Odds Game: Stormy Life

Flashes of lightning emerged from the skies above him before a thunder had rolled by. Heavy rain poured down, damping the fur of the fox as he grumbled growling to himself. His fists were clenched. His eyes narrowed to the point of being angry. While his tail was between his legs, the fox glanced to the horizon beyond him towards a city that he could barely see through the pouring rain onto his visions. This fox was named, Jingana. A smug fellow who wants nothing more than a thrill in his life. Well, it had seemed that he would get what he wished for after all. As he pondered wondering how to get over upon the city's grounds, he turned his attention towards the place he was starting at. It was an island. Sands were everywhere. A palm tree settled at the center of the island. To the tree's left were a series of logs and square platforms that float along the surface waters.

Flattening his ears, Jingana stepped forward. He glanced his attention towards the trees and looked inward hoping to find something hidden amongst the big leaves. Sadly, there were not any. Jingana frowned pouting before crossing his arms. Then holding his stomach while it rumbled reminding him how hungry he was when he first arrived onto the island. But he shook his head and disregarded the thoughts and feelings in his brain. He pushed his eyes further out beyond the trees and spotted cut up logs just floating along the waters. Grinning, he ran towards them and leaped forth towards the first cut up log before spreading his arms out. Keeping himself balance. Jingana started to wobble before finding balance in his weight and feet. Breathing a sigh of relief and his eyes closed, he grinned faintly to himself before opening them up again and looked out to the horizon ahead of him. More logs came in his visions. All of them were lined up amongst themselves; pointing the way towards the unknown ahead of him.

Jingana continued leaping from one to the other. Never missing once and hitting every log at its center. Soon he was able to do it with his eyes closed, stroking his massive ego that was within himself as he continued on, getting further away from the island behind him. Jingana then stopped. Panting heavily to himself as his eyes glanced out. He was still a long way to go. Perhaps further than what he had anticipated at once. Though shaking the thought, he tried onward a few more logs ahead before stopping and caught his breath. Tired and heavily beaten from using up too much stamina from his get-go he dropped onto his knees and set his bottom onto the surface of the log. He sat there, for the time being, listening to the silence that was around him. Thus allowing him to hear the splashes in the waters as well as something else.

Jingana blinked and turned again; glancing his eyes towards where the source of the noise came from. From there, he spotted a fin sticking out into the waters and came forth towards him at rapid speed. Resulting from the fox to panicked quickly, he leaped onto the next log in front of him and stood in place. Expecting that the shark was to target the log that he was on. He was dead wrong, however. For the shark continued aiming directly onto him; gaining speed and closing in onto the fox as his eyes widened in fear and fled. Leaping repeatedly never stopping even if he was so tired. That his body had started to ache all over him. Muscles were twitching and his breathing became heavier than the last time he had rested. As he had paused a second time, Jingana looked over his shoulder. Finally noticing that the shark was gone from his sights and that he was safe from harm. With a grin and his breath slowly catching up to him, he rested temporarily before heading forth through the logs again.

The waters washed over the logs. Damping their woods to a darker shade of brown. As Jingana dipped his feet upon the oceanic waters, he sighed and shook his head. He had been sitting onto the same log for the past seconds and he had already lost count on how long that was. Disregarding the exact amount, he extracted his feet from the waters and raised his body. Jingana was on the move once again. He moved from log to log. Balancing himself on top of them without falling off into the drinks. As he advances further away from his resting point, he stopped. Looking up from the seas and logs before his eyes, he noticed that the logs were changed. For in their place was a single stick. It was thick and fat that would make his balance a bit easier than the logs themselves. However, as he stepped to them. Jingana felt a slash of water down between his legs. Causing him to shiver and withdrew it while his eyes widened in fear, of how cold it was to him.

But that was only a warning for a might roar shattered the silence. Jingana turned around and stared onto the horizon behind him. Spotting a huge line of waves coming forth towards him with a threat to drown him into the waters below. Jingana gasped in shock and leaped onto the top of the stick. Rolling backward and forward as much he could, he could not get the stick going while the wave came at him rapidly. In just seconds, it was over top of him like a tree casting its shadow over a victim in an attempt to eat him alive. Jingana had only one thing to do. He dropped quickly onto his four paws and hugged tightly against the stick. Embracing it as the wave descended in preparation to engulf its meal. Jingana tightly shut his eyes. Praying for the best as his fur was damped by the waves overhead. Pummelling him below the surface waters as his own weight excessed the water's weight. Allowing him to rise to the surface where he took a gasp of water. Jingana had survive. But not for long.

With the waves rejoining to the sea, Jinagana had limited time to find his stick amongst the surface of the waters alone. However, during his search for it, he realized that it had disappeared from his sights when the wave had washed both of them down. With the stick drowned, Jingana panicked and glanced around the sea for any other. His time was up. Another mighty roar shattered the silence. A lightning strike followed behind it. As the waters descended to the sea depths making another huge wave. Jingana realized it soon enough and swam without hesitation. His mind was racing. Panic streamed down his veins as he whips away every waterdrops that landed onto his fur face. His entire body ached. But he kept going, believing that he had enough time to find another and repeat the process. Jingana believed in false hope.

There were not any upon his visions. No other sticks about. Stuck was he upon the sea waters with the threatening waters finally finished with forming their huge wave and are coming after him like a lion. Another mighty roar was let out. The lightning strikes continued firing and Jingana looked back. His eyes widened in fear. The wave came at him full force and never stopping. Jingana swam fast as he could. Descending and ascending his paws across the waters, propelling him forward inches by inches by the waters receding him back. Putting him in perfect position for another swallow hoping that it would be enough to drown him. As the waves came up behind him and closing in onto their target, Jingana realized it was hopeless. He was already getting tired from trying to move resulting in him getting nowhere but the same position as previous. Jingana was going to have to take it. Whether he likes it or not.

He turned around, keeping his eyes onto the coming waves before closing his eyes and spread his arms. Accepting defeat and the failure of the challenge as the waves crashed onto him. Descending into the depths of the waters.