Odds Game: One Gone

The door slammed behind him. Sending darkness into his eyes. As he stared upon his surroundings, Jingana realized that the place was familiar indeed. All around him were three different rooms. A short hallway standing in between himself and those rooms. His eyes opened; gasping surprised and stepped forth towards the room that was in front of him. Thus entering into the short hallway where the lights had lit up surrounding him. Colors of blue pink and yellow washed over his body and the walls on either side of him as he scanned his eyes towards them and to himself also. He was in disbelieved. Snuffing as to not surprise himself and be overwhelmed in case of an angry mob coming after him, he walked through the short hall entering onto the living room where he spotted himself sitting on the sofa.

It was holding the black remote. Its eyes staring onto the television next to Jingana. Fires and gunshots swarmed his ears forcing the fox to cover them with his paws. His eyes narrowed and glared onto the other stomping his way towards him and forced eye contact with one another. Jingana split his mouth and screamed. But fell silent in a few short seconds. For there before his face stood himself. It was like seeing his reflection through the water's surface or a mirror reflecting him. Jingana staggered back; bewildered and without words as he stared at his reflection who looked upon him back. Neither spoke to one another. Neither had any words to say. As their eyes stared upon one another; silence fell overtop their heads as the other cracked a smile may be a grin to show he was excited about something. However, Jingana was not.

"What are you doing here? Why are you dressed like me?" Jinganga asked the opposer, although he had so many other questions to deal with towards the imposter. His reflection grinned and mimicked his voice but answered him honestly. "I am a fan of you." "A fan?" He growled in response, then extended his paws outward grabbing onto its arms. Pulling him upward to his feet before Jingana growled at him "A fan? I do not need a fan replacement or anything. Begone, you. I have matters to speak of." "Such as a fox napping?" He stopped cold and gave him a cold hard stare. His eyes were widened so far that his eyebrows had gone missing from his face. His mouth opened up. But the other could tell that he was sarcastic in his expression and laughed at it. Jingana returned to his old self and said nothing, shaking his head as he turned around heading to the halls to entered onto the first room before the frontal door. To check if anyone out there was still after him.

When he returned to the first room; he opened the door and glanced out into the open. A gust of wind blew passed his fur while he started finding out that the place was empty. He smiled faintly before closing the door. An advantage that he could take for over his opponents and make it easier for him to reach the destination that he had required before breaking everything that was upon his way. He leaned against the wall beside the door and pondered to himself with wonder. With his eyes lowered to the grounds beneath him, he narrowed them as his conscious returned to his brain. Talking with himself discussing the plan of action that he should do when approaching to the streets. As he was talking to himself, his ears flickered and he heard something in the distance. A loud bang that had startled him. Forcing him back onto reality, Jinganga growled and stomped his way through the short hallway again entering onto the living room and shifted his head towards the left.

For there he spotted his counterpart standing by the over, cooking something even if the fire was not displaying anymore. In response, Jingana sighed and facepalmed himself shaking his head and turned around. Heading to the first room again before opening the door once more. This time, he actually went out and felt the breezed that washed over his fur. A pair of bushes to either side of him, rustling and waving back to him as if they were children. A smile drifted from his face, but it immediately disappeared and replaced with a smug. Jinganga knows what he is doing and so ran forth through the grass yard before him. Entering onto the sidewalks and upon the streets; where his eyes shifted onto both sides before looking forward. Silence fell his way. It was a disadvantage for him since anyone was able to hear him from such a distance and he had hated it. Regardless of the situation at hand, he ran picking a direction that he should head forth to and entered into it.

Running across the roads; passing by the abandoned houses that were on either side of him, he came across a red sign that popped out in front of him. Freezing on the spot, he paused and looked around once again. Getting a better feel of where he was at before he should make his round. All around him were streets; three of them were heading in opposing sides. Left, right and straight. To his left was a destination house that grew big. It could reach the skies above. There was a pole sitting adjacent to the street that goes on until reaching the garage next door. The house was pink-colored; its door was white. The windows were sealed by curtains. A chimney was opened; black smoke emerged from its tip and raised to the skies above. Jingana wondered if this was the place where the fox was being captivated inside and so sought to head forth towards it. But two steps in towards the left path, he was already grabbed by the arm. Jingana turned around facing the contactor and was surprise to see him standing before him.

Narrowed set of pair eyes were looking up onto him; a smug hidden underneath his nose. Jingana knew what he had wanted and returned the smug in response before snapping his paw out from the other. So breaking their connection from one another, Jingana grabbed onto his ear and pulled him forward so they were closer to one another. Whispering in the relayed plan that his mind had made; the other fox nodded with glee. Paws rubbing upon one another as Jingana crossed his arms and grinned; yet his eyes were narrowed to him before snapping his attention towards the house in front of them. They had a plan as they walked through the driveway and towards the white door where Jingana was prepared to knock. However, the other fox knocked it down instead thanks to its brutal force. The door fell to the ground with a loud thud that echoed into their ears and all around the rooms and halls as Jingana glared at the fox sheepishly responded in turn. They headed forth inside.

Inside was dark. Four rooms stood in every direction and were always in front of him no matter where they face. The two rooms on either side of them were the same and identical of one another. Sporting the same pale walls; lamps that shined lights. A television off to the side. Both were also connected straight onto the kitchen. Before them was a staircase; a golden rail shines brightly into the fox's eyes as Jingana growled with jealous and crossed his arms looking away. The stairs reached to the next level above where more doors and rooms were opened to them. Behind them was nothing; just an exit towards the outside so it was not that important than the other three. Jingana released his crossed paws and grabbed the fox; pulling him up the stairs towards the second level. There, he threw the connection away between them and pointed his way to the left. Jingana had started heading right.

They continued on through the shorten darken hallway standing parallel between them. Each hall was sporting the same amount of doors and rooms. The lights were in the same position no matter how much either fox tries to different or make it unique than the other. As they walked down the halls; their eyes shifted left and right towards the rooms and doors that were on either side of them. The majority of the doors were locked; the rooms were impossible to get in due to some invincible way or something that was in their way. Dishaughted, both foxes continued their way resuming their way down the halls towards the end where they were met face to face with a door. Grabbing onto its knob, they walked in.

They were surprised that it led them into a huge room. Emptiness emerged before their eyes. The walls here were a different color than the regular pale walls from the rooms. It was unique but hard to describe it as they awed at their surroundings, finding one another and walked forth towards the center. The floor that they walked on was metal; the sounds their footsteps were creating were loud that it almost seemed that someone was banging a hammer against a metal shield. Walking forth, they stopped at the center. A roaring crowd emerged before their ears which they were surprised about since it was not that before when they had started heading in. But nevertheless kept their straight stance and looked upon one another in silence. With worry and anxious seeping from their faces as their damps wetness moistened their furs, both foxes heard a click and looked up. Half expecting a cage or box to fall down upon them. They were surprised that they were locked together by chains of metal.

Both of them were captured.