A healer's light...

The power of a smile

The warmth of a heart in love

Enough perhaps to break the darkness

Free her from her pain

I look upon her, the face of my angel

And my heart soars

To her I offer a hand

Together we can fly

I can see the pain in her heart

The fear that holds her hostage

I will fight to free her

All to see her smile

I don't know everything you face

But I do not need to

All I know is that my love is true

and my heart beats for you

I have seen that smile

I have touched the light of those eyes

I long to see it forever and a day

and will fight for it always

Let me love you

I will show you what happiness can feel like

For it is the same gift you have given me

My beautiful angel

For you are the light of my life

With you I feel complete, whole

I will never give you up

Forever will I fight to see you smile

You are no longer alone

True love walks with you

I offer a hand, a heart and soul

Let me give you the same gift

I know you have never seen this before

A bond so deep, a love so real

I see the fear

Let me show you you are not alone

To you I offer a healer's light

To you I offer a minstrel's love

To you I offer myself

Let me set you free...