Odds Game: My Mirror

Jingana screamed as a flash of light pounded against his eyes. He stepped back, raising his paws towards his eyes shielding them from the sensitivity of the lights bore into him. There were a couple of laughs, snickers. But most of them were smugged and smirks. Confident that he was not going to win this challenge at all. Jingana staggered back a few steps, away from the pool that stands before him. But as he was blinded, his ears caught on to something. The sounds of balls hitting against the sidewall of the pool with a loud bang. Suddenly, as a result, the entire large room fell silent and with it came his visions as he recovered from the blinding light that shot at him.

Jingana groaned in frustration. But somehow was overjoy. With his heart beating fast against his chest, his eyes were opened and he looked straight ahead of himself. Looking to the pool that stands before him, he smiled for a second then it vanished causing confusion and worry among the large crowd that surrounded them. Jingang stepped forward and closed in onto the pool; staring onto the fifteen balls. His eyes lowered further, catching something at the bottom of his eye. Carefully, he reads it to himself.

Jingana was a red fox. He is also a former magician; having quit from his job for not satisfying himself with the workload. Also with how the audience had hated him for the unique tricks, he displayed for them. Personally, he loves the thrill which is probably why he had taken the magician job beforehand. However, with that out. Jingana does not know what else to do with his life and so resorted to finding challenges that his 'opponents' might bring to him. Disregarding the most cliche ones, however.

A bright smile emerged from his eased face, Jingana knows what he should do. With his eyes drifting back towards the fifteen balls, he grabbed a stick from the ground and hoisted it onto the table. Lying it parallel to the pool's ground, he aimed the cue ball to the direction of where he had wanted to go. One false push after the other. He stopped and straighten his body out; a still curve smile was upon his face. Letting his opponents know that he had already figured it out. His eyes shifted from one ball to the other, a blue imaginary line was shot from his left. Going across the line of balls set before him as his ears flickered; mimicking the sound that they had registered. He remained still for a few seconds more; dropping to a crouch position and returning the stick to the cum ball, aiming down onto the line of fifteen balls a few distances away from where the cue was sitting. Jingana shot without hesitation.

For those who do not know what was going on. The rules were simple. Simply pocket two balls that Jingana hears when he was blinded by the light. However, he does not know which two balls were pocket because of their return to the line. Also, the pair of numbers that were not pocketed are not the highest, lowest, or the two middle balls which were 'eight' and 'seven' respectively if one were to take the median of the fifteen balls from ascending order. That is all to it. A tall order in conclusion for Jingana since there are many combinations of the remaining eleven numbers that is. But should not be that hard at all.

A collision of ball echoed in the still silent room while Jinaga watched the two balls separate from one another. Directly moving the ninth ball out from the line and into the pocket with the right direction and speed, it was pocketed instantly and the sound echoed in his ear. The first from his memory matches the ball and he quietly nodded to himself. A crowd of murmurs emerged; scattered rumors and whispers were among them as they stood amazed by how this fox was doing. So few were quiet, but their eyes were narrowed to him as if angry or frustrated that he was able to get it right. With questions flying all around the room, Jingana silently watched the remaining fourteen balls and stood.

His mind brought up another recent memory; the one that deals with the second sound. It was a loud bang like a gunshot when it was pocketed into the hole. The sound was louder than the first certainly startled him when he was blinded at all. Jingana predicted that many others were too similar to him and removed his eyes from the pool; turning to the surrounding towards the drawing loud audience that was watching him in return. The majority of them were foxes. Red and white ones. It was rare to see a gray like himself. Although he had probably guessed that his species had moved somewhere else. All of the faces were either eased up or hardened. Their expressions were easy to read too. From pleased happy or surprise to anger and frustration. Jingana was certain that this challenge frustrates a few of them. Shaking his head, he returned himself towards the game and refocuses onto the pool again where fourteen balls wait for his second answer.

The second sound in his mind echoed repeatedly and was slow for him to understand which was it. Remembering that the sound was like a gunshot and startled him and a few others as well; his pupils shifted towards the fourteenth ball. But shook his head afterward. It would be too easy however and would not be a challenge at all. As he pondered calmly with his eyes shifting from one ball to the other, an idea came to him. For his eyes widened and his mouth formed into a smile as he dropped back onto the crouch and aimed his cue ball directly towards eleven. Why?

Well. Recall from a certain association that had formed long before this story was made. Their recommendation weight of the balls was between five and a half to six ounces. That is like one hundred sixty to one hundred seventy grams! Using that as ground zero, Jingana had theorized that his challenger had selected fourteen equal weight balls and one heavier ball from a rack of pools. That heavier ball is the eleventh ball and mainly because it looks like an equal sign when putting to the side. Jingana chuckled mentally to himself when confronted with the second reason that emerged upon his brain. As he shook his head which raises some concerns from the audience, he hits the cue ball and it rolled over to the targeted ball. Hitting with it as the two went their separate ways and allowed the eleventh to be pocketed at the corner of the pool. A loud sound which is later confirmed to be a bang echoed in Jingana's ears a second time as a bright smile emerged from his face. Grinning as the stunned audience looked on.

He had done it.