Chapter 5

Brooklee came home to Gene's apartment at the end of her nursing shift at Blue County Medical Center. She slipped out of her scrubs, took a quick shower, and put on her football jersey (and nothing else) before stepping into the kitchen to begin supper.

She heard Gene's truck pull into parking lot below and she smiled as she watched him climb out of it from her perch through the window.

Gene grinned when he saw her smiling at him as he came through the door a few minutes later. Brooklee greeted him with a smooch and he excused himself to shower. When he returned, he set the table in the dining room alcove and then he wrapped his arms around Brooklee's waist as she stood at the kitchen counter. She smiled as she leaned her head back and rested it against his shoulder.

"My world is a much better one with you in it," Gene told her.

"You can save me anytime, Lineman," she purred, letting him kiss her on the cheek.