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A sigh left the breath of a woman, as she had her hand on her cheek and her elbow resting on what looked like a desk or counter. This woman had long, red hair that reached a few inches below her butt. She was a normal person, a human to be exact. She had pale like skin, a scar across her lift cheek which looked like a claw mark. Her eyes were emerald green, and she was slim. She was looking out of the glass door, and there was no one there, not a single person outside. She closed her eyes and pulled her face mask down. She was working during the Coronavirus pandemic, she needed the money and she really had nothing better to do.

Her phone buzzed, she pulled it out of her pocket. It was her Vamp boss Ariana. Vamp's are creatures like Vampires but not entirely. They hate everything about human blood, the scent, the taste, the feel, just thinking about tasting it makes them want to gag, but they love to feast upon animal blood, especially the blood of fish, and other species. Basically this whole world is made up of many different and exotic creatures. Ranging from Beasties, Mages, Aquicks, Vamps, Elves, and of course humans.

Her boss, Ariana texted her, saying, "Hey Yuzu, i'm glad you're working with us during these desperate times, we just got our first order of the day! Our cook just finished cooking the meal, pick it up and drop it off."

Yuzu rolled her eyes, and sighed once more as she lifted herself and walked to the kitchen, the cook handed her a bag and smiled, the cook was a Beastie, basically a human with animal-like features, the creature doesn't have fur, they have certain animal characteristics and features. This Beastie looked like a german shepherd, pointed ears and a brow/black tail that wagged a bit. His nose was dog-like, being black, but the structure was human-like.

He had a small smile and looked at Yuzu speaking, "Here's the order, the address is on the bag…" He paused as Yuzu took the bag and read the address, before pulling up her phone and typing the address into her GPS, being prepared for directions before she delivered.

"Aye, it's good to see you here, and you're being the strong woman you always were Yuzu."

Yuzu looked at him with curiosity as he spoke, and by the time he ended his sentence she blushed and turned around, pulling her mask back over her mouth and nose before she spoke.

"Well, i just need the money, this pandemic isn't affecting anything but my pockets, see yeah when i come back David." She walked out the kitchen with her hand out waving good-bye, then she walked out the front glass door.

She pulled a set of keys out her pocket and pressed a button that appeared on one of the keys. The car made a beep sound and before approaching it she turned around and looked up at the sign above the restaurant. It printed "Ari's Sushi N' Grill" in bold letters that could light up, but there's no use for that anymore due to everyone staying inside away from getting or spreading the virus.

Yuzu turned back to face her car and she began approaching it, as she touched the handle to the car door, she got a notification on her phone, with her other hand she pulled out her phone and glanced at it. It was a post from her brother, she didn't pay it any mind and placed her phone back into her pocket, opened the car door and sat in the driver's seat.

She started the car and pulled up her GPS on her phone, she placed the phone on a stand in the car, and began to listen to the "Text-to-Speech" AI that guided her on her way to this person, or beastie, or vamp, or whoever's place. She began to back her car up out of her parking spot right in front of the restaurant. Of course she looked back even though there was no one and nothing behind her. She switched gears after she backed up far enough, turning the steering wheel, driving out of the parking lot.

As she followed the directions to this place, she scrambled in thought, she wasn't used to seeing this many people gone, she suddenly felt as if she was the last intellectual creature left on the planet. Then she scrambled off to how Beastie's came, was it beastiality? Or did they just become an emerging species? Yuzu was a curious person, yet she was always clever and seemed to get around stuff, but never got what she wanted. Yet Yuzu is patient and can't get angered easily.

As she drove the highway a few cars passed by and she saw signs projecting to go home. She was close to the place, and her phone kept buzzing, she could see that her brother ws posting a lot of things, but it wasn't only him, her best friend and her best friend's boyfriend we're posting a lot too. She was also getting texts from her friends and family, but she had to focus on the road ahead, not her phone and get into an accident. Now that she thought of that there are really no cars around anyways, it's more of an open highway.

She looked up and switched lanes, pulling off into the next exit, not so far from that she pulled up to an apartment complex. She found a parking spot near the apartment and grabbed her phone, quickly going through the texts first. They were mainly videos… a particular video that stood out to Yuzu was the one each person sent to her. She watched it and skipped along it, it was a Beastie, and a Human enforcer. The Beastie was wrongly accused of something and it seemed he was being taken into custody, and the Beastie was cooperating with the enforcer but the enforcer was pushing the Beastie aggressively, yet the Beastie wasn't resisting, she skipped some more further into the video. The Beastie was now on the floor next to the enforcer's car, the enforcer had his knee on the Beastie's neck, pressuring it. The Beastie pleaded for his life, to breathe, for water. The Beastie was still not resisting, yet the enforcer held him down, people who were recording begged, and demanded for the cop to let the man at least breathe, and in the back another boy was making fun of the Beastie on the ground. Yuzu came to tears, as she continued to watch. Soon the man became unresponsive and people recording, pleaded for them to check for a pulse, the enforcers refused to do such, soon an ambulance came and took the limp man on a stretcher, by the time he was already dead, then the video stopped.

Yuzu was mad and frustrated, Beastie's were always treated like this because of their ways of natural instinct that comes to an animal, they can't help it. On top of that humans always believed they were superior. Back then Beastie's were also slaves, they served more as pets under all intellectual species. That was the past though and Yuzu doesn't believe in any of that. Yuzu just wants her world to be at peace, and to find a boyfriend, that was her two main goals in her life right now. The year had been crazy for her; it was honestly ridiculous. WW3 was almost a thing due to her stupid leader of a human. This virus has got her now delivering instead of serving, what's next?

Yuzu's phone buzzed, it was her boss. Yuzu's eyes widened as she quickly grabbed the food and stepped out of the card, proceeding to the apartment. She went down a row of doors until she got to the apartment number "121". She knocked on the door and looked at her phone again going through the latest post on social media, it was all about the Beastie's death, nothing else, just this one death of a Beastie.

The door slowly opened and Yuzu turned her face away from the phone and towards the cracking door. As the door opened more soon a face was revealed and then Yuzu's eyes widened with enjoyment afterwards. There stood what seemed like some sort of cat Beastie, he didn't have a shirt on and he had green, baggy shorts, but Yuzu was focused on his carmel colored torso, he wasn't buff or anything but he was lean, he had nice pecs, and a bit of a v-line. He seemed to be about Yuzu's age, in his mid 20's.

"Aye, my food woman?" The male Beastie asked. She didn't think of it as rude but for a way for him to get her attention, she smiled at him and tried to make eye contact. She lifted the bag of food, gave it to him, he took it and sat it down on a stand next to him and then looked at Yuzu.

"Um… that'll be $15.46 sir." She said and he continued to just stare at her. He didn't mind it, she could stare back all day at the handsome Beastie. She gazed down at his chest for a brief moment, then suddenly, she was pulled into the apartment and her back was slammed against the wall, and the male Beastie slammed his hand on the wall next to her face. This wasn't a threat but more of a turn on for Yuzu. She looked him straight in the eyes, which he beat her to.

"You humans are sick! You see that innocent Beastie on TV? What did he do? He was accused for writing a false check, and dies? He didn't resist arrest, he didn't fight back, he was unarmed, what did he do to deserve a slow, painful death like that in the middle of the street?" The male Beastie asked Yuzu, infuriated in pain and frustration. Yuzu tried to speak but was interrupted by the male Beastie's cry.

"What do you think of me when you look at me? What do you see? Do you fear me? Do you want to kill me? I'm just a Beastie who wants to carry on my lineage, have a family, a wife, children, tell my mom I'm okay, I'm healthy and alive so I can take care of her when she grows old. I'm afraid to die because of how many people it will hurt, it won't just hurt me it will hurt my whole family." He cried, tears streamed down the side of his cheek. Yuzu felt heart broken, she felt as if something inside snapped after seeing this young Beastie pained, and in fear of what she was.

She cupped his cheek and wiped his tears away. She smiled and looked him in the eyes softly saying,"Do you do this to every person that comes to your door now?" The Beastie moved his hand off the wall as he stared back at those emerald, green eyes that seemed to be looking deep into his soul. He backed up which broke the tension and rummaged through his pocket for money,his wallet, or card. He pulled out a twenty and a hundred dollar bill, and placed it in Yuzu's hand.

"Keep the tip…" He said and Yuzu quickly spoke.

"Do you mind if i stay here to talk to you?" The man's ear twitched and perked up. Before answering he took the bag with whatever food and walked to his kitchen placing the bag on the counter opening it.

"Why should i talk to a human? After what i just saw on the TV?" The man took out what looked like a plastic container from the bag. He opened it and opened the middle drawer, between two other drawers under the counter to find a pair of chopsticks.

"I'm not like that, stupid enforcer, i want to know your thoughts, i want to understand why you're frustrated, mad, and upset. I really would love to know what's going on in a Beastie's mind right now, and to apologize for my species inflicting such pain." She placed the money that was handed to her into her pocket. She then closed the front door to the apartment, and found her way into the living room, to sit down on the couch.

The male Beastie, grabbed his food and sat next to her, with his chopsticks he picked up one of the sushi and softly placed it in his mouth and chewed on it. There was silence between them, and Yuzu decided to browse her phone waiting for him to be done. After he was done eating that one thing of sushi he placed his food on the coffee table in front of them. Which had a TV and a TV stand in front of that. He looked at Yuzu, and Yuzu placed her phone in her pocket and looked back. Yuzu spoke up until she was interrupted by the Beastie.

"Look human.."

"Yuzu, my name is Yuzu Aragami." Yuzu quickly said before letting him speak once more.

"Well, Yuzu, I'm not good at showing my emotions, my name is Taske, as you know Beastie's don't have last names. I'm not a social person, but i feel as if i do need to get out what i'm thinking about to a human right now. Why? Why feel superior to us, to every race, but mainly over Beastie's? We are half of what you are, we are half human, but based on us being half animal you judge us on that, you guys hate us for that, and why? Man, i love humans, but i can't love humans anymore if they feel like they need to kill our kind." The Beastie said, his face facing the floor, he looked more than sad or angry, he looked depressed, frustrated, and hurt. Yuzu looked at him and touched his shoulder.

"You know, I'm using my break on you right now?" She giggled a bit and then her face grew serious.

"I hate my own kind, you know? Humans, are stupid, they hate you because of their own pride, they actually fear you, because of your half animal like instincts, so they try to make you feel fear in them, when you actually make us fear you guys, because you guys have more talent in instinct and survival. Us humans wouldn't survive without you guys out there hunting food for us, working on interacting with the world, becoming political leaders, working for our jobs and making your own businesses. Us humans are more than just jealous because you guys have more intelligence, and heart." Yuzu lifted the Beastie's face to face her, she looked into Taske's yellow tinted eyes, and smiled. Taske looked back at Yuzu's emerald eyes, and finally smiled, he chuckled and looked away.

"Yuzu, you're my favorite human right now, and maybe you'll always be my favorite human." Yuzu smiled back and released the tenseness in her body, relaxing as she sunk her body into the couch.

"Why don't we do something about this though? Like protest, sign a petition, just get Beastie voices like yours out there, you know?" Yuzu looked at the Beastie, he was scrolling on his phone and smiled.

"Like maybe set up a protest? Maybe by assembling them through social media, that's how you spread stuff fast nowadays, right?" The Beastie said, smiling and looking at Yuzu. Yuzu on the other hand looked at her phone and she pulled up Unigram, she pulled up her page and gave her phone to Taske.

"Add me, and we'll get together for something." Taske took her phone, a bit hesitant but eventual, he grabbed it from her and began looking back and forth between her and his phone, trying to type her username into his phone, to send her a friend request. Yuzu stared and smiled at him as he did so, giggling at his hesitance. soon, he handed Yuzu's phone back to Yuzu, smiling.

"Thanks for waisting your work break on me." Yuzu laughed.

"It was nothing, especially during these times, we barely have work so i might not have to do anymore deliveries for the rest of the day." Taske looked at the female human and smiled.

"Yuzu, you've made my day more better, with you being here, thank you, and lets meet up tomorrow or tonight to talk about that protest thing."

"Sure Taske, and thank you for hearing me out." Yuzu stood and brushed herself off as she began walking towards Taske's front door, but something pulled her hand. It was Taske, Yuzu looked back and saw the pale, and nervous look in the Beastie's face.

"Whats up?" She said looking at him and he pulled her onto the couch.

"Don't leave yet!" He said, and quickly stood from the couch, pinning her to sit down on the couch. Yuzu's face suddenly turned red and she looked at the male Beastie's chest, blushing intensely, then looking at the Beastie's face.

"T-Taske, w-what are you doing? Whats the meaning-" She was cut off as Taske licked her cheek. Yuzu felt a shiver down her spine, she clenched onto the couch as his wet, prickly feeling tongue brushed against her cheek.

"T-Taske! I like you and all but lets take this slow!" She shouted, but the Beastie continued and licked the tip of her nose the the bridge of her nose. Yuzu shivered and shooked then the Beastie stopped licking her. He began to sit on her lap, Yuzu could feel her nose dripping what seemed to be blood. The Beastie was on top of her hugging her and rubbing his body against her's, he nudged his cheek against her neck making her yelp, and nudged his face against her's, then rubbing his face between her breasts down to her stomach. She moaned and looked down, her face at this point was as red as an tomatoe.

"What are you doing?!" He rubbed his face against her thighs, and legs, and feet before getting off of her and blushed lightly. He smiled and looked at Yuzu straight in those emerald eyes.

"Sorry, I was just claiming my first human by putting my scent on you." Yuzu looked back into those yellow tinted eyes, she passed out from her blood temperature rising so suddenly. Taske was at a panic, and checked her temperature, and poked her cheek a few times. He also sniffed her before coming to a conclusion.

"She's not dead, she looks sick though, maybe it's a fever." He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a white towel from the drawer right from his silverware drawer. He ran some hot water in the sink and placed the rag in the hot water. After the towel was soaked he turned the water off and drained the water from the towel by squeezing it in the sink. He rushed to Yuzu's side with the damp towel and laid her down so she wasn't slumped over on the couch. When she was laying down what looked like a comfortable position, he placed the towel on her forehead. He looked at the red hair woman and smiled. He touched her hair grabbing a bit of it gently before smiling.

"Is this color natural?" He whispered, and then looked at the television as the news reporters were still covering the death of the Beastie. He grabbed the remote which was on the floor, and pressed a red button on it, making the TV turn off. He then looked at Yuzu, and cupped her cheek, whispering once more.

"By far you are the only human I trust, and the only human I want to protect, because you don't hate me because of the species I am, and couldn't control to be." He smiled before standing up and walking away out of the living room.