Odds Game: Blasted

The door opened for Jingana as he walked in. A narrowed tunnel emerged before him. Flashes of lights shines in his eyes while he directed his eyes to the horizon before him. His body vibrated, his paws shaking. As his head started swirling with thoughts in his head, his face softened and his mouth's edges lowered. He was worried and anxious about what would happen to him. As he stepped forth, he walked along the black flooring underneath him. Sounds of clanking echoed in his ears while they were kept flat against his face. The hallway was small and it was only a short walk ahead before he reaches another door before him. Adjacent to it was a small keypad, dotted from zero to nine in descending order from left to right. Quickly, he fished for his white card deep inside his pockets and pulled it out. Taking a look upon it before pressing the correct code onto it. The door opened as result. Jingana took a deep inhale, closing his eyes. Relaxing his lungs and body before releasing all that tensions and stress before he walked inside. The fox would never know what to expect.

A large room stands before him. Two large silvery metal walls sits on either side of him. Stationary. He turned his attention to the front, seeing that the place was indeed empty. Raising his paws up, the fox stepped away from the door behind him and entered into the room. The door shuts behind him. He rose his eyes high and stared at the one way windows above him. They all surrounded him, eyeing his every move. The fox whimpered. Never wanted to be someone's guinea pig or bait for an experiment. He just wanted to go home. A sudden voice screamed out, filling the void in the room and in his ears. Jingana was startled but never flinched or raise his eyes again towards the source of the voice. And adjusted his hearing to listen to the voice once again as it continued screaming in his ear. The directions towards the experiment that he was to conduct.

That last part before the voice fell silent had hit him hard. That his eyes opened up and his ears stood in erection. He was indeed listening now. To every word that the voice had said. And he never liked it at once. As his fur unknowingly flinched and shivered, the fox kept his eyes to the windows above him then slowly lowered to the floor underneath him. Staring down onto a silvery smooth floor underneath him. Thousands of black lines were parallel and perpendicular to one another resulting in thousands of small squares all around him. The fox wondered if he was to play 'minesweeper'. And before he could crouch down to his knees and touch a square with his paw, the lights went out. Darkness invaded the room. He could not see anything around him. Startled by this sudden trick, Jingana frowned and whined. Running back towards the door he had once thought was there, instead, he fell face first upon a wall. Hurting his nose as he fell back and growled. Rubbing his injury.

Jingana frowned. There is no way around it. He has to play whatever sick game is this in order for him to escape or something else as a reward. As he frowned, remembering, he got up onto his feet again and slowly walked to the center of the room. Planting his feet while raising his eyes to the windows again, he waited. His ears flickered. His tail wagged. Yet the ringing persisted in his ear. The fox wondered how long should he wait for in order to begin. However, it looked like he did not had to. Something snapped on his right ear. Then it clicked seconds after. As the fox turned in that genera direction, he heard something gust out and hit him square in the chest. It was hard and harsh. Damping his fur as he was once again knocked backwards. Then a blowing of a soft wind whispered into his ear before something hard came crashing down onto him. He rolled to the side luckily avoiding it as his breathing heaved and his eyes widened. A single thought popped into his mind as his body vibrated. But it only begun.

A short pause in silence before hear hears rapid footsteps pouring from the doors on either side of him. His eyes squinted and looked beyond the shadows, noticing other animals that were subjected to the same fate as his. As he frowned, Jingana walked a bit before planting his feet and stopped. Facing forward glancing at the wall in front of him, he closes his eyes. His heart sank as he heard a number called and the flooring lit up underneath him. The fox lowered his eyes towards the flooring and stared at his number. '3' in bright green colors. As he smiled faintly, he heard another whisper of winds blowing all around him and crashed through the square floorings. Blood was splattered all around. Including on his wet fur. As he remained stunned and his eyes opened, the fox stared at the messed upon his fur then turned his head around himself.

Many were dead. Squash like pancakes to the flooring below. None of them survived the blowing death. Bones were shattered. Blood pooled around the corps. It was a unforgiving sight to see. One that would make the fox vomit. Luckily he did not as he turned facing front again and closed his eyes. Awaiting for the number called, his ears flatten against his face and his tail twisted in knots as silence fell over him. Then shattered by the calling voice. And once again the number underneath him lit up. Another green number. Jingana smiled faintly. His paw raised to his forehead, swiping at the sweat formed away and onto the adjacent squares next to him. Surviving a second round, he heard more of bones crunching and blood splattering all around him. But all he cares about was survival…

It will be a long one. However.