for so long. But recently, as the newer Volumes keep making dreadful mistakes again and again, I also look back on the early Volumes and realize the shaky foundations of which it was set upon.

And this brings me to the realization that I have made similar mistakes in the writing of the first Volume of Magica Academy. The worldbuilding in the first one was weak, and the handling of the cast and other elements weren't so good.

And while I feel like I improved somewhat with the second entry, I also think that I messed up with worldbuilding somewhat and really made a clusterfuck of an ending.

So for the sake of improving the series foundations, I will be putting this Volume on hiatus and focusing on rewriting Volumes 1-2. But this project won't formally begin until after Yggdrasilian Chronicles Book 2 is finished.

Also, this means the sister series to Magica Academy, Champion of the Goddess, will be put on hold until further notice.

And with that out of the way, I would like to say sorry to those who have followed me for so long. I know I'm probably letting you down, and I feel bad for that. But I also know that if I want to really tell a strong story you deserve, I need to do this rewrite.

So thank you all for coming this far with me, and hopefully I'll see you next year.